"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

Members of the new age population get all the latest ‘earth simulation projects’ spiritual wisdom and spiritual progress news updates and reports all delivered by woo, woo, ‘spooky’ means.

Even more interesting, depending on which information ‘channel’ or virtual media stream or audio only virtual podcast you tune into you will get a different virtual expert offering different so called detailed spiritual information. These advisor experts are said to be almost all knowing beings whom are considered to be speaking on behalf of the ‘source’ of all information and they are considered to represent the ‘source of all’ as in: “The SOURCE of everything”.

In many cases these information and news channels could actually be AI (artificial intelligence) virtual experts attuning information specifically with regards each enquirers current interests and knowledge level. In some cases these virtual beings actually turn up and are presented as virtual forms which has them ONLY BEING VISIBLE to those accessing that specific virtual net channel.

In other words you end up in with a sub reality that is separate from the consensus reality which can only be accessed by specific people.

Which again is highly consistent with what would be possible in a simulation. This would in fact be essential ‘IF’ we are in a simulation because it will be programmed to give each person the experiences that are specific to themselves while preventing others from having experiences the person they are simulating didn’t have.

You can easily deduce that you will have the presentation of personal experiences completely ISOLATED from consensus reality regularly happening in a simulation that is applying simplifying approximations.

What Sort of Experiences Could You EASILY Deduce Would be the Side Effect of Simplifying Approximations Being Used In a Simulation?

Anyone competent and knowledgeable of simulation, simplifying approximation possibilities will expect isolated, contained experiences which are absolutely ONLY visible, perceived and experienced by specific people BUT NOT OTHERS and even others standing right next to those having those experiences because they are a common technique used to reduce overheads in highly complex simulations.

Anyone competent and knowledgeable of simulation, simplifying approximation possibilities would even stand a good chance of deducing what simplifying approximation would have been applied and under what starting conditions which would result in experiences of a specific type being kept isolated from consensus reality.

The FACT that no one seems to even know about simplifying approximations is suspicious, the FACT that no one has joined any dots and reverse engineered ‘weird’ or odd experiences here to determine if they could be explained if a specific ‘simplifying approximation’ had been applied is to be honest EMBARRASSING.

For any ‘imagined’ experts ‘out there’ then here is your impossible THINKING challenge for this week . . .

“What specific simplifying approximation (or combination of simplifying approximations) would ‘rationally’ explain the abundance (40 million+ is the estimate I think) of ‘alien abduction’ experiences that people have experienced here?”

I will remind you that the new age people describe the beings that personally visibly manifest to themselves as working for THE HIGHEST WILL AND GOOD OF ALL and for the BEST OUTCOME FOR ALL while it also has all of these alleged divine beings aligned with the ‘SOURCE’ of all.

All of which if I was in the slightest sceptical and had any capacity to decently think would perhaps sound amazingly like they are accessing information from some central simulation database source with the aid of either an AI expert or perhaps even one of the many real ‘support’ people whom are all using the same avatar?

In other words ‘IF’ we are in an accurate simulation desperately trying to pretend it’s not a simulation at all then how should we expect dedicated earth simulation project supporters whom would have used a virtual net to have their virtual experiences presented to themselves within the simulated population here?

Well, what you would expect ‘IF’ the simulation designers were competent is that the new age people would have the original experiences delivered as personal to themselves spiritual experiences with the messages being filtered through a ‘keep it all obscured’ spiritualized jargon translation system.

Under What Conditions Would You EXPECT People to have CONSISTENT Experiences OUTSIDE of Consensus Reality?

This information out of necessity you would EXPECT to be translated by the grace of some invisible and undetectable simulation software as if these messages are originated from some spooky spiritual ‘higher dimensional’ media source AND that the messages all relate to some very organized and coincidentally very tightly managed ‘spiritual’ endeavour which is fronted by a collection of what the new age people are made to be convinced very powerful all knowing divine beings whom also apparently have absolute control over the content of the channelled ‘material’ they allegedly originate.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and advances and particularly technological advances have been slowed down to help keep obscured from the simulated population that the simulation is actually going through the phase the simulation they are in was designed, built and made operational then this is exactly the sort or obscuring strategy that you could deduce would be used to make it as unlikely as possible that anyone will figure out who the earth simulation supporters REALLY are.

This is particularly the case when you appreciate that the ‘earth simulation project’ is likely to have had the majority of scientists and academics in the original population working for many decades in attempts to research absolutely EVERYTHING which would of course be required just to make this project possible.

Such a massive project would not only have been impossible to keep hidden from the original population it would have had to have been publicly promoted and publicly supported because of the likely enormous amount of public money being spent on it for the research.

In this respect the existence of well organised supporters having virtual net access to the earth simulation project and regularly accessing virtual AI’s for news and project updates would also be expected.

In our hypothetical simulation then rather than being able to directly print out the spiritually delivered transcript (which would be suspicious if this happened) all the channeled material is usually recorded as it is spoken through the channel and then written up and distributed to all other ‘simulation aware’ chosen ones in the form of newsletters, books and new age web pages and forums.

In this way, all the material from the different virtual channeling ‘experts’ is efficiently distributed while simultaneously and conveniently avoiding any obvious direct physical manifestations from ‘spooky’ origins while also keeping new age people very occupied and absorbed in the information they receive.

Which Experiences Could You DEDUCE Would be Kept OUTSIDE of Consensus Reality ‘IF’ you are in a Simulation?

I should repeat yet again that the designers of any earth as a simulation project would have ALREADY figured out the problems of simulating copies of the people having virtual access to the earth simulation projects latest news and progress channels BEFORE anyone had access to the project and information about it.

They would have deduced the problems and pre-empted them by deliberately adopting terminology, descriptions and NAMES and of making these an integral part of each earth simulation supporters original virtual net experiences to guarantee the best, most seamless translation into ‘spiritual’ experiences and terminology when they are simulated as having these specific experiences in the simulation.

What else of the new age people’s ‘beliefs’ fit’s in with a simulation project?

Have a think about this before reading the next page . . .

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