"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

The previous pages give you some very pertinent examples of different peoples highly anomalous visual experiences. On this page I want to give you some idea of seriously advanced ‘data’ handling and data presentation technologies that are currently available (or almost) . . .

We already have now or are on the verge of having very specialist, highly complex interactive data presentation systems developed to present different information sets and types in many different easy to comprehend VISUAL formats.

In other words highly complex data is presented to the user via an external visual display that gives the user easy, direct and very functional access to investigate the data these systems are designed to display . . .

Examples of External High Technology User Interfaces Designed to Visually Display Complex Data

The following three images will give you some idea of how these systems present data in visual form and how users see and interact with it . . .






I want you to become aware that we already have people working on the above and we already have some of these systems in use.

We also already have people trying to develop direct neural implants which we can easily envisage will evolve to present communications, data as well as access to various ‘systems’, systems controls and systems options . . . .

The images below are taken from the series ‘Continuum’, The main character is super enhanced with a military grade wireless communications, visual data accessing, handling and presentation system.

Example of an High Technology Neural Implant User Interface Designed to Present Visually Complex Data

The image immediately below is an example of what is displayed in this characters visual field (in her head) when she mentally prompts for information about characters in a bar.


I want you to consider the possibility that if we are in a simulation and we are accurate copies of ‘other’ people whom have very technological advanced enhancements and implants (compared to ourselves) then how will these types of enhancements impact peoples experiences here? If some people here are scripted as having these types of enhancements that have very sophisticated ‘user interfaces’ then how will these anomalous scripted experiences be presented to ourselves here?

If someone here does have one of these then under what circumstances would you expect different implant types to be scripted to activate (and then present anomalous experiences)?

As all ‘user interface’ enhancement experiences are going to be HIGHLY anomalous then what strategies would the simulation software use in efforts to try and limit and or obscure these anomalous visual experiences including any resulting ‘anomalous’ abilities? What common strategies would the simulation software likely apply to anomalous visual effects AND how would these impact what the simulated people actually internally see and experience?

For example; for the above ‘user interface’ bar scene overlay . . .

  1. How would it deal with information data display ‘blocks’? Perhaps it will automatically apply a blurring filter to such ‘anomalous’ areas. For entire visual BLOCKS of displayed data or schematics it may just try and BLANK THEM OUT completely.
  2. What about ‘scanning’ system displays? How would implanted scanner monitoring someone’s heart, respiration rate, eye sight pupil dilation indicate scanning activity and present results within the user interface? Perhaps you’d have scanning ‘dots’ that moved around or hovered over the visual element being examined? In which case here some people would experience ‘dancing’ lights in their vision BUT with no context as to their meaning.
  3. What about flashing displays in the user interface? What about status monitors or processing data / waiting for more information indicators? These might be displayed as coloured squares or dots which could also be flashing. In some cases status or monitoring dot’s could be flashing at different rates depending on ‘activity’ and or the estimated time of completion? Does anyone have anomalous flashing and or moving dots appearing in their visual space at particular times?

Any of the above could result in the person here experiencing all sorts of weird vision and inner visual effects.


Would you take much notice of blank or blurry visual areas, flashing or moving dots perhaps of different colours while sitting in a bar? Would you be allowed to be suspicious about them, or would you be managed to put it down to the bottle of beer you just drank? Or, perhaps the simulation software would try and disguise this type of presentation to manage you and make you ‘think and of feel’ that you were seeing people that had some weird type of halo around their heads. Depending on your beliefs you might be persuaded that they were some specific type of angel?

The below is an example of what is displayed in this characters visual field (in their head) when they mentally prompt for the layout and an overlay of a real time scan of the interior of a building they are wanting information about . . .


Again how would simulation software keep this OBVIOUS visual anomaly obscured. Well it would likely overlay this on the real view of the building while blurring and fading out as much as possible of the entire visual overlay.

The below is yet another example of what is displayed in this characters visual field (in their head) when they mentally prompt for an analysis of the finger prints on various objects and a search for who they might belong to . . . again some within display areas and dots are flashing and even moving in this scene.


What would the simulation software do for the above to keep the obvious anomalous displays obscured? Maybe it would blur the more worrying areas creating an image with ‘smoky wispy ghosting’ areas. You have to remember that this is the software that is defining and rendering absolutely everyone of our reality in quantum detail. As such then under most circumstances it can likely pretty much disappear most ‘anomalous’ effects while also managing ‘experts’ to interpret anything anomalous that is misses as a medical problem (despite that some effects that are explained away as medical problems are actually not possible in terms of the known anatomy and or the functioning of the human form).


From what I have read so far, apparently a ‘migraine’ is the preferred ‘catch all’ explanation for most internal weird and particularly shimmery and blurry effects. This explanation does a great job of killing any extended and or ‘rational’ THINKING about these types of experiences . . .

Hi Technology Brain Implants, with Visual Cortex Enhancements & Access

I want you to keep these hi tech ‘in your head and internal space visual USER INTERFACE intrusions and overlay’ possibilities in mind as you read the following pages. Also, before reading the next page . . . can you spend a little time time thinking about of how much you/we are actually aware of, generally ‘conscious’ of and or are taking notice of different ‘things’ that are part of our regular and repeating experiences.

I want you to try and become aware of just how much we do lots of things automatically and unconsciously as if we are on autopilot AND how these automated experiences may end up being recorded in our script POORLY because the person we are simulating may actually not be very consciously aware of them.

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