So, despite that I am definitely very, very aware of some extended experiences of the person I AM A SIMULATED DUPLICATE/COPY OF actually designing some very specific implants, BUT because these were so utterly bizarre while also happening many, many years, likely more than a decade before I was even aware of these possibilities then I’m very sure I’ve not mentioned any of these experiences in any of my writings before this . . . basically because, they were not only extremely bizarre, but they were completely out of context with respect to anything/everything I knew at that point in my life . . . never mind being completely ‘out of context’ with regards 99.999% of pretty much everyone else’s experiences too . . .

Anomalous Experience of Awareness of My Soul, Spirit Form, Higher Self Version Designing an External Sensory Awareness ‘Buffer/Filter’ Subtle Body Implant

So, the very first subtle body investigation and subtle implant design effort that I became definitively conscious of as well as then consistently aware of over an extended period of time, was during a phase in my early 20’s during which I was automatically becoming more and more ‘sensitive’ to absolutely ‘EVERYTHING’ of ‘MYSELF’ specifically because I was making a concerted effort to train myself ‘ALL THE TIME’ to become more and more orientated to and aware of my internal states and ‘ALL’ inner sensations to such a degree that over time (likely over about two years) I gradually become more and more definitively ‘sensitive’ to my inner states ALL THE TIME while in parallel to this I also found myself more and more automatically as well as directly picking up other people’s internal states and feelings including anxieties, worries as well as traumas etc, etc and this was particularly the case with respect to anyone/everyone that was in close ‘proximity’ to myself . . . however, an unfortunate side effect of this increasing sensitivity/awareness was that I very gradually found myself persistently becoming more and more disturbed/negatively impacted by my steadily increasing sensitivity/awareness of EVERYONE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO MYSELF!!!

I describe (in way more detail) my ‘increasing my awareness of myself/my internal states and sensations’ orientation/effort’ and the very rational reasons for myself initiating and holding to this line on this page here, which I’d recommend you read else you simply won’t have ‘context/understanding’ with regards how utterly/unbelievably ‘sensitive’ I actually am with respect to all manner and varieties of my own internal states/make up never mind ‘everything’ else, including awareness’s of all manner of ‘external’ oddities too!!!

It was during this phase when I started to became aware of ‘myself/a version of myself’ which I’d now more accurately describe as a version of the PERSON/FORM I AM A DUPLICATE/COPY OF HERE very much engrossed in designing sensors as well as filters into its/my subtle energetic body!!!

Overall, for an extended period of time, I was regularly aware of and to a certain extent somewhat ‘fascinated’ by these subtle body functioning altering/adjusting implant design efforts seemingly ‘happening within myself’ very likely over an extended period that I’m sure went on over at least a few months, such that during this time, as the design and testing/evaluation of these subtle technologies progressed I eventually ended up finding myself having different levels or ‘modes’ of sensitivity towards others which I could then . . .

Very consciously, DIRECTLY select and adjust from:

  1. A normal subtle body functioning ‘picking’ up all external broadcasts/emissions mode . . .
  2. A highly filtered functioning mode where others/people in close proximity to myself’s internal states/feelings etc were actually blocked while also then being presented/represented in my upper internal visual field in the form of (I KID YOU NOT) VARIOUS ‘REPRESENTING’ ICONS (sad, depressed, manic, traumatized, happy, loving, etc. etc. ) . . . that then directly ‘VISUALLY’ represented the various internal states and feelings that the person I was interacting with/close to was ‘PRESENTING / FEELING / EXPERIENCING’ within themselves . . . and also . . .
  3. Dual Function Filter mode. This was specifically for people I was friends’ with and or very close to (my girlfriend for example) I could consciously disengage and leave disengaged the buffer and conversion filters (specifically related to their ‘broadcasts/feelings/internal states’ for very specific people) and hence be directly aware of and then impacted by friends’ and my girlfriend’s internal states, which in some instances had me (for example) waking up in the morning feeling very angry while also then being very confused as to ‘WHY’ when I’d had no dreams and wasn’t thinking about any circumstances to account for these . . . however, I’d quite often find that when my girlfriend awoke she’d then tell me she was feeling very ‘angry’ about situation or person ‘XYZ’ that she’d been dreaming of or thinking about!!!!!

Many Subtle Environment, Subtle ‘Body’, Higher Self, Focused Experiences are Anomalous & Incompatible with a Physical ‘ONLY’ Reality

Now, what I describe above was all happening while I was employed as a junior research associate contributing in many ways to medical research efforts focused on diabetes within the Clinical Biochemistry & Metabolic Medicine, Medical Research Focused Department of a University.

To be more specific, in writing and re-reading, editing and updating etc. etc. this page many, many times, this is facilitating myself to more and more coherently ‘resolve/get more and more detail’ of these specific as well as very vague experiences) such that despite being originally very vague/distant I’m very gradually becoming more and more aware of more and more coherent memories inclusive of feelings and sensations very internal to myself during that specific period/phase in my life when I was finding myself becoming aware of this supposedly alternate/separate ‘subtle body, subtle form’ version of myself ‘seemingly’ working on specific aspects of myself very specifically during the times when I’m at work within a research laboratory, setting up tubes, reagents and everything else needed for an ‘assay/measurement of blood plasma’ as part of the ‘diabetes’ research efforts that I was involved in at the time.

Now, as one of the absolute overriding ‘agendas’ of our fake reality seems to be to ‘disappear/depreciate’ all evidence of ourselves as subtle forms/beings, then it seems to me that any/all subtle experiences which are ‘SPECIFICALLY’ very much focused on and or involve attributes and or ‘worse’ concerted investigations/research which are ‘SPECIFIC TO THE SUBTLE BODY & OR THE SUBTLE ENVIRONMENT’ will all have to be very, VERY MUCH DISGUISED/MADE AS ‘DIFFUSE’ & AS ‘INCOMPREHENSIBLE’ AS POSSIBLE’!!! In this instance/for myself, by being converted/transformed into some vaguely equivalent/obliquely ‘best fit’ physical environment and physical human body focused experience while also being associated with some best fit/equivalent ‘physical/human life task/experience/interests’ that would have to be ‘as equivalent as possible’ to the original subtle environment focused subtle body experience too.

Let me be more explicit with respect to my subtle form in the subtle environment (that I am a simulated duplicate of) having some very specific types of experiences of spending time investigating and ‘adapting/altering’ certain aspects of it’s subtle body forms ‘functioning’ that are having to be converted into (or more accurately overlaid onto), some, seemingly equivalent/best fit, physical environment/human life experiences!!!

My Spirit/Higher Selfs Forms Research into it’s Subtle Body Functioning & Making Adaptations Are Overlaid onto a Physical Body ‘Diabetes’ Research Experience!!!!

Basically, from a certain angle/perspective, what my ‘original subtle form/the subtle person/being I’m a duplicate of’ was actually working on ‘could’ be described as subtle body investigative ‘research’, specifically because it is investigating its own subtle bodies functioning in very ‘exacting’ detail as part of efforts to try and reduce or eliminate negative and or detrimental impacts to itself.

It was in fact, exceptionally focused on/engrossed in trying to figure out how to make alterations to itself and particularly of facets of itself that are (from its perspective) causing itself consistent problems/debilitations and specifically to make itself ‘SELECTIVELY’ less sensitive to and less impacted by the broadcasts and emissions of specific feeling and emotional combinations that it was picking up from subtle others that it was close to as subtle friends as well as subtle work colleagues whom in being subtle energetic/resonance based forms are pretty much always generally emitting and broadcasting various ‘resonances/frequencies’, at the very least because this is how subtle forms normally communicate/make each other aware of what they are thinking and feeling’!!!

In this respect these specific subtle body ‘investigations’ of the person/subtle form that I am a duplicate of then somewhat ‘obliquely’ matches up with the physical body only focused ‘diabetes’ research efforts I was involved in during that phase of my life!!!

This happening also directly correlated with the current ‘phase/time’ in my physical human life when I was becoming more and more ‘negatively impacted and disturbed by’ myself more and more picking up the ‘negative’ feelings and states from those I was in close proximity too within my physical life, which coincidentally was mostly happening at work (i.e. the people I was spending consistent time close to because they were work colleagues)!!!!

So, just to be very ‘explicit’ here, the personal ‘subtle’ body focused research, investigations and adaptations carried out by the subtle person/being I’m a duplicate/copy of that was investigating, working on and making changes to its own subtle body (specifically to reduce negative effects/impacts on itself picking up negative feelings/emotions being generally broadcast by other subtle forms it likely spent the most time with) are being ‘translated/converted/presented’ here into the efforts/experiences that I had within a series of research jobs/posts that had a specific emphasis on ‘diabetes’ which had me contributing to research focused on finding ways to reduce/limit/alleviate the negative physical body impacts of diabetes while coincidentally working close to people that I was being more and more negatively impacted by because of my ‘increasing’ sensitivity to ‘others in close proximity to myself’!!!

In other words the specific university job/post/position that I had at that time in my life was a pretty fair although somewhat ‘desperate’ match with respect to the experiences of the subtle person, the subtle form that I am a duplicate of such that I am then living out a somewhat bizarre physical body, physical reality only ‘version’ of its life as a subtle being as it was within the subtle environment whom during this phase seemingly spent significant time involved in researching/investigating its own subtle bodies structure and functioning as part of efforts to understand its subtle body well enough such that it then spent time altering/adapting/modifying various aspects of its functioning i.e. it spent time modifying aspects of itself specifically as part of efforts to reduce the negative impacts on itself because it was picking up various negative emissions/broadcasts from other subtle forms whom were in close proximity to itself.

In this respect, for some very specific subtle body form focused experiences that are also SERIOUSLY DIFFERENT to any physical body equivalent whilst also being of circumstances that are focused on aspects of the subtle environment and or the functioning/structure of our original subtle body form itself AND particularly with respect to experiences that went on for a significant length of time such that they are then, VERY, VERY SIGNIFICANT ‘EMBEDDED’ EXPERIENCES of the subtle form/subtle being that is having these and WHICH YOU ARE A DUPLICATE OF, then the presentation of these types of experiences here (in a reality/our earth ‘system’ here that appears to be designed to ‘disappear/depreciate/force well into the background’ all ‘significant’ subtle form/subtle environment experiences that the person we/maybe ‘you reading this’ are a duplicate of maybe had extensive as well as extended experiences of) appear to be being kept as hidden as possible whilst also being ‘experienced/relived/weaved’ into an ‘as equivalent as possible’ physical activity/experience while also happening ‘by and large’ over a vaguely equivalent time scale here too!!!!

In other words, it seems as if very long term as well as ‘very detailed’ subtle experiences specifically involving investigations into the internal structure and or functioning of the subtle body while also involving ALTERATIONS TO THE SUBTLE BODY FORM ITSELF have, at least for myself been translated/represented here within a physical only orientated, science research environment within which, this experience is being very specifically presented/experienced as very, very, very background/internal to myself ‘only’ experience that went on for at least 3 to 4 months . . .

Having Direct Conscious Experience of Making Direct Alterations to the Subtle Body, Higher Self, Subtle Body Form

I should perhaps make it clear that not only have I had an unbelievable number of an exceptional variety/scale of in many cases exceptionally ‘consistent’ anomalous experiences I’ve also written/documented a fair proportion of these in reasonable detail on my web site.

Coincidentally, many types of anomalous experiences are actually very consistently being presented outside of consensus reality to very specific people ‘ONLY’ i.e. many anomalous experiences are actually ‘seemingly’ only ‘perceivable’ by very specific individuals only, such that others in the same locations whom are also in ‘perception/sensing/viewing’ terms ‘viewing/looking/sensing’ within the same location and or direction are apparently not allowed to see/perceive ANYTHING OF THESE AT ALL . . . based on what I’m writing about in detail on this page of the conversion of some very, very specific subtle environment originated experiences that went on for an extended period of time, essentially being consistently presented as an internal to myself only experience through being overlaid onto my university research work experience over a period of a few months . . . it is therefore highly likely that anyone here that like myself are having weird none consensus reality perceptions/experiences (i.e. experiences involving perceptions of things that are not part of consensus reality because they are not seen by others at the same time and or in the same place) are then very likely to also be simulating a duplicate/copy of someone that actually spent consistent time living as a subtle form within the subtle environment (as I myself am).

In other words as we are living within a reality that is very specifically ONLY PRESENTING THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT i.e. it is missing and or absolutely not allowing ‘normal/direct/stepping over’ access to the parallel subtle environment here then it appears as if at least some very specific ‘detailed’ subtle reality originated experiences (perhaps because there is no physical reality equivalent!!!!) are being presented to very specific people here as EXPERIENCES/PERCEPTIONS SPECIFIC TO THEMSELVES ONLY (either on their own or with others with the same subtle background/specific experience type) . . .

I want to point out that as someone with extensive experience of consistently sensing/perceiving very ‘CONSISTENTLY’ many none consensus reality, i.e. many HIGHLY ANOMALOUS ‘things/forms/people/being/structures/artefacts’, then, what I specifically and originally described above as my parallel/duel ‘subtle’ research university experiences are of experiences that were at least 10 times more removed/distanced from my conscious/normal ‘self’ compared to the majority of the other ‘anomalous’ experiences I have already documented specifically because they were very much being presented ‘INTERNALLY’ to myself only.

Perhaps the most accurate way to describe these specific university research focused anomalous experiences would be to state that they were almost like a background internal ‘virtual experience’ giving me a direct but very remote ‘visual as well as feeling view/view point orientation’ of what this subtle version of myself was doing/working on specifically while I was at work carrying out physical body equivalent research!!!

The above ‘weird, very much in the background’ experience happened likely over a few months, during my early 20’s, however, by my mid to late 30’s, (because my ‘sensitivity/awareness’ was increasing all of the time, very likely because of what I describe on this page here) I left the University to become self employed as a healer therapist practitioner specifically because I was very much becoming ‘exceptionally’ aware of myself/us/everyone as the subtle forms/beings we actually really are, and this was to such an extent that I was directly and consciously accessing myself and others’ subtle bodies as part of investigating the origins of all sorts of negative/detrimental issues!!! Hence as an outcome of this ‘progression’ I’ve a series of 30 web pages (starting here) all focused on my direct investigations of many, many, many different ‘subtle’ body implants and subtle technologies that I only became aware of because they turned out to be contributing to the origins/causes of some of the issues that as a therapist/healer I ended up investigating in my clients (as well as myself)!!!!

In that I’m now 60 and hence, have then been directly accessing and investigating whilst also being somewhat ‘exceptionally’ absorbed in ourselves as subtle forms/beings whom originate from and hence then are ‘natural to’ an extremely different subtle/energetic/resonance based environment, which essentially means that ALL OF OURSELVES ON EARTH/HERE/EVERYONE READING THIS, we are all being ‘simulated’ here as an actual subtle being/form present within a perceptually as well as conceptually remote, very difficult to become aware of subtle environment that is then being simulated/rendered as interfaced to a very specific physical human vehicle body/avatar form i.e. each of us/each of you reading this is actually ‘REALLY’ a subtle ‘energetic’ being that is directly interfaced to a ‘remote human avatar/physical vehicle body form’ such that you have been and are now actually experiencing living ‘as a human’ within the physical strata/environment . . . ‘HOWEVER’, in that over the last few years it’s become exceptionally obvious to myself that our fake reality is doing an exceptionally good job of keeping the VERY REAL ‘none physical aspects and experiences of ourselves as well as our NONE PHYSICAL origins’ exceptionally contained/limited/diffuse (to say the least) such that there ‘really’ isn’t any decent/coherent accurate or ‘correct’ information covering these possibilities (that’s not either ‘contained’ spiritual/spirit focused and or new age ‘symbolic’ semi nonsense), hence, this is why I decided to make an effort to write this series, in a sense to try and write about and to describe the details of our real selves AS SUBTLE ENERGETIC BEINGS, & THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE SUBTLE ENVIRONMENT WE/OURSELVES AS SUBTLE BEINGS ACTUALLY ORIGINATE FROM & WHICH OUR ‘REAL’ NONE PHYSICAL BODIES ARE AT THIS VERY MOMENT LYING WITHIN ‘SOMEWHERE’!!!! . . .


So, let me be exceptionally, explicitly descriptively accurate about our actual real circumstances HERE AND NOW!!!!

” . . . it is ‘yourself’ as a subtle being/form that is actually remotely directly ‘animating’ the human body that you are at this very moment currently ‘remotely occupying’!!! Now, during this, your current incarnation into this entirely made up software defined alternate dense matter/physical reality strata, it is actually yourself as a subtle form/being that is via interfacing stretched out between your real subtle body and your remote human ‘avatar’ form that via various interfacing access points wired into your remote human physical body form (locally called chakras and meridians) that are allowing yourself to see/perceive as well as then ‘MAKE SENSE OF’ these written words within this remote and somewhat ‘alien’ environment, at least it’s ‘alien’ compared to the subtle environment that you/we actually NATURALLY ‘EVOLVED WITHIN’ & HENCE THEN NATURALLY ‘ORIGINATE FROM’!!!! So, your subtle form which is very likely lying in a subtle pod on a subtle slab within the subtle environment ‘somewhere’ is then reading this via the signals and impulses passing between the interfacing connections/lines between the physical eyes of your human avatar form and whatever the subtle body ‘equivalent’ of human eyes/senses actually are while your subtle form is then attempting to evaluate what is written here via the subtle forms equivalent to a ‘thinking/evaluating’ organ that will also be directly interfaced to the neurons of the human head of your remote human avatar vehicle . . . “

Strangely as I wrote/rewrote and continued to ‘refine/make more explicit/more directly accurate’ the above paragraph which does describe the circumstances of YOURSELF READING THIS VERY, VERY ACCURATELY, my ability to write and read (while not making mistakes) and particularly my eyesight got worse and worse as I was doing this . . .


Why when writing out some specific ‘possibilities’ in ways to make what I’m describing as our REAL IN THE MOMENT ‘NOW’ CIRCUMSTANCES as clear and as simple and as easy to read/take in and to UNDERSTAND AS POSSIBLE, should anyone experience either any weird mental/shut down effects and or any degrading/variable quality eyesight/vision/sense ‘sabotaging/degrading’ effects!!!!

If your reality is real and or you are ‘really’ nothing more than this physical human form then why would anyone reading the above have any weird never mind essentially ‘suppressing/put off’ effects applied to themselves?!?!?!?!

Can you read from ‘In that I’m now 60’ down to here again . . . just so you have a better chance to ‘take it all in’ at least as I intended it to be taken in when I wrote it!!!!

Important Details & Characteristics of Your Hidden ‘Subtle’ Body Form ‘AND’ the Subtle Environment It ‘Originally’ Naturally Lives Within!!!!

Now, in that it would be accurate to state that all ‘subtle’ beings are ALL AUTOMATICALLY DIRECTLY ‘EMPATHIC’ ALL OF THE TIME, to such an UTTERLY UNBELIEVABLE EXTENT, that what any subtle form is thinking/feeling/focused on as well as of their ‘reactions and responses’ to ‘anything’ are pretty much ALWAYS AS WELL AS ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ BEING ‘GENERALLY’ BROADCAST INTO THE ENVIRONMENT IN ALL DIRECTIONS AROUND THEMSELVES . . . such that they/all ‘subtle’ beings then absolutely ALWAYS HAVE THE POTENTIAL OF HAVING THEIR INTERNAL STATES AS ‘EMISSIONS’ BEING ‘PICKED UP’ & HENCE THEN ‘DETECTED/TAKEN NOTICE OF’ BY OTHER SUBTLE BEINGS ‘ALL THE TIME’ . . . such that, anyone within our reality here that is simulating a duplicate of someone that spent most of their time not interfaced to any type of physical animal remote vehicle form whom also in then regularly interacting with other ‘people’ as subtle beings such that during these interactions, whenever any subtle being put their attention/their sensory ‘matrix’ on ANY OTHER then this ‘other’ would very, very likely absolutely AUTOMATICALLY ‘know/feel’ this and as such they’d ABSOLUTELY KNOW that this other subtle being/form/person had their ‘attention’ on themselves BECAUSE THEY’D ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ FEEL IT (and they’d even FEEL THIS OTHER PERSON’S ATTENTION even when their own ‘sensory attention’ was directed elsewhere) . . . coincidentally there has been research conclusively confirming that at least certain people are consistently aware of others looking at themselves EVEN WHEN THOSE LOOKING AT THEMSELVES ARE ACTUALLY LOCATED BEHIND THESE OTHERS THEY ARE ‘STILL’ SOMEHOW ABLE TO BE AWARE OF THESE OTHERS ‘LOOKING’ AT THEMSELVES (this is research done by Rupert Sheldrake (his page describing this research is here))!!!

Subtle beings generally automatically ’emit/transmit/broadcast’ their internal states in all directions/orientations (i.e. 360x360x360) ALL THE TIME while ‘generally’ also pretty much automatically being aware of and or taking in others ’emissions/transmissions/broadcasts’ FROM ALL DIRECTIONS ALL THE TIME too . . .

Coincidentally, for a subtle form whose entire body is ALL THE TIME in ALL DIRECTIONS always ‘EMITTING’ WHILE ALSO ALWAYS PICKING UP EVERYTHING FROM ALL DIRECTIONS because they DO NOT HAVE ANY RECOGNIZED ‘FRONT’ or ‘BACK’ then this means that ALL THE TIME they are ALWAYS omni-directionally sensitive!!!

Basically, subtle forms don’t have a front or back or sides, rather, every side/orientation of the subtle body form is always a ‘FRONT’!!!!

Now given the absolute management efforts to prevent anyone including myself from ‘explicitly’ describing the characteristics of and subtle environment circumstances as well as of WHOM WE ACTUALLY ARE as SUBTLE FORMS/BEINGS living within a none physical ‘energetic’ subtle space, then it is exceptionally unlikely that you’ve been allowed to translate the above descriptions of our subtle form and the subtle environment it lives within into a decent/accurate as well as ‘conceptually’ solid view/image!!!

In this respect, then let me be way more ‘explicit’ with respect to making you aware of yet more variations of problems translating/converting incompatible but long term consistently experienced subtle environment & an androgynous subtle body form experiences into an exceptionally unrepresentative flat, 1 and occasionally 2 dimensional physical environment scale while also being saddled with an exceptionally sensory limited physical body that is also handicapped by being sexually divided into one of a two role/scale of expression/attributed limited ‘human’ body form . . . on the next page . . .

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