"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

What anomalous eye sight, vision and visual anomalies have people actually described that could be explained by people here being simulated with experiences of themselves having a vision enhancement implant?

Keep in mind that the human eye doesn’t have a zoom feature nor any automated visual replay or freeze frame options. These lacks might seem obvious, however, some people actually do experience their vision actually zooming and others seem to experience having full visual replays and freeze frame effects too.

Also, keep in mind that these (like any other) specific types of experience will be encoded into your script and they will be tagged as being ‘active’ in specific circumstances and or in response to particular types of interactions and or the local environmental conditions (the room or place you are currently occupying, the specific people or person you are dealing with). As such, ‘weird’ vision experiences will very likely present themselves when we are in the specific combination of circumstances, interactions and environment that best match up with ‘some’ ORIGINAL circumstances that the person you are simulating used or had activated any specific vision enhancement feature.

You would be advised to keep the above in mind as you read of peoples ‘odd’ visual experiences as they are described below.

The quotes below are mostly taken from just one forum page here which has a few entries of weird, never mind impossible visual effects.

The quote immediately below is from the forum entry here.

1. “I also experience visual disturbances. Freeze frame images, bits missing from my visual line of sight. I have customer orders in front of me most of the day but I sometimes miss one in a row even with a big gap between.”

The below is in reply to the above and is here.

2. “I have also since August last year mainly. Freeze frame on the train a few times was quite an experience, also the zooming visual effects happening to me on the train.”

The below is taken from a forum entry here.

3. “Three weeks ago I was talking to my husband in the bedroom. I was facing him, my son’s cot was between us. At one point during the conversation I unexpectedly experienced a zooming visual effect where my field of vision zoomed into the cot for about 2 seconds and at approximately X 3 magnification. It then zoomed out, back to normal. I stopped mid-sentence then exclaimed to my husband what I just experienced. He tells me he has experienced this visual effect a few times already.”

And for another baby / young child zoom feature example taken from a medical forum then read here.

4. “Ever since my kids were born, when I have the chance to just gaze at them, usually when I’m feeding them or putting them to bed, they sometimes appear (for lack of a better term) larger than life. Kind of the opposite of what you describe. I almost feel like I’m hallucinating, but nothing about them is distorted. While you said the person takes up a smaller fraction of your field of vision, my boys take up a larger portion of mine. At first it was a really freaky feeling, and I would snap out of it for it to reoccur moments later, at which point I had to focus my eyes on something else. It happens less frequently now, but I’m not as bothered by it and when it does I can maintain the perspective for several minutes. I have no physical sensation along with it, such as vertigo.”

And another variation of a zoom in and or fish eye type visual enhancement from the same forum above is from here.

5. “It seems to be just a visual thing. I start to lose focus on what the person is saying or what I’m reading and just kind of zoom and focus on the image. It’s kind of fish eye lens one split second and then focusing in on one word in the text I’m looking at the next. I can end it at any second but it is kind of a cool feeling so I usually choose to hold it for a while and ponder what could be causing it. It’s really difficult to explain but that was my attempt.”

The forum that the above two quotes are from discusses different vision zoom in and even some zoom out effects from a medical ailments and illnesses perspective. However, there are people having these types of symptoms leaving messages on that thread that for the most part don’t have the expected ‘related’ medical symptoms for particular conditions associated with particular causes.

So, now that we have at least some examples of these types of ‘unbelievable’ experiences then lets examine these from a ‘circumstances and interactions’ point of view?

How likely is it that the above SPECIFIC instances and scenarios of these particular visual anomalies would fit in with someone both having a visual implant function which would likely be used under these circumstances?

Human Vision Freeze Frame & Zoom in on Scenic Views Enhancement

So, if you have a vision enhancement implant and you are sitting on a train, then isn’t this particular situation one which it is actually likely that you will ‘freeze’ interesting scenes and or for particularly interesting scenes you would likely zoom in on them to look at specific interesting things in more detail?

Would a Human Visual Zoom Enhancement be used to Present Better Details of Important ‘Things’

If you’ve a built in visual zoom enhancement function then there are two scenarios where I can think this would be used. One would be if your job or a hobby involved very fine detailed work such as a watch repairer or a fine jewellery maker the other would be to check greater detail of situations or people that are important to yourself.

For these situations I’d also expect that in many instances the enhancement technology could also be set to AUTOMATICALLY engage the zoom feature when you view specific circumstances. So, if a jewellery maker was to sit at their work bench their tech would likely automatically engage the zoom feature when they peer directly at what they are working on.

Would you use a Visual Zoom Enhancement to Maintain Greater Detail of your Baby?

Many parents worry about their baby and many would REALLY make an effort to take notice of, look at and check the baby to make sure that everything is fine. This is also one of the scenarios where a visual zoom enhancement is likely to be automatically and permanently engaged and PARTICULARLY when the baby comes into direct view so that the parent always has an enhanced view of the baby while they are engaged with the baby.

What in medical terms could possibly explain a condition that is only active and in some cases even permanently active when the person is dealing with their baby while not presenting any additional medical ‘health problem’ symptoms either!!

In reading the above examples of others ‘odd’ vision experiences then this may remind you of your own (or even someone else’s) similar ‘odd’ eyesight / vision experience. If you do remember any, then can you leave a comment below describing what you can remember in as much detail as possible.

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