"Earth as a Simulation Series 3: 'IF' we are living in a Simulation, how would Simulated 'COPIED' People+Environmental Components be 'CHECKED' for both Accuracy & Anomalies? Is it possible to DIRECTLY access the pre-defined SCRIPTED data files of 'Testing & Checking' Experiences to Accumulate Evidence of VR Experiences & DETAILS of the Simulation Projects Working & VR 'TEST' Environments? This Series Presents Articles & Exercises Exploring these Possibilities. 'UPDATE', to all questions posed here, the answer is 'YES'!!!"

So far on the simulation pages I’ve given loads of reasoned and deducible evidence that we are copied people living in a copied environment AND based on how you’d be forced to keep the obvious clues of this hidden (by slowing technological developments) down then REALLY annoyingly I’ve also given loads of pages of evidence of this being done too.

So, as temporary diversion I’m going to present some very obvious and regularly ‘common’ within our population anomalies. This page was originally written as a comment to this comment here, but I then expanded on that comment and then put it up here as page in it’s own right (reading the original comment and that page may give you more context to some of what is written below).

If we are living in a simulation then it is software that defines every aspect of our reality here. It should then be obvious that in absolutely everything being software defined then a) that as we are copies of the people that put this together i.e. versions of ourselves put this together and we here cannot even write something as simple as word processing software without it having bugs, and b) that the combinations and interactions of all the software routines required to define absolutely everything in our entire reality basically means that there is absolutely no way that you are going to be able to ‘test’ every combination of interactive routines and their variations to identify EVERY interaction variations that actually results in VISIBLE anomalies to your simulated residents.

Would there be Anomalies & Glitches in a Software Defined, Simulated Reality?

In other words if we are in a simulation then you can absolutely guarantee that there will be anomalies.

In addition to this, you can also guarantee that you will have earth as a simulation project software writers that DELIBERATELY code in (and hide that they have done this) some ‘obvious’ anomalies too. They will do this either because:

  1. They ‘CAN’ do this, as in ‘can I do this / am I good enough to do this and get away with it’? . . . or because . . .
  2. Some ‘rogue or disgruntled’ EAAS software writer or coder WANTS to warn the simulated population that this is a fake place and so they code in ‘something’ in attempts to make it obvious that ‘your reality is fake’.
  3. Some software writers and particularly for games write in ‘cheat’ possibilities. They pre-code ways of getting around difficult game areas and these only present themselves / only activate for the players if they carry out the right combination of things at the right time and or place. So, if we are in a simulation you can expect that some software writers will have done things to deliberately try and make people aware that their reality is fake.
  4. From some of the comments that people have already left because they have done the VR exercises it is now obvious that at least some and perhaps many EAAS workers were suspicious about the earth simulation project. The specific people that were suspicious are more likely to consider doing things to make it more obvious that this reality is fake OR they may even do things to deliberately sabotage the project which may as a side effect result in anomalies too.

Because of all of the above factors, making it seriously likely that a simulated copied reality would present many anomalies then those in charge of the earth simulation project would expended considerable time and effort on putting together anomaly and reality glitch damage limitation software.

In other words, it is very likely that the projects managers would assume that there will be obvious anomalies in the final design (because it will be obvious to them that there will be obvious anomalies) and as such they would focus resources on ‘managing’ people in the simulation to have them ignore anomalies as well as make people and particularly researchers unable to react to the significance of even OBVIOUS science anomalies (like our water molecule having 80 anomalous properties). They will particularly have this software addressing any anomalies that are visible to many, many people and worse anomalies that are not only visible BUT are also REGULARLY seen by many people everywhere.

Let me give you some examples . . .

The Losing Your Keys Disappearing Object Phenomenon Explained?

Specifically, you lose your keys, yet you are convinced that you left them in the usual place / somewhere specific / you check the ‘usual’ place multiple times and your keys are not there then suddenly on checking for the ‘X’zillionth time you find them in a place you’ve specifically checked multiple times. This is a common / global phenomenon.

To me now this is very obviously a deliberate message trying to make ourselves aware that your reality doesn’t function as expected / things don’t add up here. ‘Keys’ don’t become common until our recent history, so slipping in a software routine to temporarily disappear keys set to only activate in the very latter stages of the simulation cycle probably wouldn’t be noticed in ‘integrity’ tests or anomaly or glitch checks.

However it is a testament to the effort put into the management of noticed ‘anomaly’ software that rather than being suspicious ‘of reality’ because of the magically disappearing keys phenomenon you get stupid irrational ‘alleged rational’ explanations for this (such as this one here).

Mysterious Large Tea Leaf in your Cup of Tea Reality Glitch Phenomenon

I use tea bags for cups of tea. These days to reduce costs the tea in tea bags is no longer recognizable as small bit’s of leaves it’s more like very fine dust. So, why do I often see a large tea leaf bit in my tea after I’ve stirred in milk? I see a tea leaf that is 3 to 4 mm square ‘surfacing’ every so often after stirring. The other problem with this tea leaf is that the ‘mesh’ of the tea bag is so fine that if there was a hole this size all the dust would have exited too – in fact you’d quickly end up with a half empty tea bag and a cup of tea that had a noticeable ‘sludgy’ consistency – yet this doesn’t happen.

As this tea bag / tea leaf mystery was bugging me I got into the habit of EXAMINING the tea bag and checking for holes / any loose large external 3×4 mm leaves clinging to the tea bag = NOTHING. Yet on using this now examined tea bag the BASTARD 3×4 mm tea leaf still managed to ‘magically’ infiltrate my cup of tea (it maybe parachutes in when I turn away to get the milk!!!! – this is the only ‘rational’ explanation possible!!!!).

I eventually remembered that in the past / years ago I could remember that on stirring a cop of tea and having the liquid swirling around you would at times get a bubble mixed in with the swirling and this bubble would often be about 3,4 / 5 mm ‘ROUND’. I then realised that the EAAS swirling stirred tea in a tea cup department had put in a routine to ‘SOMETIMES’ convert the round bubble into a square looking tea leaf about 4 mm square. Even more bizarre, since I figured out the bubble to tea leaf conversion possibility I’ve never seen the tea leaf appear again. I am now back to occasionally seeing a bubble.

How Reality Reacts to Concerted Personal Investigations of Specific Anomalous Experiences?

The above example suggests two things:

  1. The first is that ‘some’ people that wrote software to insert anomalies into our reality only had their ‘anomaly presenting software’ activate for people that are actively suspicious about and whom are consciously making and effort to take notice of ‘odd’ reality things.
  2. The second is that for this example, the ‘anomaly & glitch detection & management system’ has likely taken steps to either stop this bubble to tea leaf conversion happening / being made visible OR it’s stopped me from visibly seeing it because this anomaly presentation has been counteracted when I’ve personally figured out that it is a deliberate anomaly.

In other words the anomaly damage limitation system software can at last in some instances and likely one off instances analyse the factors that result in the presentation of a specific anomaly and actually take actions to automatically counteract it. This doesn’t happen unless I ‘REALLY’ notice it AND specifically spend time thinking about and investigating it AND or even perhaps figure out how it would be generated.

As the simulation software will have built in AI’s analysing all sorts of things and or then making decisions based on what it’s evaluations then it likely has AI’s analysing peoples reactions to an anomaly / glitch that these AI’s will take actions to block further presentations of these.

This is what it seems to have done for myself here.

Then There Is The Very Annoying Miss Matched Duvet Cover Buttons Anomaly Problem

You put your duvet into your duvet cover, you pull the open side straight at the corners and you then button it up. You start buttoning at one end / corner and you button the buttons until it’s all done. Except DESPITE that you’ve checked (and on this happening a few times you’ve made the effort to DOUBLE CHECK), when you’ve buttoned up most of the buttons to reach the opposing side duvet corner you find that you are one button out!!!! This is another complete piss take too.

Eventually, after me deliberately double checking this happening I realised that I was being deliberately wound up and that I as REALLY, REALLY WAS starting the buttoning with the first button hole it was LIKELY that it was being re-rendered as mismatched at the start when I approached and had my attention focused elsewhere.

Again since I figured this out 4/5 months ago – the out of sequence ‘missed’ duvet button hole phenomena has also stopped happening too. I.e. the auto analyse and ‘disappear’ noticed / identified anomalies software has kicked in and blocked the presentation of this anomaly.

Unfortunately, it will only do this for personal investigations / personally noticed anomalies.

Other Common Reality Anomalies & Glitches Discussed

I’ve a few other things that I’m also now suspicious of:

The anomalies I describe below our simulated reality cannot magically disappear as these are not personal to one person but to many. It has to use the ‘convince people of stupid explanations’ tactic rather than block the continued presentation of these.

The Amazingly Complicated, Detailed & Messaged Coded Crop Circle Phenomenon

Crop circles (images here), seem to me to be a deliberate pointer about the ‘integrity’ of reality.

Have You Experienced the Pen & Pencil Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP)?

It’s too easy to lose ‘pens’ even in visible / there is no one else to mess with your desk / pen place to account for a magically disappearing pen (maybe a pen company (‘Bic’ or Parker for example) in the original population paid someone in the EAAS pen rendering department to ‘disappear’ pens). This is actually possible in a simulated copied reality – isn’t it??!!

The Bizarre Disappearing Single Sock Trick Explained

Then you have the single ‘sock’ that is ‘magically’ disappeared in a sealed washing machine / dryer phenomenon!!! This is an obvious piss take isn’t it? I mean, how many people do you know that take off just one sock to place in the dirty linen basket? How many people take off two socks but only put one in the dirty linen basket? How many people that do either of these things completely forget that this is what they did? How many people find themselves remaining completely unaware of an OBVIOUS / unsightly lump in their own or another’s jumper because the missing single sock was hiding in this jumper? Where TF does the missing sock go to (did a sock company pay a rendering sock department employee to make single socks disappear so their simulated sock company version would have an advantage? – haha).

For more on the magically ‘disappearing’ objects phenomenon then read this page here in the comments someone has a disappearing ‘pants’ problem. There is another long page here too of many personal takes of magically disappearing objects.

Also, how many people really, ‘REALLY’ pay ‘attention’ and or then THINK about what is going on EVEN WHEN SOMETHING ‘ODD’ KEEPS HAPPENING ‘REGULARLY’ or WORSE happens regularly to a LOT OF PEOPLE or even pretty much EVERYONE!! It’s a testament to how disengaged we are made to be about ‘ODD’ things when they happen / and how quickly we forget about them.

What Reality Glitches & Missing Objects Phenomenon Experiences Have You Had? Report Your Unusual Phenomenon & Experiences Here . . .

What deliberately noticeable reality anomaly ‘piss takes’ have YOU reading this noticed?