"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

What is the Mandela Effect?

The ‘Mandela Effect’ is the name used to describe/label the various and many documented anomalies involving A GROUP OF PEOPLE (in some cases a LARGE GROUP) whom all ‘suddenly/and often at around pretty much the same time’ remember/recall the same ‘thing’ as being ‘OBVIOUSLY’ different to how this ‘thing’ currently ‘IS’ i.e. how it is SEEN/RECORDED/EXPERIENCED ‘NOW’ by everyone else.

Basically some people become aware that they consistently remember/recall ‘something’ as being noticeably different compared to ‘how it is ‘NOW”.

Given the abundance of Mandela Effects that have been described on the internet (comprehensively covered on different pages linked from here for example with some of the commoner ones listed here), which describe ‘MANY’ of the more noticeable/commoner ‘items in our reality’ that have been documented as ‘changing’ by a significant number of people, then this phenomena in terms of peoples ‘memory’ of very specific ‘things’ appears to be:


While also (in most cases) each ‘memory anomaly’ instance:


Let me give you some ‘specific’ examples (from the second link above):

Some Basic Mandela Effect Examples to Illustrate these types of Anomalous Memories

Berenstain Bears: There is a book and a TV series ‘now’ called the “Berenstain Bears” while many people remember it as “Berenstein Bears”

Pokemon’s Pikachu: A large number of people recall the tip of Pikachu’s tail (from Pokemon) as being black when all instances of the same ‘now’ show that there is no black at all on its tail.

Kit-Kat to KitKat: Many people remember it written with a ‘dash’ while now it doesn’t have one.

NOW, in listing/writing out the examples above (and reading of many others) then, as ‘some of these’ prompted me to remember/recall various memories which then had me spending time ‘thinking’ about some of these as well as about ‘memories per say’ then this resulted in myself having to conclude that there are some ‘obvious’ problems with respect to anyone trying to explain most if not all of these Mandela Effect type memory ‘anomalies’ away as just examples of people miss-remembering/miss-recalling i.e. that people having Mandela Effect type experiences are simply remembering ‘things/something’ incorrectly.

Is the Mandela Effect Examples of Miss-Remembering/Miss-Recalling Memories?

It ‘really’ doesn’t take much reading of ‘actual’ recorded real ‘memory anomaly’ experiences categorised as a ‘Mandela Effect’ before you realise that the ‘miss-remembering’ explanation is EXTREMELY UNREALISTIC!!!

If you spend time specifically examining your own memories, you become ‘familiar’ not only with the ‘composition/make up’ of ‘memories per say’ BUT you may also find yourself becoming aware of some of the factors involved in recalling memories and particularly of memories from your distant past in some detail.

While doing this, it is somewhat difficult to avoid becoming aware of the full/enormous scale of what is ‘actually recorded’ as memories not only in terms of the 5 ‘base’ human senses but of WAY MORE beyond these, never mind that some of the recorded Mandela Effects are of memories that are the outcome of often regularly repeating pretty much identical experiences/situations/circumstances involving the same common ‘items/things/senses/responses/actions’ which in ‘memory’ terms result in an accumulation of compounded/embedded/reinforced memories ‘directly’ related to these.

When you’ve done some significant ‘background/leg work’ in terms of memories, then it becomes STUPIDLY obvious, that those promoting the ‘miss remembering/faulty memory recall’ explanation simply haven’t spent ANY TIME AT ALL examining/becoming aware of the ‘make up/composition of their own memories’ and or of how easy or difficult it is to ‘recall memories of different sensory ‘compositions’ under different circumstances and conditions’.

Mandela Effect ‘Discussion / Presentation’: Memory ANOMALY No1

“No Discussion of or Basic ‘General’ Information/Background is provided about ‘MEMORIES’ per say on pages discussing ‘MEMORY ANOMALIES'”

You would ‘imagine’ that people writing about topics that are ‘FOCUSED’ EXCLUSIVELY ON ‘MEMORY’ and particularly on anomalies/potential problems relating to ‘MEMORIES’ would actually provide some foundation basics about ‘memories’ per say as well as or perhaps specifically discussing at least some of the factors that would positively or negatively influence/impact the recall of memories and particularly of memories related to very different specific ‘things’ under differing conditions and circumstances as opposed to (as far as I am aware on the web) NONE AT ALL.

I’ve not actually read a top search ranked Mandela Effects page where the writer appears to have any ‘CLUE/BASIC FAMILIARITY’ about ‘memories/recall of memories’ per say because they never appear to:

“Describe or discuss any factors relating to the ‘MAKE UP OF MEMORIES’ nor do they mention/point out any of the important factors that may contribute to negatively IMPACT ONES ABILITY TO RECALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEMORIES UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS EITHER!!!”

Mandela Effects focused sites which are specifically presenting pages of examples of these as well as speculating on Mandela ‘MEMORY’ Effect causes, UNBELIEVABLY, don’t appear to even point out that we have ‘5’ obvious physical senses that ‘contribute’ to our memories never mind to discuss or present EXAMPLES of how these could impact Mandela Effect ‘experiences’.

What do you reading this know about the functioning of, never mind the composition/make up and or the factors facilitating/helping in the recall of more detail of your memories of specific experiences?

How much time and effort have you spent trying to fully recall, never mind to spend consistent times (as in hours over days and weeks) examining specific experiences/memories in detail, including of memories that are of experiences that are ANOMALOUS?

How much time and effort have you put into examining your entire internal landscape and particularly as part of tracking down the origins of specific feelings, reactions, behaviours and or internal states/inner sensations?

How would you approach STARTING TO DO ANY OF THE ABOVE?


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