"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

I’d like to remind you here that this is an article series discussing the possibility that we are simulating people with physical implants and enhancements.

These pages are about compiling evidence linking anomalous and quite often ‘bizarre’ personal experiences and ‘over the top’ seriously ABNORMAL ABILITIES to the possibility that these abilities are due to people ‘here’ simulating someone that had one or more types of physical enhancements wired into their brain.

In other words we are discussing the possibility that some and perhaps many people here are being simulated as having one or more high technology devices each offering a variety of functions and or capabilities directly interfaced into their central nervous system (CNS). That because we ourselves are being simulated as living in a very much slowed down society in technology terms compared to the original society of the people we are simulating then we will be simulated as having the EXPERIENCES these implants offered WITHOUT actually having the implanted technologies and enhancements that would explain them.

Neural Implants & Enhancements Will Involve Delicate, Invasive Central Nervous System Surgery

If this assertion is correct then people in our simulated population that are scripted as having the full range of EXPERIENCES here that would correspond to what was involved in having such an implant would then ALSO have the experiences relating to the themselves having an implant interfaced into their central nervous system.

Despite that it is stupidly obvious that ‘extensive’ central nervous system surgery would be required even for a basic user interface UI or heads up display HUD to make any ‘enhancement’ usable I’ve written 16 pages so far in this series AND neither myself or anyone else joined these dots enough to become aware that this would be the case.

The installation of and the resulting comprehensive and extensive central nervous system interfacing required will at least for the early versions and perhaps also for seriously sophisticated later implant versions, that require interfacing to many different and or very specialised central nervous system neurological functions will involve extensive, invasive and highly delicate and often ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ CNS surgery (at the very least during the early developmental phases).

In carrying out ground breaking, complicated, ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ CNS focused surgery it is likely that there will be a high probability of such surgery causing damage to the central nervous system itself. As potentially simulated copied people, then the symptoms and the long term effects of such damage will be expressed in people here that are specifically simulating someone that experienced having this type of surgery done to themselves.

EXPERIMENTAL & or Complicated Central Nervous System Surgery Will Involve Risks & Potential CNS Damage

So, the big question is THIS . . .

“Do we have any examples of people exhibiting amazing abilities linked to the same people presenting CNS damage or problems?”

Is there any evidence of this? . . . . is the sky blue!?!?!!!!

In writing one of the previous pages about people with overblown ‘ULTRA’, highly exceptional abilities (this is here) I found the following on Stephen Wiltshire.

“As a child, Stephen Wiltshire was a mute, he was diagnosed as autistic and went to a school for special needs children. There, he started to draw; First of animals, then London buses, then buildings and the city’s landmarks. During his early years, Stephen communicated through his drawings. Slowly, aided by his teachers, he learned to speak. His first word at the age of nine was “paper.”. Stephen has an amazing talent and can draw an accurate and detailed landscape of a city after seeing it just once from memory.”

I hesitate to point out the rational, logical and stupidly obvious thing here . . . which is that:

“ANY damage to the Central Nervous System ‘should’ be correlated with people having POORER, ALL ROUND abilities and skills related to CNS functioning compared to the rest of our entire population.”

The ONLY possible exception to this will be when the CNS damage was caused by interfacing an implant offering enhancements. In such cases you’ll end up with the bizarre and ‘ULTRA’ ANOMALOUS outcome of having people with a DAMAGED CNS also exhibiting ‘unbelievable’ super human abilities and skills that are way, WAY BEYOND THE REST OF THE POPULATION.

Is the above ‘correlation’ of unbelievable ‘amazing’ ability linked to central nervous system problems just a ‘one off’ coincidence?

Savant Syndrome Describes People with EXCEPTIONAL Abilities Whom ALSO have CNS disorders

Well, it seems not to be a coincidence. The below is taken from here . . .

“Savant syndrome is a rare but spectacular condition in which persons with developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism, or other central nervous system (CNS) disorders or disease have some spectacular “islands of genius” that stand in jarring juxtaposition to overall limitations.1 The condition can be present from birth and evident in early childhood (congenital) or develop later in life after CNS injury or disease (acquired). It affects males 4 to 6 times more frequently than females. Typically the skills occur in five general areas—music, art, calendar calculating, mathematics or mechanical/visual-spatial skills. Other skills occur less frequently including language (polyglot), unusual sensory discrimination, athletics or outstanding knowledge in specific fields such as neurophysiology, statistics, navigation or computers, for example. Skills are usually single skills, but multiple skills can occur as well. Whatever the skill, it is always associated with massive memory of a habit or procedural type—very narrow but exceedingly deep within the confines of the special skill. In some cases massive memory is the special skill.”

I should perhaps also point out that despite that I’ve been posting these human ‘neural’ implant & enhancement pages here for over 6 weeks now and it’s only about a week ago that I became aware of the stupidly obvious ‘neural implants’ = ‘CNS surgery’ . . . it didn’t take much thinking and reading about this CNS surgery ‘possibility’ before I started to find a of lot of CONSISTENT and interesting ‘implant’ linked CNS surgery evidence. In other words this is one thinking line that the simulation software would make a big effort to ‘kill’ before conception because once revealed it’s a gold mine of evidence.

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