Are YOU ‘Open’ to Considering Corrupted Thinking & Managed Thinking Possibilities or NOT?

I originally wrote this series about two years ago toward the end of 2012. This was going to be the last series for the scary pages BUT I thought at that time that it might be ‘too much’. However now that you have the ‘physical con’ page as well as 50 pages covering simulation evidence including many giving reasoned thinking lines and evidence that everyone here is being directly managed then it fits in quite nicely as a series supporting these current revelations. Also, because these pages are written without any strong reference to ‘simulation’ or ‘physical con’ they are are much easier to read compared to the various simulation series that are currently a work in progress.

In other words you’ve more chance of getting your thinking and conceptual head around what is written on these pages about ‘thinking’ management possibilities . . . compared to the simulation specific pages here.

We assume (seemingly logically) that our thoughts and thinking are wholly ours, uncorrupted and unbiased.

We assume that we are free to freely think about anything we want.

Is this true?

Are you open to the possibility that it might not be?

It’s VERY VERY disturbing to just consider the possibility that your thoughts, thinking and all that comes with this may be being corrupted or all the way through to being very well managed and manipulated.

I’ll tell you what is even more disturbing . . . what’s even more disturbing is this;

Finding out that it’s true . . .

The more you rely on your head, the more you ‘revere’ your intelligence, your cognitive skills and your thinking and evaluating capacities then the worse will be your reactions to EVEN considering this just as a possibility.

Perhaps the best question to ask right NOW at the start of this article series is this;

“Are you ‘rational’ enough and mentally balanced enough to be able to openly consider the possibilities I am presenting here? Is your thinking under your control enough to be able to calmly consider the possibility of managed, corrupted thinking?”

If you find that you cannot calmly and rationally ‘think’ about this just as a possibility then perhaps this is an indication that this possibility may actually be ‘operational’?

Is what you are thinking NOW being made to be biased or worse is your thinking being directly managed?

How could you tell if your thinking is automatically biased or worse VERY corrupted?

Here are some areas about ‘corrupted’ thinking possibilities for you to ‘attempt’ to think about . . .

Let’s just ‘imagine’ that you’re part of a group that has incarnated a bunch of ‘subtle energetic’ people on a physical world and you’ve very conveniently managed to block off their past memories and you’re also doing your best to try and convince them that past lives and past incarnations are nonsense (this seems to have worked quite well by the way: well done).

So, now you’re wanting to manage their thinking directly because you’ve noticed that some of them just won’t stop thinking in ways that just might lead them to upset either your position or your agenda.

You are NOW Head of the Human ‘Managed Awareness, Corrupted Thinking Lines & Pre-Defined Evaluations & Conclusions’ Department

So, you are now in charge of the physical con (or simulation software) department of the ‘Corruption of Awareness, Thinking and Managed Evaluations & Conclusions’ . . .


As head of this department you are now in charge of developing and using different hidden means to corrupt and manage peoples thinking and their abilities to properly ‘evaluate’ things as well as their abilities to ‘think’ about different possibilities (or NOT) too.

Basically you are in charge of trying to keep peoples thinking aligned down certain lines and away from others while ‘hopefully’ making sure they that they don’t notice this happening . . .

Have you GOT THAT?

So, as the person in charge of this, then what would be the very first thing you’d do as the highest priority?

Is there ANY rational reason WHY you’d NOT be able to ‘Rationally’ Consider Corrupted Thinking & Managed Thinking Possibilities?

Are you able to think well enough in this moment now to think about what you’d do as a priority IF you were going to directly manage peoples abilities to ‘think’ and or evaluate different ‘ideas’ or ‘thinking’ possibilities?

‘IF’ you were actually REALLY managing what people think of how well they think about specific possibilities AND their abilities to evaluate possibilities then what would be the most important thinking areas to manage before any others?

Spend some time thinking about what you’d target and HOW you would target these ‘thinking’ areas. When you’ve finished doing this then start reading the next page . . .

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