"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

What other of the new age people’s ‘beliefs’ would actually ‘FIT’ if we are living in someone’s simulation project?

Strangely the higher divine beings channelled messages and manifested writings passed to the new age and lightworker population are all ultimately focused around our entire population here ‘somehow’ being magically and automatically transformed at the end of what is described as an ‘earth cycle’.

To understand what this ‘automatically transformed’ possibility might relate to in ‘simulation’ terms then you need to understand some basics of what simulation projects are generally used for which may then lead you to understand why anyone would specifically put together a simulation that defines and renders accurate self aware copies of their own population?

What else of the new age people’s ‘beliefs’ would ‘FIT’ with ourselves being in a simulation project?

Simulations are commonly used either to predict what the state of ‘something’ will be in the future or they are used to determine the best means to initiate very specific changes into the original population ‘sometime’ in the future.

Let me use a weather ‘prediction’ simulation as an example. One of the very common uses of  a simulation here is to enable ourselves to accurately predict the future weather. With the problems we are experiencing with climate change then it is very likely that researchers are (at this moment) running simulations within which they introducing know factors (such as seeding the oceans with iron compounds) as part of trying to determine if these factors look feasible in terms of helping alleviate climate extremes. In other words simulations are also commonly used to track how various ‘know’ changes will impact a ‘system’ as part of trying to determine which combination of ‘factors’ would be best to use to in the ‘REAL’ WORLD to effect specific ‘desired’ changes in the REAL WORLD.

As the new age people are ‘EXPECTING’ their / our entire population to magically change ‘in the future’ then this implies that our simulation is designed to change the ‘real’ population that we are simulated copies of.

I should perhaps point out the obvious here!!! Which is that this ‘change everyone AUTOMATICALLY and magically assertion’ would be impossible ‘IF’ we were in one of those mythical real realities. On the other hand, the expectation and presentation of this possibility would be entirely congruent for a simulation project which was designed to attempt to use a simulated copy of their population to directly or indirectly ‘change’ the original population (the population that built the simulation).

Perhaps a ‘rational’ question you should ask yourself at this point might be . . .

“‘IF’ a simulation project was specifically designed to be used to CHANGE the original population then what would the original project supporters of such a simulation project be convinced of as a member of the original population?

Well, ‘IF’ the simulation was ACTUALLY designed to initiate changes in the original population, AND the original population knew this, then you would expect that any original ‘earth as a simulation project’ supporters now living as a simulated copied person within the simulated population would ALSO be simulated as expecting that their entire population would experience being ‘magically’ changed ‘sometime’.

Are the magical Ascension EXPECTATIONS of the new age people congruent to what you’d expect would be possible in a REAL reality?

Unfortunately ‘IF’ we are in a simulation project that was designed with this objective in mind then this instant ‘magical’ change would actually ONLY IMPACT THE ORIGINAL POPULATION that are inconveniently actually outside the simulation. This ‘magical’ change wouldn’t be seen to be happening to the people in the simulation.

In this respect, is there any evidence that . . .

  1. The NEW AGE people are expecting some sort of magical entire population change?
  2. That they are obviously ‘unsure’ of when this magical change will actually happen?
  3. That it appears as if this magical change has failed to materialise here?
  4. That the new age people are being ‘cajoled’ by invisible alleged divine beings to keep ‘waiting’ and ‘waiting’ and ‘waiting’ for this event to happen?

‘IF’ the answer to all of the above questions is ‘YES’ then amazingly this is exactly what you’d expect ‘IF’ we were simulated copied people in a simulation, simulating a population EXPECTING that the outcome of their earth simulation project would result in magical changes being applied to themselves.

Could the HIGHER SELVES that the new age people refer to be the REAL person they are Simulating and are A COPY OF?

Of course, their ‘expectant’ counterparts in the simulation would have to be directly managed to make sure they DON’T START DEEPLY THINKING about why they are even EXPECTING everyone in their entire reality to MAGICALLY change never mind of making sure they don’t even attempt to figure out enough to realize that this type of event would only be possible if they were living in a simulation.

Some of the new age people describe this magical ‘change everyone’ expectation as ‘ascension’ . . .

Although what ‘ascension’ actually ‘really’ means is somewhat up for debate as it is described in many different ways by many different new age factions (a great ‘thinking and understanding’ obscuration tactic).

However, some are describing it as themselves reuniting with what they call their higher selves and just recently someone mentioned to me that ‘some’ of the magically channelled information is even telling the new age people to have the intention to ENGAGE with their ‘higher selves’ during this phase in the ‘earth cycle’.

Even more interesting is that their ‘higher self’ is actually presented to them as another (more knowing) version of themselves then it is actually very likely that what they are calling their higher self is what I call my ‘original form’ which is the term I use to refer to the person whose life I am simulating here.

Of course, you might think it an absolutely ridiculous assertion that you could automatically feedback and re-program an external population from within a simulation.

It is theoretically possible that each specific person here is directly interfaced to a small part of their higher selves subtle energy body which would actually provide a direct ‘radionics’ type connection to their higher self. With such a direct ‘like resonates with like’ connection it would be theoretically possible that such a connection could actually be used to re-program the person they are simulating: their so called higher self.

Would the Ascension EXPECTATIONS of the new age be Possible ‘IF’ we are in a simulation project?

Strangely you’d only know of this possibility ‘IF’ you’d seriously researched and had made an effort to directly explore subtle realities and in so doing had become aware of what was possible within this ENTIRELY REAL SPACE.

Interestingly this is one of the seriously FORBIDDEN research lines that academics and scientists are not actually allowed to properly research or even properly think about. Apparently it’s been very easy to convince most researchers that it’s all superstitious nonsense and that anyone claiming to be able to access subtle realms is obviously suffering from some sort of human frailty. Of course it’s now looking way more likely that it’s academics that are suffering from simulation induced thinking and reasoning frailties keeping them backed into a very contained and very limited research corner.

Interestingly William Tiller whom is another that is harassed for being competent AND specifically for researching subtle realms announced research a few years ago showing that it is possible to directly influence people at a distance AND to change their physiological STATE. Predictably this has all been ignored.

The next few pages are going to speculate about different virtual reality experiences you can deduce that specific people in the original population would very likely have had ‘IF’ they are simulating someone that regularly used virtual reality gear to access a virtual net. Using these DEDUCED virtual experience possibilities then I’m going to see ‘IF’ there are people here presenting themselves as having the personal experiences YOU WOULD EXPECT THEM TO HAVE HERE despite the easily observable absence of advanced virtual reality technologies being available here?

Have a think about this before reading the next page AND if you can think of any experiences you yourself or any others have had that would ‘fit’ with ourselves having hidden virtual reality experiences then leave a comment below here . . .

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