"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

On the previous page I pointed out the ‘characteristics’ that you would ‘expect’ of the workings of an ‘alleged’ writing, reading, spelling and written ‘comprehension’ learning aid neural implant AND that these characteristics have been documented as being directly associated with grapheme colour synesthesia ‘visual’ effects and abilities.

On this page we are going to explore the possibility of people having an invisible diary and appointments implant in their head to.

As a start, ‘IF’ we are ‘generally’ simulating people with ‘invisible’ neural implants then ‘statistically’ it is extremely likely that we will have people here with an appointments diary, scheduler and even perhaps a task manager. I state this because these are a common feature of and are commonly used by many people with a computer and a smart phone.

So, let’s just imagine such an implant functioning in slightly greater detail. Within your INNER visual space this implant will likely display say a weekly or monthly calendar with brief entries marked and accessible in greater detail for specific days of specific weeks. You are also likely to be able to mentally select a day and have any entry automatically presented ‘in full’ to provide you with greater details ‘IF’ needed.

Just by your ‘thinking’ including certain key words ‘DIARY / NEW ENTRY / THIS THURSDAY’ while mentally sub vocalising or even perhaps just ‘thinking’ of what you want placed into that entry will result in what you are saying or THINKING ABOUT ‘in your head’ being automatically converted into text and words and then automatically entered and saved as a diary entry.

Let’s just evaluate what would be the day in day out ‘visual’ attributes that are ‘absolutely’ common of every single diary, appointments and event scheduler application? What would these be?

Common Words that would be Associated with the use of a Software ‘Diary’ Application

Well, every single ‘diary’ will absolutely ALWAYS display ‘YEARS’ (likely in ’20XX’ number form), it will also display months of the year and days of the week for months. That’s the whole point of a ‘diary’ as it’s a reference to schedules and appointments related to ‘fixed’ generic year, month and days of week terms that everyone is familiar with.

In other words, anyone with a neural implant that had a diary and scheduler function built in absolutely couldn’t avoid having presented and or highlighted in their internal VISUAL SPACE words such as:

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

The above would be the ‘obvious’ words associated with a diary neural implant, however, it is possible that for children you’d also have words associated with daily and weekly schedule of say school subjects and lessons too!!!

Despite that this sort of obvious ‘digital’ functionality happening inside anyone’s head would be unbelievably bizarre and UTTERLY ANOMALOUS, ‘IF’ we do have people with an invisible neural implant carrying out common diary functions that would at least for some people likely be accessed regularly then you could deduce and hence EXPECT that ‘STATISTICALLY’ it is highly likely that the above listed numbers and words would ‘magically’ appear in their ‘visual’ field with a much HIGHER incidence compared to other numbers and words that also perhaps ‘somehow’ just automatically magically appear!!!

Coincidentally, the below are all taken from one single ‘synesthesia’ focused web page allowing ‘comments’ which is here:

“I am so excited and relieved to find out about Synesthesia . . . I have known certain letters, numbers, days of the week and months had specific colors my entire life, and the colors have never changed or varied.”

“I have always had distinct associations between colors and letters, numbers, days, and months, but I always thought that everyone had this, since my mother had discussed similar experiences. It’s amazing to learn that NOT everyone does. I thought it would only count as synesthesia if you actually SEE the colors, rather than just THINKING of them.”

“I’ve always seen days of the week in colours. Monday is red, Tuesday is blue, Wednesday is yellow, Thursday is green, Friday is also red and Saturday and Sunday are both black. I see them in a circular chart and Wednesday always stands out the most. All of the colours have never changed. Sometimes i also see subjects as colours too. Maths is red, P.E is yellow and so is games, English is blue, Science is green, Humanities is pink, Geography is green and History is a reddish brown. And for this Geography has always stood out the most.”

“But it’s not just numbers and letters have colors, so do days of the week, months, times of day, school subject, meals, rooms of the house, compass directions, even songs! The letters also change color when they are put in words.”

“I realized that I see years in color too. One of my sister’s is born in 1985, and I’ve always seen it as a darker shade of red. Also, days of the week and months; but again some of them are more clear than others. It bothers me that I can’t see it distinctly, so then I just stop thinking about it.”

“When i do maths or think about days, numbers, letters, etc. I see them with colors and personalities. If it doesn’t change my direct perception, just the image of them in my mind, does this count? Is there some other thing that does that?”

ALL web pages discussing these areas that offer comments present yet more examples all confirming the above.

How would a diary implant ‘visually’ present months or weeks or days to the user?

Well, when you first just ‘think’ about accessing a ‘diary’ function it is then likely to automatically present current day, week, or month depending on what you are thinking about in actual ‘diary’ terms. So, if you were thinking in long-term ‘month’ or ‘year’ possibilities then the diary visual display presentation would likely automatically ‘select’ the ‘scale’ that you (consciously or unconsciously) want to view.

Also, different people, depending on what they REGULARLY accessed would likely have a specific ‘scale’ or ‘view’ more often presented compared to other possibilities. So, for some people the visual diary entry is likely to be automatically focused on the ‘month’ presentation, while for others, for school kids for example it is likely to default to their current ‘days’ lesson schedule.

So, you are likely to have a visual ‘eye’ sight presentation with the main diary entry that you are most interested in, appearing as part of your visual FIELD OF VIEW i.e. it would be OVERLAID onto your normal ‘visual’ view such that the ‘month’ or ‘day’ or YEAR’ presentation would appear to be visually projected INTO THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT.

Coincidentally, one of the many variations of synesthesia is called ‘spatial-sequence synesthesia’.

Why are ‘Effects’ Commonly to Spatial-Sequence Synesthesia Highly Suggestive of Diary & Appointment Functions?

Spatial-sequence synesthesia, is a ‘condition’ in which people automatically perceive sequences of related visual ‘items / terms’ in ordered spatial patterns. Research has shown that individuals with this specific synesthesia variation have superior memories and therefore superior abilities to recall things like dates and events much better than the average person.

Coincidentally, this condition is very specifically associated with the display of information that just happens to correlate with what you would expect of ‘terms’ that would be associated with an invisible DIARY implant.

Below are some images that ‘represent’ how people ‘see’ sequences of ‘months of the year’ visually projected ‘externally’ as if these months are circled around themselves within the external environment. Left image is from here and the right image below is from here.








What known neurological function could or which have perhaps been DESIGNED to visually ‘project’ as a ‘coherent’ spatial sequence matching the names commonly used to describe the months of the year that are coincidentally IN THE CORRECT ORDER, also, automatically and INVOLUNTARILY?

Perhaps it’s the little know lower ‘diary functions’ ganglia that is found just left of the upper ‘spelling aid with cartoon character definer’ neuron complex!!!!


Below is an image ‘representing’ someone’s spatial visual ‘view’ of ‘days of the week’ (the image above is from here (the same page also presents other examples of ‘projected’ diary displays)).


If you want more in-depth details of someone describing their experiences of having spatial sequences of months of the year, days of the week AND hours of the day then read this page here. For a general page of images ‘illustrating’ the visual presentations associated with this type of synesthesia then click this link here.

Coincidentally, my very basic calendar / diary ‘add on’ as part of my thunderbird e-mail software offers different themes that change the colours of the diary presentations. I also have options to change the way that weeks, months and years are visually presented too.

How would Functions of a Diary Neural Implant Enhancement ‘Interface’ with the User?

Coincidentally, the adjustable possibilities available to a neural implant diary interfaced to and directly integrated into the visual cortex that is likely to be designed to offer the best functionality to as many different people as possible (to fit in with how different individual’s minds and personalities ‘actually’ work) are likely to be ‘extensive’.

It is also highly likely that on activation such an implant would load and initiate a set of visual preference examples, ‘tests’ and options. The set-up software is likely to also monitor your feelings and responses to each of the presented visual example possibilities and or options to help it more automatically determine which combinations of these (visual diary display presentation and which colours to use for ‘what’) work best for yourself. For a diary implant it also wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that each day of the week, each calendar month and even each ‘year’ (1979 for example) could be individually colour coded. The best or most suitable visual presentation combinations of months etc and the colours, font, point size and the type of subliminal commands used to interact with this implants functions would then likely be permanently fixed for that particular implant. It is also likely that an implant of this sophistication would also continually monitor the ‘user’s’ ease of use of the implant over time AND maybe even suggest alterations and adjustments every so often.

As this and other implants would be interfaced into and ‘processing’ the data being passed by the optic nerve it would be quite easy to insert additional ‘data’ to allow the diary ‘views’ to be directly and interactively presented as part of the user’s visual input. This would result in the diary presentation being overlaid onto whatever ‘external’ scene is currently ‘in view’. As such the parts of the ‘diary’ that the user interacts with will appear to be projected into the external ‘environment’. Coincidentally, if you read through people’s descriptions of their diary / calendar presentations this is how it appears.

The below are taken from comments on this page here:

“My calendar is like a big ring. If I think of the year as a whole, January and December are at the bottom, and from Jan at the bottom right, the months continue up counter-clockwise to June and July at the top and back down to Dec on the bottom left. Also, my past (more than 2 years ago) is to my back left and the future (more than I year from now) is to the front right. Also, whatever month it is appears directly in front of me. Some of us have clockwise calendars or linear calendars, and one cousin even has her months associated with specific colors.”

“I visualize the weeks and months as a kind of ascending line towards the left. I can zoom in or out but the line moves so the present is always central. Actually it’s not a straight line, it’s curvy. Periods of the year have different colors. I can zoom out a lot and see my life time. I can also visualise centuries, but strangely, that calendar goes from left to right.”

“I find it particularly interesting that while most people with spatial sequence have the months around them in the same place, I visualize myself wherever I happen to be on the circle like the one above. For example, right now it is August, so September is to my right and July is to my left. Across the way is February and March. However, it will change as the months do. I also do this with the days of the week and Years.”

“I have spatial sequence synesthesia for months and days of the year; for example my daughter’s birthday in late October is in front of me and slightly to my right (the entire circle of the year, with January starting at my body, is about 15 feet in diameter).”

I should also reiterate what I have already made clear above, which is that extensive studies of synesthesia ‘experiences’ have resulted in them being described as; “involuntary non-suppressible, AUTOMATIC’. In other words: these are not ‘learnt’ procedures, these people have not spent weeks and months sitting and training themselves to absolutely consistently ‘automatically’ remember dates etc while also learning to visually ‘manifest’ how they ‘interact’ with and UPDATE, EDIT and CHANGE their internal ‘diary/calendars’ information.

Some Commonly Documented Synesthesia Abilities Strongly ‘Suggest’ a Neural Implant with Diary, Appointment & Scheduling Functions

As most people exhibiting synesthesia became aware that they had these abilities when they were a very young age, (many just 3/4 years old and some younger), then are we expected to believe that these people, at that age somehow ‘designed’ a visual diary memory system and one which often functions in ways that are neurologically ‘impossible’.

A visual diary and calendar ‘memory’ system with ‘automatic’ (non-suppressible) functions that are involuntarily and automatically provoked while also being seamlessly integrated with each persons own internal, mental and or subliminal functioning and or feelings.

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