"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

If you listened to the audio on the previous page then you will be aware that part way through I then realize that Shirley has HERSELF been doing or asking others to do things to help to her stop herself from GETTING ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE A BASIC DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING.

She seems to have done this to stop ‘something’ happening which feel to me as if this ‘something’ starts causing her serious problems BUT, only ‘IF’ she starts moving out of poverty.

How Could an Ascended Master be Contributing To a Healing Session Clients Money & Poverty Issues?

So, there seems to be something that triggers when she very definitely starts to move herself out of poverty.

But, what on earth could be causing this? And perhaps more importantly ‘WHY’ would something be doing this?

This seems seriously bizarre to me BUT as we are dealing with ‘bizarre’ all the time in these sessions, then once again we repeat our intent to engage with everything contributing to her money and poverty issues in attempts to become aware of ‘what else’ could be contributing to these that so far has still managed to stay hidden for over 3 hours . . .

So, once again we focus and directly state our intention to engage with and have EVERYTHING revealed and brought forward that is contributing to Shirley’s money and poverty issues . . . AND to have revealed anything that is hiding and trying to stay hidden as we are doing this . . .

I’ve edited quite a bit of this repetitive ‘focus’ part out so you can imagine the effort ‘something’ was making to NOT be revealed and NOT be identified.

Eventually however, after 3/4 minutes of applying this focused intent we eventually catch sight of what I personally politely describe as a ‘BIG’ being. Shirley calls this being a Humpty Dumpty type figure.

Which ‘Fat’ Ascended Spiritual Master Would be Male & Have His Path Followers in POVERTY?

Basically, if you wanted to be impolite and politically incorrect then you’d describe this being as being amazingly FAT. Fatty, is also doing everything possible to stay indistinct and ‘shadowy’. Whomever ‘fatty’ is, he seriously doesn’t want to be identified.

Toward the end of this audio because of how this fat being ‘feels’ we identify him as an ascended master.


So, which amazingly ‘spiritual’ ascended master would be fat, AND would be trying to avoid being subjected to an interrogation to find out how their fat ass is involved in Shirley’s money and poverty issues?

To sum up, an overweight, ‘tubby’ ascended master wants to stay anonymous about their involvement in one of my clients poverty issues . . . best of luck with that . . . because this is the sort of challenge that I ‘live’ for . . .

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