"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

So, if you reading this managed to THINK like a simulation designer AND it was absolutely essential to simulate your population through the historical phase where you actually did build the simulation then what could you do to maximise the possibility that your simulated population WON’T NOTICE THIS HAPPENING?

How can you retain ‘accuracy’ while ‘apparently’ magically disappearing the ‘earth as a simulation’ project even though all design ‘elements’ of the simulation would still have to be happening in plain sight to retain accuracy with respect to your simulated people?

Well what I’d personally do if I was designing this simulation is that I’d speed up the final ‘advanced’ phase of the simulation say 10 fold AND I’d simultaneously slow down technological developments and advances (both are easily done in an entirely software defined reality).

Doing this would retain accuracy enough to satisfy people’s scripted expectations because by slowing everything down you will continue to have all your simulated people engaged with what they were each individually doing for the original simulation project they’d all just be working with less advanced versions of what they had originally.

Did you know that ‘some’ academics have actually noticed that we seem to have a repeating a historical phase every 700 to 800 years with each phase stepping up in terms of advances AND they’ve even noticed that bizarrely the ‘current’ phase seems to be happening in 70/80 years rather than 800 (this is described on various pages within this web site here).

How Would you HIDE all of the Research of EVERYTHING from your simulated Population?

What I would personally do if I was designing this simulation would be to split up all the different aspects of the ‘earth simulation project’ into as many different factions as possible and I’d keep them completely separate and compartmentalized too so that everyone is doing what the person they are simulating originally did BUT in isolation from as many others that were working on it as possible.

For example, did you know that we do have a ‘simulation’ project here focused on trying to understand ‘earth’ peoples behaviours and problems which is described on this page here (the project is called the ‘Living Earth Simulator’).

This projects aim is to advance the scientific understanding of what is taking place on our planet. Dr Helberg states:

“Many problems we have today – including social and economic instabilities, wars, disease spreading – are related to human behaviour, but there is apparently a serious lack of understanding regarding how society and the economy work,” and that “Thanks to projects such as the Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator built by Cern, scientists know more about the early universe than they do about our own planet.”

Coincidentally as an earth simulation designer I’d also apply this isolation and compartmentalizing strategy to my simulations academics and scientists at least during the latter phase of the simulation. I’d do this because I’d not want any ‘expert’ being an expert of anything other than a teensy weensy faction of an isolated sub part of a tiny bit of ‘something’ because then they’d not have a hope in hell’s chance of ever putting together larger even slightly more ‘integrated’ understandings spanning many disciplines.

Has anyone else noticed that academics and scientists are all individually stuck in an isolated cubby hole with absolutely no larger or integrated structure above this?

For a set of people with a fetish for OBSERVATION they don’t seem to be very good at observing themselves such that they appear to have not even noticed the insanity of their balmy ‘one dimensional research structure model’.

Where is all the Research of EVERYTHING that would be Required for a Full WORLD Simulation of self aware People?

Coincidentally, this is EXACTLY the research model that will prevent researchers from becoming aware of the sheer scale of serious ‘oddities’ presented EVERYWHERE here never mind that how they are organized means that not one of them is qualified to join any even slightly larger dots AT ALL.

Coincidentally, if I was a simulation designer then personally this is exactly the research structure I’d sell my granny to have my population’s simulated researchers adopting.

‘IF’ you reading this ARE an academic and or scientist then ‘IF’ you were our hypothetical simulations designer then how would you MANAGE YOURSELF as you read these pages? As a simulation designer what awareness and cognitive management strategies would you implement to make sure you yourself would dismiss what are my very rational and very reasoned and logical presentations here? What individual management strategies would you use to make sure that an academic or scientist reading this wouldn’t be able to think well enough to objectively and or IMPARTIALLY evaluate these pages?

For example, perhaps your managing software would have what is written on the page EDITED & CHANGED before it even ends up in your head such that what ends up in your head ISN’T WHAT I ACTUALLY WRITE?

After you’ve figured out what strategies you would use then you can start figuring out how to EVALUATE under research conditions THE STRATEGIES BEING APPLIED TO YOURSELF NOW? I should perhaps point out that I’ve already done this and that I already have pages of material cataloguing the diverse set of integrated strategies our hypothetical simulation software uses particularly for information you can easily deduce it won’t like.

‘IF’ you reading this ARE an academic then what other STUPIDLY obvious visible clue that we are being simulated though the phase the simulation was designed and built would you check for?

Here is a clue . . .

Does Science ‘REALLY’ Almost Understand Everything?

I’ve been a bit taken back in the last few years when I’ve come across the occasional science orientated web site presenting a page that is obviously serious when they state something like . . .

“Science at this point NOW almost understands EVERYTHING, there are just a few minor ‘odds and ends’ to tie up . . . “

Coincidentally, the above statement would be exactly what you’d expect ‘IF’ we are simulating the population that put this simulation together AND they’d almost finished ALL OF THE RESEARCH OF EVERYTHING which they’d obviously need to do to put together a simulation of a fully functional entire world with a cosmic backdrop.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t figure out that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then those that built it would literally have to research absolutely EVERYTHING to put a simulation of this detail together. In them having to research EVERYTHING then this is what we’d do here (albeit in a very managed, compartmentalized, disguised fashion).

‘IF’ we are NOT simulating a population researching EVERYTHING then perhaps this could explain why despite ourselves having MANY obvious and severe global problems with respect to like climate extremes, pollution, oceans dying, rapidly rising health problems, disturbing and increasing species extinction, dwindling energy and many other resources crises that we are not doing the obvious RATIONAL thing of specifically PRIORITIZING research in the short term to ‘rationally’ focus our efforts on solutions for at least ‘some’ of the large number of the seriously pressing problems?

How come we are NOT significantly prioritizing the research and how come we are CONTINUING to research EVERYTHING even when we are also effectively BANKRUPT?

The statement . . .

“Science at this point NOW almost understands EVERYTHING, there are just a few minor ‘odds and ends’ to tie up . . . “

Is also balmy because it is obviously NOT TRUE AT THE PRESENT TIME, we are observably NOT close to understanding everything.

However, if we are in a simulation and we are being simulated through the phase our hypothetical simulation was designed and built AND everything was slowed down as I have suggested then everyone’s perspectives and expectations of the research in the resulting accurately simulated population would be out of synch with the REALITY OF RESEARCH PROGRESS HERE.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and advances i.e. research is slowed down then our research would be say 50 years behind the expectations and perspectives of those doing the research and of those following and writing about the ‘researching EVERYTHING’ goal.

If as a simulation designer you did slow down technological advances then can you THINK of the implications of slowing the development of advanced virtual reality technologies down AND then ‘IF’ you did do this what experiences here would pass for evidence that this strategy is OPERATIONAL?

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