"Earth as a Simulation Series 3: 'IF' we are living in a Simulation, how would Simulated 'COPIED' People+Environmental Components be 'CHECKED' for both Accuracy & Anomalies? Is it possible to DIRECTLY access the pre-defined SCRIPTED data files of 'Testing & Checking' Experiences to Accumulate Evidence of VR Experiences & DETAILS of the Simulation Projects Working & VR 'TEST' Environments? This Series Presents Articles & Exercises Exploring these Possibilities. 'UPDATE', to all questions posed here, the answer is 'YES'!!!"

Let me set the scene at the start here . . . I am a medical research scientist by ‘profession’, while working as a medical research scientist I started to directly explore the subtle and spiritual aspects of reality directly, specifically to try and understand, identify the origins of and to then find means to resolve my own personal very debilitating issues.

As a result of these direct explorations I eventually moved sideways and started to work as a full time ‘professional’ healer during which I then started to become aware of many contradictions, anomalies and basic untruths about healing, alternate therapies, the subtle realms and spiritual reality experiences.

Basically many aspects of these just don’t add up AT ALL.

The extensive contradictions, anomalies and downright untruths I catalogued and described in the 350+ Spiritually ‘Scary’ pages. They ARE ‘SCARY’ because they completely turn the new age healing and spiritual ideas, beliefs and understandings ON THEIR HEAD.

As if this ‘expose’ wasn’t enough, you now have many pages giving coherent and reasoned evidence that we are software defined copied people living in a simulation . . . can it get any worse than this!!!

New Age Origins, Beliefs, History & Agenda, Exposed & Discussed in Detail

Well, yes it can . . .

We do in fact ALREADY have ‘simulation’ pages here that step by very logical and reasoned step make you aware that the new age movement and lightworker population are each accurately simulating someone that was an actual supporter and follower of the ultra, advanced, ‘high’ technology simulation project that we are all now living within.

I then also pointed out on earlier pages here in very ‘reasoned’ logical and painful detail how the so called spiritual, subtle and healing experiences of the new age population are actually the experiences that the person they are simulating had while interfaced to a high technology virtual reality network . . .

How the New Age Movement Population Experiences REPRESENT Virtual Reality Network & Physical Hi Tech Enhancements

In other words . . .

The New Age populations experiences are the result of each new age person simulating someone that spent regular time directly interfaced into an immersive virtual reality network because they are each simulating someone that SUPPORTED and avidly FOLLOWED the earth simulation project. The entire NEW AGE POPULATION, THEIR ‘LIGHTWORKER’, HEALING & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES and the SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES ASSOCIATED WITH THESE are absolutely NOT subtle or spiritual originated experiences.

While interfaced to a high technology virtual reality network they would also have attended virtual TALKS, SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS offered and arranged by earth simulation project experts and advisers whom worked for and were DIRECTED by the current Earth as a Simulation project chairman/person (perhaps described as St Germain here) and the Board of Directors of the Simulation Project project (whom are called the SPIRITUAL Hierarchy here).

Like I’ve mentioned on many pages here the so called ‘spiritual’ hierarchy behaves as if they ‘own’ the subtle realities and in fact this entire ‘place’, they BEHAVE as if this entire ‘reality’ is their project.

This is because:

IT IS . . . ‘Their’ PROJECT . . .

It is in fact ‘THEIR’ . . .


It is their ultra high grade computer technology hardware with unbelievably complex software ‘simulation’ project and as such the spiritual hierarchy are NOT spiritual beings but are simulation software translated versions of the original earth simulation project directors whom in the original population were directly involved in instigating and building the earth simulation project that we here find ourselves living within now.

As part of the ‘real’ origins of the ‘new age’ people the directors of the earth simulation project are presented as ‘wise’ all powerful beings living within the spiritual realms.

This can only be accurately described as a simulation software initiated misdirecting ‘FANTASY’.

Basically, all of the immersive virtual reality experiences of absolutely all simulation involved people have ALL been translated sideways into subtle ‘aka’ spiritual realm experiences to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to figure ANYTHING out, particularly because all ‘spiritual / subtle’ experiences are inconveniently ‘invisible’ to physical eyeball observation as well as apparently also being cognitively invisible to researchers that amazingly imagine they are competent (read the physical con page here that presents a big pile of indirect evidence that we are simulating subtle beings interfaced to a physical animal form body).

I should remind readers that I have made an effort to point out on page after page here how many, many aspects of the spiritual hierarchy and the new age, lightwork spiritual and healing approaches and ‘agenda’ just don’t make sense and or that don’t add up and particularly so with respect to ‘healing’ approaches and how they are supposed to resolve negative and or debilitating issues BUT VERY OFTEN DON’T.

Why the New Age Movement & Lightworker Population have a focus on Healing & Transformation

The simulation project was ‘spun’ by the con artist directors to the original population as being a project that during the end of an entire ‘historical’ simulation cycle, would initiate and offer various ‘therapies and healing approaches’ as part of efforts to facilitate change within the simulated population with the AIM being to have these changes:


AND used to UPDATE . . .

The Original ‘REAL’ Population

Coincidentally, anyone here that is simulating one of the original populations earth simulation projects followers will quite naturally be simulated as EXPECTING that their entire population would at some point experience some personally TRANSFORMING UPDATE that would impact and ‘transform’ their entire population BECAUSE this is EXACTLY what the earth simulation project was designed to do.

This is in FACT why the new age movement population is EXPECTING some entire population changing event to ‘magically’ happen ‘sometime’ toward the end of some alleged ‘simulation/spiritual’ cycle that is part of some ‘transforming process’ that involves and impacts the entire make up of reality here.

In other words the ‘ascension’ expectation that the new age people hold to absolutely fits 100% if they are simulating a sub population that ‘followed / supported’ a simulation project designed to simulate their entire population through some process whose aim would to change and then UPDATE the original population we here are simulating.

The earth simulation project in being at least spun as being focused on CHANGING the population here will be why the new age population specifically are focused on and are offering various therapies and healing approaches here. This would strongly suggest that a large proportion of the new age populations original immersive VR network environment experiences as an earth simulation project follower and supporter would involve them spending time in VIRTUAL talks, seminars, & workshops many of which would have been focused on the THERAPY, HEALING & TRANSFORMATIONAL aspects of the simulation project.

The Real Origins of the New Age Movements Experiences Described in Great Detail

In other words, a great percentage of the new age people here are simulating someone that DIDN’T physically meet up with others to be part of a talk, meeting or workshop within which they listened to and watched someone giving a talk, seminar or a workshop focused on the THERAPY, HEALING & TRANSFORMATIONAL aspects of the simulation project.

In which case . . .

1. How would any ‘original’ healing sessions and or therapy demonstrations as ‘experiences’ that all took place within a none physical ‘unreal’ but very realistic virtual seminar, lecture theatre, discussion forum room and or healing, therapy workshop demonstration space be translated here within our simulated ‘pretend’ environment here which because our technologies have been deliberately slowed down doesn’t actually have immersive virtual reality networks available to ACCURATELY represent these experiences?

2. How would virtual demonstrations of different healing and therapy approaches, all offered as DEMONSTRATIONS ONLY of what would ACTUALLY be offered in the simulation to the simulated population AS IF THEY ARE MYSTERIOUS SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES?

Any ideas? How would the original virtual space experiences of demonstrations of various healing and therapy approaches be translated here AND what would be the consequences?

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