"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

From the previous simulation pages you’ll likely have completely forgotten that I have already pointed out that it is VERY likely that none ‘critical’ circumstances and interactions will likely NOT correspond in all details as they would have been in the original circumstances being duplicated.

So, despite that I’d have to stress that the simulation would be making an effort to match up circumstances and experiences that are critical to it objectives there are also very logical reasons which I discussed in the previous simulation series explaining why some and in fact MANY events and circumstances may not unfold exactly as they did originally.

On this page here for example I explain how simulated copied people would absolutely have to be given some degree of ‘freewill’ flexibility in their lives and that this would be done between the more ‘critical’ timeline points.

I took time to explain why some phases of apparent ‘real’ freewill would have to be allowed else it would be obvious to ourselves that we are not real people. It would be obvious, because simulated COPIED people living out someone else’s entire life in very precise, moment by moment accurate detail would appear to be completely rigid, fixed and inflexible. If simulated copies of people are absolutely held to their originals life details absolutely ALL THE TIME then their completely robotic, rigid, utterly unadaptable behaviours would be an obvious giveaway that we are not real and are not living in a real reality.

So, a simulated copied population will have a freewill analysis and algorithm applied to themselves to allow ourselves to give ourselves increased ‘apparent’ freewill the more uncritical any particular phase or individual circumstances actually is. During the times when you are living within these ‘freewill’ phases, the closer you get to some ‘critical’ and or ‘risky’ experience then personal management strategies will be increasingly applied to ourselves to ensure that:

A person would absolutely NOT experience some ‘critical’ event that the person they are simulating DIDN’T experience because them having this experience would cause problems with respect to the simulations objectives. The outcome of these ‘manipulations’ is why many people here experience apparently ‘miraculous’ escapes and amazing ‘luck’ in either avoiding a serious accident or in rapidly recovering from one.

  1. Conversely a person would absolutely HAVE TO experience some ‘critical’ to the simulation event or experience because the person they are simulating DID experience this would be strongly managed to ensure that they DID live this experience because them NOT having this experience would cause problems to the simulations objectives.
  2. The outcome of these ‘manipulations’ is why many people here experience amazing coincidences, synchronicity and ‘signs’ to ensure that they meet and get involved with the person that the person they are simulating HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH, they study to qualify in a particular subject, that they take this course at a very particular university, that they get a very particular job and so on (I describe this in more detail on this page here).

It will take an enormous programming effort to simulate self aware freethinking copied people to fool them into believing that they are real people with real freewill AND even more programming effort to ensure that they don’t notice the obvious anomaly clues that are the side effects of what I describe above. Like for example:

  1. That cognitive research (explained here), has shown that our brains generate thoughts before we are even aware of them. Even worse, this suggests we make decisions before we are aware of them. Interestingly, for copied simulated software defined people it’s the software that is pre-defining decisions and rather than decisions and ’causes’ leading to outcomes as in ‘effects’, it’s the pre-defined scripted outcomes / effects that pre-determine the originating decisions / causes. In other words in a simulation, simulating copies of people their decisions will absolutely BE PRE-DEFINED. For this laid out in step by step detail then read this page here.
  2. That we have lots of evidence of ‘lucky’ avoidance of accidents (because we are not scripted as having these) and also magical ‘guidance’ making sure that ABSOLUTELY live through ‘critical/IMPORTANT’ experiences because we are scripted as ‘living’ these.

What are the Incidences of Anomalous Accidents:

A poll on this page here asking questions about ‘accidents’ currently has (at the moment) 21 responders 20 of which have noted they’ve been very lucky or very unlucky with respect to accidents while only 1 person has experiences you’d expect of a real reality.

What are the Incidences of Anomalous Coincidences, Synchronicity & ‘Pointers’:

A poll on this page here asking people if they’ve experienced synchronicity and or coincidences leading UP TO any event has (at the moment) 83 responders of which only 2 have not experienced these. In fact two thirds of the respondents experienced as high degree of synchronicity, ‘pointers’ and or ‘steering’, coincidences leading up to MORE THAN ONE EVENT.

‘IF’ we are living in a real reality these polls would present the opposite results as such we can assume that this increased ‘flexibility’ is ‘LIVE’ and operational here.

In being ‘LIVE’ then we can assume that we have more ‘freewill’ flexibility the more ‘unimportant’ any phase or particular circumstances actually is. In other words the less critical an experience is in accuracy terms with respect to the agenda of the simulation project the greater the personal choice and the decision flexibility we will have.

In other words, it is possible that some lived through ‘simulated’ circumstances will NOT ‘exactly’ match up with the original circumstances.

Human Eye Sight Scene Replay Anomalous Experience Described

While keeping the above in mind then have a read of another interesting experience from the forum here which describes someone’s experience of viewing an internal visual replay of a scene they’ve already just seen.

“During my senior high school year, I met up with a friend who I have not seen in over 3 years. She invited me back to her place.
When we arrived at her house, she put her school bag down and walked towards the fridge, then this is when something strange happened…. (I followed her and stood less than 2 metres from her)

*I saw her open the fridge, ask me if I wanted a drink and yoghurt, reach in grab the refreshments and offer me both the can of soft drink and small tub of yoghurt ^. (Instantaneously a replay like an overlay of the same video clip continued immediately from ^ to * to ^ again), then she closed the fridge door.

I instantly exclaimed in confusion to her, ‘Did you see that? I saw you offer me the drink and yoghurt before you did it!”

Now, for myself I can only say that the experience above ‘feels’ like one of these not quite matched up circumstances.

However, males do tend to behave in particular ways when interacting with a female they like AND particularly one they are attracted to. Many males I am sure would like to have a photograph of the attractive woman AND if they find the woman physically attractive they’d perhaps want to have a photograph that was perhaps more interesting from an ‘attractions’ point of view than one that wasn’t!!!!

So, in circumstances where a guy with a visual implant is with a female that they ‘might’ be attracted to, the male might just be tempted to video this girl ‘perhaps’ even while she is bending over taking items out of a fridge AND then replay that visual memory block to check if the recording was what they wanted.

Could Anomalous Eye Sight Scene Visual Replay Abilities be Explained By Ourselves Simulating People with Visual Implants or Memory Enhancements

Although this particular visual anomaly seems to NOT quite fit in with the described circumstances it does fit with the behaviours generally ‘expected’ of males. In other words, this particular experience perhaps happened within a more freewill ‘flexible’ phase resulting in the anomalous visual replay experience not matching well in terms of the exact original ‘circumstances’.

If your eyesight did have a replay facility would you expect it to replay a scene unprompted?

It doing this automatically isn’t realistic is it, BUT it would be if the simulation is just rendering something that you have in your script which isn’t in context to the circumstances.

How Would Simulation Software ‘OBSCURE’ and or Keep Ourselves ‘Distanced’ from Anomalous Impossible Visual Experiences?

Also, the simulation wouldn’t OFFER anyone ‘conscious’ or direct ‘controlling’ access to any implants functions as this would cause huge suspicion about these experiences which might prompt people to start THINKING about them in ‘worrying’ ways . . .

The simulation would actually go to great lengths to prevent anyone from accessing any implants controlling functions.

If we are simulating people with all sorts of implants and enhancements then the simulation would keep us well away from any administration or any operating system functions, displays or user interfaces.

As simulation software would make a big effort to prevent us from engaging with any means of controlling or directly using any implant then lets explore how these inner systems my be visually presented and consciously accessed by the person we are simulating?

In reading this page then this may remind you of your own (or even someone else’s) similar ‘odd’ eyesight / vision experience. If you do remember any, then can you try and leave a comment below describing everything you can remember in as much detail as possible.

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