"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

From the wikipedia ‘quote’ parts I gave on the previous page . . .

I’m going to start by focusing in on and giving examples of the following . . . .

2 – “Like other memories, they are often subject to unintended alterations usually because of outside influences (such as the way an adult may present a query about a memory).”

Isn’t the above statement extremely odd for the accuracy of our memory in a general sense never mind it being extremely odd for a supposed total recall ‘photographic’ memory ability?

Is everyone ‘inflicted’ by these types of unintended memory alternations?

Just how badly wrong can our memories actually be, do we have any documented researched examples of these?

Well, here’s one . . .

Hillary Clinton: Described a visit to Bosnia during the civil war when she faced enemy snipers. Based on the recollections of the others who went with her to Bosnia (including her daughter, Chelsea), none of her vivid recollections of ducking gunfire actually happened. Confronted with this evidence, Senator Clinton denied lying about the incident. “I made a mistake. I had a different memory. That proves I’m human which for some people is a revelation.”

. . . and here’s another serious memory anomaly allegedly of someone that isn’t supposed to be suffering from Alzheimers or any other memory disorder . . .

Mitt Romney: Described his strong childhood memory of the Golden Jubilee marking the 50th anniversary of the automobile industry despite the fact that it actually took place nine months before he was born!”

How could someone have memories from an event that happened before they were born? Are we to imagine or believe that perhaps these memories came from a past life?

Seriously, the examples above give you some idea of how bad at least some peoples memories are and even of people that are actually running for president. In other words this is how bad peoples memories are of people that are extremely unlikely to have had a deprived upbringing, a poor diet, irregular or none existent access to medical care or a second rate education either!!!

Why are Human Memories often Inaccurate or False when a Specific Memory or Past Event is Queried? What could be responsible for this?

Just to make it very clear, we have very comprehensive research that shows that depending on certain ‘outside influences’, that when someone very specifically presents a question or query that is ‘memory’ directed i.e. a ‘query’ that requires recall of a past memory to make a response then their actual memory of this past event can turn out to be incorrect, and in some cases spectacularly incorrect (see the above examples).

That the people identified and studied because they have an amazing photographic memory i.e. an amazingly ACCURATE memory ALSO just happen to exhibit errors in their photographic memory recall when they are specifically asked to recall the details of a specific past event?

Once again, it also seems to just be myself that considers these examples of super generic human memories ‘frailties’ to be extremely bizarre?

You’d imagine that someone ‘somewhere’ would exhibit some ‘suspicion’ about these and start THINKING outside of the old recycled ‘science’ basic assumptions box? Wouldn’t you!!? You’d imagine that ‘someone’ somewhere would have started to wonder about and to consciously speculate as to whether some specific alternate reality ‘configuration’ could actually account for these specific ‘queried’ memory problem anomalies? Seeing as they impact everyone in our entire population then they can be considered ‘generic’ to our entire reality.

So, would there be a ‘configuration’ of a specific ‘artificial’ reality that could explain this faulty memory recall bizarreness? Can you think of one?

Let’s have a ‘think’ . . . .

Is it possible that a population of copied simulated pseudo self aware people living out someone else’s life whom would absolutely have to have applied to themselves a ‘freewill’ algorithm in efforts to persuade them that they are real people exhibiting REAL freewill would end up exhibiting deducible memory errors as a SIDE EFFECT of having increased freewill?

So, here is your copied people in a ‘simulation’ starter question for you to spend time pondering on . . .

“Under what circumstances in a simulation, attempting to simulate copied people ‘accurately’ while trying to give these people at least the appearance of exhibiting freewill can you DEDUCE that despite that some individuals in your alleged ‘real’ population have been identified as having extremely accurate photographic memory ability their recall of memories absolutely won’t be accurate for some specific incidents/memories?”

I should point out that based on what I’ve already written about on a previous page just in this series that you, me or in fact anyone should be able to use what is written on that page and apply those possibilities to ‘memory’ and then deduce that under certain conditions it will be 100% guaranteed that simulated copied peoples recall of memories absolutely won’t be correct at least for ‘some’ past experiences.

Why is this? Let me remind you of what I already laid out on a previous page (which is here):

“A simulated copied person living out someone else’s life will have a freewill analysis and algorithm applied to themselves to allow them to have freewill INCREASED the more uncritical any particular phase or individual circumstances actually is with respect to the agenda of the simulation and or the overall accuracy of themselves. Remember if you don’t have this applied to yourself then it’ll become obvious by your completely rigid behaviours and attitudes that you are simply an actor rigidly playing out pre-determined ‘fixed’ parts.”

So, the less critical an experience is in accuracy terms with respect to the agenda of the simulation project the greater your personal choice and decision flexibility you will have.

Which all adds up to you being able to experience tracts of your timeline, AND specific events and circumstances in ways that are DIFFERENT to what is scripted of the person you are simulating. In other words for a person that is a simulated copy of someone else their own lived through ‘saved’ memory of any past event/experience could be different to the memory the person they are simulating is scripted as having.

What is the REAL Cause of False Memory Syndrome Explained

Now, just have a ‘think’ about what the above paragraph implies with regards to the deducible combinations of ‘memory’ recall possibilities a simulated copied person may actually have available to themselves . . . before you read the next page?

Do you have any memories that you are suspicious of? Have you any memories of a specific past event involving others, where you have remembered these past events differently compared to these others? What were the differences?

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