"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

What if you reading this were to actually have a phone implant directly wired into your head?

How will this internal phone system work? How would you interact with it? How would its ways of functioning and internal interfacing to yourself be translated into none suspicious experiences here?

Obviously in a simulation slowing down technological advances the most likely solution will be to synchronise your invisible internal neural implanted phone with the highly visible duplicated mobile or land line counterpart simulated in the easily observed external environment.

This is the best way to keep your internal phone system out of your awareness . . . at least for most of the obvious functions.

However, is it actually possible that some people’s abilities, ‘odd’ inner experiences and or outer behaviours would be explained by them simulating someone that had a phone implant interfaced into their head?

On your mobile phone and even your landline your phone will ring to indicate you have someone wanting to speak to you. Your land line may even flash a LED light and in some cases for a landline and pretty much all cases for a mobile it will detect who is calling you by displaying their name, their picture and or offer a specific ring tone for that specific person.

Coincidentally these basic mobile phone functions are likely to be pretty much the same for any internal neural implant phone version.

You internal phone system responses to an incoming phone call will likely result in a flashing LED appearing in your inner visual space. Perhaps in a different colour, depending on who it is? You are also likely to have displayed the person’s name or even a designated personal icon / or photograph image and this will particularly be the case if this call is from someone that you know well and regularly communicate with.

If you don’t respond within a specified time period you are likely to be prompted with say an internal phone ringing noise or a specific sound or tone or you may even notice a faster flashing and or brighter LED within your internal visual space.

Can you predict your phone Ringing? Are you a Telephone Telepath?

However, there are deducible and obvious differences between the internal head functions compared to the external easily observable version.

With the internal phone implant you often absolutely won’t be able to avoid knowing whom is calling you. In other words for people you regularly have phone contact with yourself, you will immediately know who it is because this will be directly presented to you IN YOUR VISUAL HEAD SPACE.

In other words, with a phone implant you won’t EVER have a choice about NOT IMMEDIATELY KNOWING that you have a phone call to respond to while VERY OFTEN you will also absolutely and immediately KNOW who is making this CALL.

Do you Know Who is Phoning or Calling you when the Phone Rings?

This internal implanted phone setup when translated by simulation software to synchronise with the external low technology physical mobile or landline phone may not take into account of these ‘subtle’ differences.

In other words, someone simulated here as simulating someone that had one of these internal neural interfaced phone systems will perhaps likely KNOW that they are about to receive a phone call before the external phone actually rings. In many cases they will ALSO ‘know’ who is calling them before or while the phone rings and particularly before they answer the phone.

In other words there are easily identified obvious differences with respect to the ‘in your head phone’ system that when translated within a simulation offering a less technologically advanced replacement that will result in a significant number of people either absolutely KNOWING/INTUITING that they are about to get a phone call from someone specific (there is research done confirming this here) AND many who will automatically and ‘magically’ KNOW they are about to get a call before the phone actually rings here. Some people will know that the phone is about to ring before it does (example here and here).

Have you Ever Heard a Phone Ring IN YOUR HEAD before Your Phone actually Rings?

In searching the internet there are many instances of these types of anomaly AND there are even some people that actually hear a phone ringing IN THEIR HEAD before the real physical phone actually rings (examples of this are here, and another here actually states that 30% of people have heard the phone ring before it does AND also that many people feel their mobile phone vibrating (80%) BUT there is no phone call (this page here describes this phenomenon as phantom vibration syndrome). In other words these anomalous experiences are absolutely NOT uncommon.

This example here is even more suspicious because in this instance a person’s hearing aid was noticed to be picking up their land-line phone as ringing before it actually started to ring).

In some of these cases, it is possible, that these people may be simulating some ‘retro’ person that prefers to divert and pass the internal implant call they receive in their head to an external physical phone which would then also ring to let them know the call has been diverted and they should pick up their ancient antique phone and answer it.

Do you ‘know’ that the phone is going to ring? Do you ‘know’ whom is calling you before the phone rings or vibrates? Do you have any LED’s or flashing pixels in your internal visual space at around the same time this happens? Do you have any tones or white noise variations that coincide with phone calls? Can you think of any other possible ‘phone’ anomalies that I’ve missed from this page?

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