"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

On the eyesight and vision implant anomaly introduction page within this series I pointed out that the best way to become aware of implanted enhancement possibilities is to think about how a particular technology progresses through time and for ourselves in particular to look at what we currently, commonly using now as external and hand held devices and then to think of how these devices would evolve into enhancements that were eventually integrated directly into ourselves (our central nervous system) to then become fully integrated as part of our internal landscape.

The Historical Timeline of Music & Audio Technologies . . .

How would the above apply to music? Well, we had the gramophone, record player playing ‘records’ as discs both of which were quite bulky and not very portable, this early technology then shifted to digital recordings as cassettes (magnetic tape) and we ended up a few years down the line with the ‘Walkman’ as a very portable device for listening to music on tapes. Magnetic tape as a storage medium then shifted to re-writeable memory which evolves over time until we get very small hand held I-pod devices capable of holding and playing 1000’s of tracks of music and or spoken books and or audio based education courses.

The Historical Timeline of Personal Messages as Letters through to Video Chat Technologies

In parallel to the above for hand written ‘messages’ we start with ‘letters’ written on paper then we have the ‘telegraph wire’ sending ‘telegrams’ then we have e-mails, then interactive text chats then video chats and then the same but between more than two people at a time.

Communications, Radio, Television & Internet

In parallel to the above we have transmitted sound as radio. Again these first ‘valve’ based devices were bulky and not very portable, eventually we get transistor technology which leads to portable radios which eventually leads us to having streaming audio delivered through digital network sources. Later and then in parallel to radio we have visual images as television and then eventually streamed video supplied over a digital network. Later & in parallel to both radio and television we have the internet which starts out as text only with perhaps attached files to eventually develop to deliver just about anything as ‘media’ to ourselves.

The Historical Timeline of Voice Communication Technologies

This started out with ‘wired’ phones, only able to make local calls BUT over time the scale of phone connectivity became larger and larger. Then communications shifted from fixed, wired devices to portable wireless devices that eventually reduce in size and while also functioning pretty much anywhere.

We are now at a point where we have the latest equivalent of ALL THE ABOVE available on one small hand held device.

In writing and then thinking about the above I’d like to point out something about these ‘trends’ . . .

Real Authentic QUALITY Interactions & Personal ‘Direct, Eye to Eye’ Engagement

Music will have started with people singing accompanied by sounds made by banging things together (even if this was just rocks or sticks). We’d then develop musical instruments AND we’d then gather to listen and perhaps to dance to collections of people singing and playing musical instruments. It’s likely that 90% of the population in the distant past would have spent some time singing and or playing a musical instrument. Personal messages in the distant past will have been sent by foot and delivered by mouth then with writing, personal letters would also initially, likely to have been delivered by hand by a personal messenger whom would have perhaps waited until you wrote a reply.

In other words in the distant past everything was about QUALITY personal interactions with those around and close to you.

Also, learning to PLAY a musical instrument or to sing well, actually requires time, patience and consistent practice AND all of this without distractions. Learning to play a musical instrument will ALSO have you developing patience, concentration, attention, focus and dedication . . . which as a side effect increases confidence and helps develop character . . .

Instant 24 Hours a day Communications, Distant ‘Fantasy’ Interactions & Personal Disengagement & Distractions

I stopped listening to music about 4/5 years ago when I realised that: ‘I drift off, am made to be distracted by and to get immersed in the music’, in other words I noticed that it was highly likely that the simulation was using music to distract myself and make me less focused. I also SPECIFICALLY noticed at this time that I’d occasionally and BIZARRELY end up having ‘tracks’ of music that I’d recently listened to ‘UNBELIEVABLY’ randomly but consistently and uncontrollably playing in my head. WhyTF is this happening? Even more bizarre this would ‘occasionally’ be of tracks with lyrics that I’d not normally remember and wouldn’t have been able to even if asked!!! How, ‘UNBELIEVABLY’ bizarre is that? What ‘Evolutionary’ DISTRACTION advantage is this bizarreness aiming for?

So, for about 4 years now I’ve not EVER had one music track play in my head. My head is as ‘still’ as a mill pond, I’ve no mind chatter, no ‘conversations’, no voices, no ‘tones’ going on in my head. I basically have NOTHING ‘consciously’ going on unless I choose to consciously initiate THINKING and or pondering lines.

I don’t have a radio or a television and I don’t have a ‘smart’ phone specifically because basic observations indicate that these devices offer massive potential for distractions as well as facilitating global personal disengagement. I have an ancient PAYG mobile that I leave switched off unless travelling. Until recently I’d get an average of 2 phone calls a month on my land-line AND it would take me a few seconds to ‘re-orientate’ to the NOISE and think ‘AHH, that’s that phone ‘thing’ ringing!!!!!

So, not only have I massively minimised external distractions I’ve also in some cases figured out how to minimise and even eliminate ‘bizarre’ internal ‘IN YOUR HEAD’ distractions too.

To give yourself the best ‘conditions’ that offer you the best chance to figure ANYTHING out, to become aware of new possibilities and or things that don’t add up you actually need a lot of undisturbed, quite and distraction free time.

Everyone can THINK, but to learn to THINK well and particularly as part of trying to understand DIFFICULT things requires time, patience and consistent dedication. To give yourself the best opportunity to do this requires that you gift yourself with a consistent distraction free setting (no TV, radio, music, phone calls, of Facebook messages ‘shit’). It’s only after you spend enough quality time pondering on things that you may become aware of (for example) consistent patterns relating to anomalous experiences such that you can THEN more easily and more rapidly become aware of the likely circumstances of the original experiences that these are likely translated from. As you are developing to this point in THINKING and understanding terms you will ALSO as a side effect develop patience, concentration, attention, focus and perhaps dedication . . .

Now, I suspect that most people attempting the above will find themselves quickly feeling bored while bizarrely finding themselves missing the barrage of distractions (it’s almost like an addiction). I will guarantee that ‘whatever’ within yourself tries to put you off from having what essentially can only be described as ‘peace and quiet’ will be the simulation software. It’s actually quite difficult to do this, it’s also quite difficult in that once you get used to it then the ‘barrage of distracting shit’ that is considered normal by everyone else actually feels and IS extremely disturbing.

This is the Age of Noise, Diversions, Distractions & Disengaged ‘Pseudo’ Interactions

Coincidentally and very suspiciously (from my point of view) our entire society supplies everything ALL THE TIME that makes it as difficult as possible for people to be able to do what I have done. If I was a sceptical type I’d be suspicious that our entire modern society seems to be specifically ‘designed’ to make it impossible to have the circumstances and environment that are needed for anyone to be able to figure ANYTHING out at all!!!!!!

It took about 2 hours to write this page (at least this is the time it took until I begin writing this paragraph). It’s had multiple re-writes AND many interesting ‘threads’ and ‘possibilities’ on this page only ‘appeared’ because in spending time re-reading and THINKING about the earlier version I’d just written I’d become aware of more possibilities that were just a little ‘off the edge’ compared to what I’d already written and in adding these possibilities and then re-reading and then pondering and thinking about these I then become aware of even more possibilities. Like thinking about ‘communications’ back in ‘pre-technology’ makes you aware that during these people directly interacting with people times, and then making comparisons with how it is now which has you becoming aware of the obvious differences and then some of the seriously obvious negative consequences of this for ourselves now . . .

As this ‘implants’ section will cover implants providing functions that we currently have on a smart phone all crammed into and functioning in your head . . . then can you think of any anomalous ‘in your head’ or ‘behavioural’ experiences that would be evidence of people having any or all the functions of a smart phone wired directly into their head?

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