"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

Have you reading this just arrived from another planet? Can I see your interworld passport? MMMmmmm?

It’s unlikely isn’t it?

In which case, how long have you so far spent on this one? How much time have you spent on our little pretend, simulated world?

If I asked you how many years you’ve been navigating the reality presented on this planet, then how many years would it be? Then how many days? Then how many hours?

It would likely be an impressive number of hours wouldn’t?

How Much Intimate Experience do you have of how your Reality Functions?

In this respect you reading this could actually very realistically be described as being an expert in terms of how this reality presents itself to you because you’ve likely been subjected to it’s daily, hourly, minute by minute presentation for a very, very long time.

Haven’t YOU?

I want you to appreciate that just by being here and being ALIVE you have a huge amount of embedded very accurate observational, perceptual as well as subtle feeling and engagement information that you’ve accumulated over many, many years about how your reality actually consistently functions (at least most of the time).

Anyone that is the same age as yourself will be an expert equal to yourself with regards the comprehensive ness of your accumulated direct moment by moment experience.

If you are not an alien AND you have NOT just arrived from another planet then you have a VAST and intimate moment by moment accumulated experience of our reality here.

Have you reading this ever experienced a disturbing ‘reality’ glitch?

Everyone is an EXPERT with respect to their Embedded Experience of How Reality Actually Functions

Have you reading this ever experienced having your reality present something that is COMPLETELY unexpected BASED ON YOUR LIKELY 10,000’S OF ACCUMULATED HOURS OF REALITY EXPERIENCE?

‘IF’ you DID experience something that was inconsistent based on your accumulated vast experience then there is no way that you could miss such an event . . .


If you reading this PERSONALLY haven’t experienced a disturbing reality inconsistency then you can still, EASILY imagine what it must be like to have an experience that SUDDENLY after literally 10,000’s of hours of embedded comprehensive experience that shakes you to the very core because it DOESN’T conform in the slightest to your day in day out, moment by moment accumulated ‘experience’ of reality and of how even unconsciously you absolutely KNOW reality functions?

I want you to imagine NOW that tomorrow when you wake up having gone to your bed in your bedroom and having fallen asleep with your partner that when you wake up you notice that the sheets have changed, that the bed is in a slightly different position, that half the furniture is slightly different and some objects you have around the room appear to be missing and there are new ones AND when you turn and look at your partner it appears that overnight they’ve had a hair style change AND their eye colour is different to what you remember . . . .

WTF!! . . .

. . . . you’re now in semi shock, your very disturbed head space even has you desperately thinking that you are still asleep dreaming OR even that you might have been kidnapped although you quickly figure out that neither of these can be true either.

A few hours later you can confirm that there are many subtle and distinct changes and a few not so subtle ones and worse your partner doesn’t seen to notice and when you eventually work up the courage to ask if they’ve changed anything to find that this has you being delivered a weird look then it starts to sink in that all this weirdness seems to just apply specifically to yourself and to no one else.

Everyone else bizarrely seems to think that everything is fine.

Did you know that most people will have on average more than a quarter of a million hours of moment by moment Accumulated Reality Experience?

Let’s say that you are 28 when this happens, So you’ve had 28 years of 365 days a year of 24 hours a day of 60 minute hours having the absolute consistency of your reality impressed upon yourself. That’s about 10,000 days of experience, and it’s almost a quarter of a million hours of consistent experience that now in one night has gone completely out of the window.

Can you reading this imagine how this happening to yourself would feel?

Can you feel the hollow feeling in your gut just thinking about this, the barely hidden anxiety, the ‘in the background’ fear and suppressed panic, the desperately suppressed possibility that even more changes could happen AND they could happen AT ANY TIME?

If this was you, then how easy do you think it would be for you to talk to someone about this?

It’s not going to be easy in the slightest is it?

In fact I’d imagine that the default position would be to say nothing.

BUT let’s imagine that you do try and say something, just what can you expect?

Bear in mind that so far you reading this will likely have on average at least quarter of a million hours of consistent reality navigation experience and this makes you an EXPERT of how reality is ‘supposed’ to be.

So, you’d be a little taken back to find that the default responses to your predicament include explanations that you are likely intoxicated, are on drugs, your mind is playing tricks, you’re even told that you are likely suffering hallucinations or visual illusions (yes really despite you having up to 245,280 hours of accumulated reality experience no less), and when you are still insistent about what you’ve experienced then you find that self-deception appears as the next most likely explanation followed by the even more bizarre suggestion that perhaps you are doing this to make money or become famous?

Under these default circumstances then how long would it be before you just shut up and keep your reality wrenching experience to yourself?

What is it like being treated as if you’re an Alien and Have just arrived from another planet?

Strangely enough the above example actually isn’t unrealistic (when you’ve read of some peoples experiences that are posted on the web).

What is unrealistic is that in the light of how many weird reality wrenching experiences are actually presented by people around the internet is that people having these types of experiences whom if you remember in all likelihood have at least a quarter of a million hours of accumulated reality experience behind them have to put up with being treated as if they’ve just arrived from another planet rather than of them actually having been a full time resident of this one for quite a long time, and so, you know, will have accumulated quite a lot of experience both of how they themselves function as well as of how this reality normally presents itself and therefore such a person is probably highly qualified in terms of being able to give an accurate account of some sort of reality malfunction, error, defect or anomaly.

On an imaginary ‘real’ world what would you imagine would be a rational response to any resident reality EXPERT having an anomalous experience?

One of the obvious problems that people whom do experience a disturbing ‘reality glitch’ is that it’s very unlikely that they’d be taken seriously when attempting to convey their experience to others. Even worse it’s actually likely that they’ll experience responses that reflect the automated ‘Agent Smith’ default ‘keep the matrix/simulation safe from discovery’ anomaly.

This is described quite well by ‘Mindgames’ as described here:

“The thing with glitches is, the most rational explanation is always going to be something like: the person who told the story is lying/ intoxicated / ill / mind playing tricks on them so it’s hard to believe unless you’ve personally experienced one (which, to my knowledge / memory, I haven’t), and even then you can’t be certain that a matrix reality is the explanation.”

Which on the one hand highlights the default ‘managed’ explanation choices which bizarrely is to IMMEDIATELY assume that one of a set of entirely dismissive pseudo explanations are amazingly considered to be the most ‘rational’.

In this respect because what I wrote above IS THE DEFAULT consistent response to someone talking about a possible glitch or anomaly then it doesn’t seem to have struck anyone that the standard responses actually make it progressively very, very unlikely that someone whom has experienced something weird will actually say ANYTHING AT ALL, and particularly so to anyone they don’t know.

Is there any ‘rational’ explanation as to why the standard response in these circumstances is the least likely to result in the collection of accurate and representative data with respect to such experiences which strangely enough is what would actually be required before any ‘serious’ objective evaluations could be made?

Whom Would Benefit from have your Accumulated EXPERT Grade Reality Experience Dismissed?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and you were our simulations designer then . . .

  1. How would you directly manage peoples personal reactions to glitches and anomalies . . . AND . . .
  2. How would you manage the reactions and more so the attitudes of these they talk to?
  3. What would you do to make it as likely as possible that people would NOT even talk about their anomalous reality experiences?
  4. How would you manage the behaviours and attitudes of people to keep your simulation as safe as possible from being subjected to realistic ‘reality’ evaluations?

Safe would include that you don’t have anyone collecting and cataloging DIFFERENT anomalies AND you don’t want anyone to be employed to THINK about anomalies in general because you don’t ever want anyone to be in a position of being able to become aware of any underlying patterns or connections between different anomalies or different categories of anomaly.

One of the posts on discussion thread about ‘paranormal’ topics of which one discussion thread is focused on ‘odd time effects’ was by an anonymous poster on this page here describing they’d noticed that the most interesting comments seemed to disappear/be deleted very quickly:

“The posts disappeared super quickly, I’m talking enough time to hit reply, and they were gone. Every now and then I google around to see if there are other people who have similar stories, but results are always full of new age, hippie, tin hat spam, you know the crap. It makes me think, though. Why do these posts disappear?”

Interestingly most of the examples and links I’ve used on this page and the previous one were originally posted on a discussion web site focused around images. In other words on a site that you’d not expect ‘weird’ reality experiences to be posted and even more interestingly there is often no sign of Agent Smith type ‘this is irrational bull shit’ discussion killing, trolling phenomenon all because these experiences are being presented hidden inside an ‘image’ discussion web space.

Even more interesting is that as all of these discussions are all related to an image that someone posts because that image means something to them or describes their experiences. Now for copyright purposes they have to delete all images and hence discussion pages every few days so the ORIGINAL live discussions are deleted on the original web site BUT the site owner posts all of these old discussions on another web site WITHOUT the images so all of the discussions are posted AS THEY ORIGINALLY WERE.

Where to find some of the BEST Accumulated EXPERT Grade Reality Glitch Experiences on the web?

So, if you reading this are interested in the odd and weird then check out the ‘disappearing posts’ link above and read that AND then this page here which lists the most recent copied over ‘paranormal’ discussion threads which to be honest in my experience often contain the most interesting experiences presented anywhere on the entire web. This is likely because it’s NOT primarily a conspiracy site or a paranormal or ‘glitch’ site it’s just people writing about their experiences related to an image or graphic that reminds them of their experience. In other words these discussions are obviously bypassing the worst of the usual simulation suppressions. ‘IF’ you do start reading those linked pages and you find anything interesting in those threads then post them as a comment below.

Another good page collecting impossible and weird ‘Glitches in the Matrix’ experiences is here.

When I wrote the original version of this page (about a year ago now) this made me aware that I myself personally had not ever mentioned about half of my own weird experiences to anyone else which as a generically ‘open’ type whom doesn’t have much problem talking about anything strongly suggests ALL ON IT’S OWN that there is a general simulation bias to ‘help’ you to not mention interesting ‘odd’ experiences as well as of having you forget them.

I’m also suspicious that as someone with a very good memory I didn’t easily remember three of the experiences I eventually posted on my realitywalker.com site here as part of a glitches in the matrix category.

It was only while thinking about and writing of those while also reading of others ‘odd’ experiences that I started to remember some I’d completely forgotten about. I suspect that there are still one or two or perhaps more experiences I’m still being prevented from recalling.

Keep what I write here in mind as your read the following pages AND if while reading these pages you remember any odd experience then leave a comment describing them . . .

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