"Earth as a Simulation Series 3: 'IF' we are living in a Simulation, how would Simulated 'COPIED' People+Environmental Components be 'CHECKED' for both Accuracy & Anomalies? Is it possible to DIRECTLY access the pre-defined SCRIPTED data files of 'Testing & Checking' Experiences to Accumulate Evidence of VR Experiences & DETAILS of the Simulation Projects Working & VR 'TEST' Environments? This Series Presents Articles & Exercises Exploring these Possibilities. 'UPDATE', to all questions posed here, the answer is 'YES'!!!"

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For a ‘contextual’ summary then read the: ‘Earth as a Simulation Series II’ intro above.

‘IF’ the new age people here ‘REALLY’ are supporters and followers of the ‘immersive’ software defined simulated reality project AND we here have had our technological development and advances slowed down to a crawl then this means that new age, ‘lightwork’, ‘spiritual’, subtle, healing and therapy sessions actually represent experiences of the person we are simulating happening in some software defined ‘virtual’ room that are ‘translated’ here in ways so that no one will become aware of that these experiences ‘really’ represent virtual meetings and virtual interactions with others with each person ‘present’ being ‘represented’ by a software defined ‘editable’ avatar i.e. that in these meetings and ‘sessions’ all the people involved are essentially ‘physically’ absent because they are remotely interacting?

How would experiences of someone using an avatar to remotely meet and interact with others in some virtual software defined space as part of some healing session or therapy demonstration be translated by the simulation here, when we here because our technologies have been slowed down, we don’t have this type of advanced virtual networking technology at all?

How would these ‘out of context’ essentially ‘impossible’ experiences of meetings between avatars happening in remote ‘virtual’ rooms be presented here in ways to have them accepted as correct/valid (at least by those experiencing them)?

How Remote Virtual Meetings & Demonstrations Would be Translated into Spiritual Experiences

Well, for example, it is likely that many of the different healing approaches and therapies that were ‘SPUN’ as being made available to the simulated population IN THE SIMULATION would have been very comprehensively explained and ‘demonstrated’ (if nothing else, as part of convincing the original ‘real’ population that the ‘simulation’ is ‘really’ a ‘THERAPY’ project).

In other words while the earth simulation project was being designed and built, different healing systems and therapy approaches would have been described and demonstrated to earth simulation supporters and followers whom would all meet up within an immersive software defined virtual ‘healing/therapy’ room where a talk and or a DEMONSTRATION of that therapy would be carried out. Anyone that attended one of these seminar / demonstrations may have had their own AVATAR used as part of such a healing or therapy demonstration, as such, those specific people would then FEEL the TEMPORARY nice / feel better effects of the that particular demonstrated therapy and or healing approach.

It is also likely that as part of public relations efforts that during these types of seminars, talks and demonstrations uploaded VR versions of the directors and different therapy experts would make an appearance and or be directly involved in the demonstrations and discussions of these meetings.

The above translates into the following . . . while you are engaged via your representing avatar to a virtual environment through a VR network you will either be lying on a couch or sitting in a chair with at the very least some sensory transmitting and receiving helmet with a visor fully enclosing your head OR you may be wearing an entire body suit to experience a more immersive virtual environment experience. However, no matter what means you use to ‘enter’ the virtual network you will be REPRESENTED by a fully rendered VIRTUAL AVATAR body form.

How Would Remote Virtual Meetings Attended By Representing Software Defined Avatars be Obscured as ‘Spiritual’ Experiences

Your representing ‘virtual’ avatar is ‘essentially’ nothing more than a software defined and generated body made up of coloured lights, it is NOT real, it is merely representing the person you are simulating as that person attends a virtual talk or healing demonstration.

While interfaced to the virtual network environment your personal avatar / your ‘body made of light’ will engage with others AND other avatars will engage with it. In other words, you have now entered an immersive NONE PHYSICAL ‘VIRTUAL’ space. An environment that could easily be described as transmutable and malleable because both the environment and your avatar are all defined, generated and manifested by SOFTWARE. Not only will the virtual environments ‘malleable’ nature offer many of the qualities and the ‘feel’ of the subtle environment, BUT, both your AVATAR and the environment in being entirely defined by software can be made to do things which are impossible for a ‘real’ person or a ‘real’ physical environment to do.

For an example of someone being aware of ‘anomalies’ that can be explained by themselves simulating someone that ‘regularly’ uses and ‘maintains’ an ‘avatar’ then read this comment here.

Also, the software generated avatars of people giving the talk and or involved in organising or carrying out the ‘therapy’ demonstration will likely ‘arrive’ by magically manifesting in the virtual ‘meeting / demonstration’ room in front of your avatar.

This will be a bit like someone being ‘beamed’ into a room star trek style.

How Remote ‘Attendees & Facilitators’ of Virtual Meetings Will Appear as Spirit Guides & Higher Dimensional or ‘Spiritual’ Beings

Coincidentally this is how I myself personally felt / became aware of the arrival of so called spirit guides, and or divine beings when I attended a new age meeting or gathering. They’d either fade in, in some part of the room or in some cases they’d abruptly manifest as subtle beings. The opposite would happen at the end of a meeting as they’d either fade out or abruptly disappear.

The layout, decor and ‘atmosphere’ of a virtual meeting or demonstration room, in being entirely software defined can of course be pre-defined and or be made to change as a meeting progresses depending on the type of meeting taking place and or the ‘alleged’ status of these giving the talk or therapy demonstration!!! For a ‘healing’ demonstration the atmosphere of the virtual therapy room / environment is likely to be kept generically ‘relaxing and or spiritual’ at least in ‘atmosphere’ and feeling terms.

The earth simulation project itself would require ultra high quality, utterly detailed and comprehensive personal experience and historical data.

In this respect, those working for AND those following and supporting the project will have been asked to have their entire experiences and MEMORIES of their entire history ‘uploaded’ into the projects pool of ‘simulation’ project test subjects.

These uploaded ‘people as data’ would be absolutely essential for such a project as they would be required to test the integrity and accuracy of all aspects of the simulation under all conditions. Read the comment here and my two replies to this comment for more details of this possibility in terms of ‘testing’ the quality of simulation rendered output.

I want to make it very, VERY clear here . . .

“ABSOLUTELY NONE of the new age peoples ‘Subtle & Spiritual’ experiences ARE of the ‘subtle’ NOR are they in the slightest ‘Spiritual’ in NATURE they are the simulations efforts to translate and shift sideways the virtual avatar & virtual environment experiences of those people that were KNOWLEDGEABLE about and that ‘KNEW’ the most about the SIMULATION PROJECT THEY ARE NOW LIVING WITHIN in attempts to COMPLETELY disguise what these experiences actually ‘REALLY’ represent.”

In this respect many new age therapy and healing sessions, attunement’s and transmissions in the simulation HERE are representing experiences that the uploaded virtual ‘AVATAR’ version of themselves had (which the person they are simulating would have been interfaced to) as part of a ‘healing or attunement’ demonstration example of how different healing and personal transformation therapies would be applied to and ‘energetically and personally’ impact the SIMULATED PERSON IN THE SIMULATION.

How Virtual Healing & Therapy Demonstrations Will be Translated here into ‘Spiritual’ Experiences Carried out by Beings in the Spiritual Realms

I’d like to re-iterate here that a simulation is simply an accurate copy of another system. You are ‘therefore’ a copy of a person doing nothing more that living out the experiences of the person you are simulating here. The ‘new age’ people are simulating ‘someone’ that directly ‘followed’ the earth simulation project and whom as part of this are very likely to have spent time with their avatar having DEMONSTRATIONS of different healing and therapy approaches that it was ALLEGED would be made available to the simulations residents.

For these types of healing and transformation demonstrations the healing and transformation is ALSO very likely NOT being applied to the original person BUT to the uploaded ‘data’ version of themselves. Because they have been temporarily interfaced to this uploaded version of themselves they would have been able to FEEL the effects of the healing or therapy applied to this ‘simulated’ software version of themselves BUT ONLY AS LONG AS THEY ARE INTERFACED TO THE UPLOADED AVATAR FORM used for the demonstration.

What I describe above is the ‘real’ reason why the VAST MAJORITY of new age and lightworker healing only results in TEMPORARY ‘feel nice effects’ before they DISSIPATE away, this is ‘because’ the person having the ‘healing’ session here is simply living through a SCRIPTED experience of a DEMONSTRATION OF WHAT WAS BEING ALLEGEDLY DEVELOPED THAT WAS ‘SUPPOSED’ TO BE AVAILABLE IN THE SIMULATION . . . in other words as we are each a copy of someone else then when you here live through a ‘scripted’ earth simulation healing, therapy demonstration ‘EXPERIENCE’ this ONLY happens because the person you are simulating ‘followed / supported’ the earth as a simulation project then you here will live through the same VIRTUAL and TEMPORARY healing/therapy ‘demonstration’ experience here, except here it’s all translated sideways as a new age ‘spiritual / healing’ experience.

How Direct Virtual ‘Information / Data’ Transmissions Will be Translated into Experiences of Spiritual Realm ‘Communications’ to Ourselves

In the same way the VAST MAJORITY of the new age people serving as ‘channels’ to pass information from alleged healing, spiritual & lightwork experts and or higher spiritual and or divine beings are simply simulating someone that had their AVATAR body form temporarily ‘taken over / occupied’ because an ‘earth simulation’ director or expert gave a talk, a demonstration or even an update of the earth simulation projects current ‘status and progress’ through their own now temporarily SHARED avatar all translated sideways here by the simulations ‘obscuration’ software into pseudo ‘spiritual’ gobbledygook and ‘new age’ gibberish.

In other words anyone directly or indirectly associated with the new age crowd whom has awareness of and interactions with so called ‘spirit’ guides, subtle beings, spiritual hierarchy, earth simulation directors and others such as the ‘pretend’ Karmic Board while having experiences of healing energies and attunement’s should be aware that in the vast majority of cases these are simply translated experiences of the person they are simulating whose avatar attended a virtual talk, seminar and or healing and therapy DEMONSTRATION held within a software defined immersive virtual environment.

In other words, 95+% of new age peoples experiences are absolutely NOT SUBTLE OR SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES. These are the experiences that the person they are simulating had of being interfaced to a software defined virtual and therefore ‘editable’ avatar that was ‘rendered/manifested’ in a software defined virtual room/environment as part of them attending a virtual talk or healing or therapy demonstration or a healing or therapy approach attunement or training course (that would ‘magically’ endow the original people with some healing ability or therapy approach expertise).

I should ALSO point out that it is ‘therefore’ very likely that many new age ‘spiritual or subtle’ experiences are likely also experiences ‘creatively’ translated from what would be possible and a regular and normal part of being interfaced to a software defined avatar spending time in software defined virtual environments within a virtual network connecting everyone that had access to this.

What else are the new age people perhaps ‘mistaking’ for a spiritual or subtle originated experience that AREN’T subtle or spiritual at all?

How OBE & Negative Entity Attachment Experiences can also Represent Translated Virtual Experiences

Let me give you some realistic example translations of specific ‘virtual’ experiences . . . .

OBE Experiences: What if some people roamed ‘particular’ virtual spaces without an ‘avatar’? What if some people left their defined ‘avatar’ behind while they spent time in specific virtual rooms (perhaps specifically to have a ‘virtual’ spiritual or a disembodied experience)? These particularly ‘virtual’ experiences could easily end up being translated here as out of physical body experiences (OBE’s). In other words, in many instances OBE’s here are ‘really’ of someone having a ‘virtual out of avatar body’ experience.

Entity Attachments, Negative Influences: Like I described on the short ‘physical con’ page. If you have subtle people interfaced to a physical body form then it will be stupidly easy for a subtle being or a hacking implant or network to mess with and harass the subtle form which would result in noticeable negative effects impacting the ‘consciousness’ focused within the physical form and on the physical environment. It’s no less difficult for a subtle form interfaced to a physical form that is then also interfaced to an software generated ‘avatar’ form to be messed with by someone either hacking their own physical to virtual space interfacing or via the ‘virtual’ network system. How secure is your computer, your i-pad or your mobile phone that you are using to read this? If your computer, i-pad or mobile is hacked it’s not going to directly infiltrate you as person is it? However, for someone here ‘SIMULATING’ someone interfaced to an avatar as part of them browsing a virtual network then a hack of their avatar would represent a hack of themselves / yourself which if it infiltrates enough of the interfacing it could directly impact yourself. Under these circumstances it is highly likely that so called ‘entity’ attachments, persistent negative vibes and negative influences of ‘new age’ designated people are experiences of the person they are simulating being hacked either via their own interfacing or through the virtual networks they are engaging with. I have even explored with specific people ‘extreme’ negative entity attachment effects that turned out to be the efforts of them simulating someone that had experienced being attacked / infiltrated by a HACKING / INFILTRATING / High Technology Killing AI. In other words some peoples interfacing AND OR their neural implants were concertedly hacked and taken over by an external intelligence in efforts to cause them on going and permanent problems and disabilities . . .

Can you think of any other ‘subtle or spiritual’ experiences that could also be because you are simulating someone that was regularly interfaced to and accessing a software defined virtual environment using a software defined virtual avatar body?

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