"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and people here are having virtual reality experiences without the use of visible virtual reality technologies because we are about 50 years behind the original population being simulated then do we have any examples of people here that actually have had experiences that could be related to them being part of some crash test simulation?

Could we have Discretely Hidden Crash TEST Simulations actually being Experienced by Simulated People here?

What would be an obvious example of one of the first crash test simulations?

Well, the most likely example would be flight test simulators because we’ve had mechanical versions of these for training purposes for many years now AND computer based ones of varying quality are quite common.

As bizarre as it sounds we also crash planes for testing purposes (particularly older less expensive ones) to monitor and record all details of a crash which is then used to improve designs in particular to make design changes that would help to reduce casualties and deaths, if there was a crash.

In this respect it would be much be much cheaper and safer if rather than crashing a plane we could accurately simulate a crash.

In which case with future advances in virtual reality and simulation possibilities you’d expect that one of the first things these would be used for would be to set up simulations to ‘crash’ planes while using ‘real’ people in a safe ‘you won’t die’ virtual reality scenario. I even think it would be safe to assume that this would be one of the ‘virtual reality, simulation’ possibilities that would drive research for accurate simulations as if they achieved this they’d save a lot of money both from an improved safety, insurance payouts point of view as well as from a: ‘we don’t have to crash out of date, decrepit old planes for safety testing’ point of view.

In other words if we are simulating someone whose experiences include themselves specifically being in a simulation and NOT THE REAL WORLD then it is actually VERY POSSIBLE that ‘some’ people in our earth simulation here would simulate someone here that was a volunteer in a virtual simulation of a plane crash event set up for testing purposes?

In this scenario you would expect that the people whom experienced this virtual reality test crash here would ‘somehow’ living through a REAL plane crash experience bizarrely ALSO experiencing it as not actually ‘really’ happening. Has anyone given details of such an experience?

How Would An Original Virtual, Simulated Plane Crash be Experienced by someone here that is a Simulated Copy of the Person that Experience this?

This theoretical simulated crash in an assumed real world scenario seems to be the experience of Noko as he describes over more than one entry on this page here.

Was 1987 and I was in high school JROTC (junior reserve officers training corps) flying back to New Mexico from California after a bad ass field trip on an old DC-9 the military uses for personnel transport. I was sleeping my way through a boring flight when everything changed.

The next thing I remember was being awoken with everyone screaming, then I heard the sound of shifting cargo. Our stuff was flying out of the overhead storage compartments as the doors were flipping open. I took a backpack to the face and was narrowly missed by a briefcase. That really woke me up, but I was still trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. There was total pandemonium on the plane as people were falling from one side to the next. I managed to shift my position enough to see the window and I only saw the ground. The plane was at a 90 degree angle to the earth, and close! Then I don’t remember anything for what seemed like a weird shifting dizzy moment.

Suddenly!! I mean really, just an instant I was back in my seat and the plane was level. Luggage and cargo was back where it was supposed to be and every fucking one of us on that plane were looking at each other like, “Dude? What the hell just happened?” Everyone!

Ever since getting back home, I have noticed small differences.

The first was that cassette tapes ran the wrong direction. I was 15 at the time of the crash and had a Walkman in the 80s, you’d better believe I knew what direction the tapes ran, that thing was always with me! I started to notice other things as well. Sunlight appears white instead of the yellow I grew up with, tools I would use and buy at Radio Shack like voltage regulators no one ever heard of.

I know that plane crashed and we all died. Sure as shit, the damn thing flipped over, I was there!…and then I wasn’t…and now I’m here, and have been ever since.

If there is a chance of us being in a simulation then you’d imagine that a ‘realistic’ RATIONAL, so called objective attitude would be to actually spend time seriously considering the possibilities that would BE ENTIRELY POSSIBLE ‘IF’ we are in a simulated, made up ‘not real at all’ reality.

What rational ‘operational’ simulation decision would not only make experiences like the above possible BUT actually deducible ‘IF’ we are in a simulation?

Well, if your simulation designers HAVE TO simulate their population through the phase that they designed and built their simulation then THEY WOULD DELAY technological advances? In doing this then the type of experiences I describe above can be completely rationally explained.

How cognitively frail would any so called ‘rational’ person have to be to apparently NOT even attempt to THINK of different alternate reality possibilities to see if these would explain peoples bizarre ‘unreal’ and IMPOSSIBLE in a real reality experiences?

Can you reading this think of other ‘simulation or virtual reality in a simulation’ possibilities that people in our current very likely simulated population might experience?

What other training or virtual reality possibilities might result in the same sort of bizarre out of context ‘unreal’ experience as described by Noko above?

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