"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

On the previous page I wrote: “How much time and effort have you put into examining your entire internal landscape and particularly as part of tracking down the origins of specific feelings, reactions, behaviours and or internal states/inner sensations? How would you approach STARTING TO DO ANY OF THE ABOVE?”


  1. Because the Mandela Effect is exclusively concerned with ‘anomalous’ memories . . . and also . . .
  2. Because the people writing specifically about factors/experiences involving anomalous Mandela Effect memories seem to automatically fail to mention never mind to comprehensively discuss factors relating to memories/memory recall specifically . . . and . . .
  3. Because, I myself have personally spent many hours over many weeks directly investigating/recalling some of my own ‘memories’ of anomalous experiences . . .
  4. Which has resulted in myself accumulating considerable experience/expertise in recalling some highly ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES which in some cases happened in my distant past . . . then:

I’m going to present you with some questions to help you reading this to gain some experience/awareness of accessing and recalling some of your own past memories which together with some additional prompts, suggestions and exercises may then help you become aware of some of the multitude of factors that are involved in recalling different memories, under different conditions which many also help you to start to become aware of the ‘complexity of composition/make-up’ of some of your own memories while also perhaps making you aware of some of the factors that may impact how easy or hard it may be to recall some very ‘specific’ memories and or under specific conditions!!!

Memory Exercise to Help Improve Recall of More and More Details of Past Experiences

Here is the first ‘specific memory circumstance’ question:

“FULLY ‘RECALL’ and describe what you/your partner/significant other was wearing EITHER at your mothers/father’s (or grandfathers/mothers) funeral OR your own or your daughters or sons wedding . . . . use this to access one of these events and then spend at least 5/10 minutes trying to recall as much as you can, in as much detail as you can of that ‘specific’ event!!!!”

The above question relates to a ONE OFF BUT ‘SIGNIFICANT’ EVENT that you may or may not recall good details of.

Who did you spend time speaking to? What did you talk about? What food and or drink was present that you can remember and how did any of it impact you in ‘hearing/smell/taste/texture/touch/feelings/emotions/inner states as well as in seeing, vision/sight’ terms?

It is also likely that in spending some ‘quiet’ time deliberately trying to remember and recall detail of one or more of these types of events (or trying to) that you will start to become aware of some of the ‘feelings, emotions and emotional reactions’ that you experienced at some of these events and particularly with respect to specific people as well as specific circumstances.

Factors that Help Improve Personal Recall of Past Experiences/Memories

I would personally ‘expect’ that some and perhaps many people will have strong emotional memory related to these types of events (because of the nature of these specific events) which in some cases will likely greatly help you recall a greater variety of circumstances, specific incidents/interactions with specific people in greater detail (perhaps because its of someone’s death or of someone close to them getting married and or because they are now divorced for example).

So, in terms of all of the ‘events/circumstances’ that the above question and my descriptions above helped remind you of, then:

  1. Which specific ‘event/circumstance’ provokes the strongest ‘unhappy/sad/down/gloomy’ memories? . . . . and . . .
  2. Which specific ‘event/circumstance’ provokes the strongest ‘happiest/uplifting/joyful/inspiring’ memories?

These specific events often include ‘music and or speakers/readings’ which may also positively/enhance as well as detrimentally impact memory recall at least for some people and particularly those that are more ‘hearing/sound’ memory orientated compared to those that are more eye sight/visual.

These specific events often happen within specific places/buildings/settings that quite often have a specific as well as ‘consistent atmosphere’ and or which in some instances these specific places also provoke/activate (at least for specific people) deeper internal states, awareness’s as well as deeper inner ‘sensations’ perhaps in some cases even of ‘presences as well as inner knowing’s/intuitions . . .


Try and spend some time (at least a half hour or better an hour or two over a few days) to read and to ‘USE’ the questions below to more deeply explore specific instances of what you remember that was prompted by the memory recall question above . . .

  1. Which of your 5 ‘base’ senses in memory terms was the most prominent and which helped you to more easily recall ‘more’ of your own ‘full’ memories of ‘something/some past event/experience’?
  2. How much did you recall of the feelings and emotions that you had at any of these events?
  3. How much do your recalled memories of your feelings and emotions help you more easily recall other details of your past memories and particularly of other senses/internal states?
  4. How much have you learnt of how your memories work with this exercise that you were not aware of before?
  5. How much did this exercise make you aware that recall of any memory is recursively dynamic such that if you spend some time DELIBERATELY keeping your awareness on different specific aspects of the entire composition of ‘some specific memories’ that you are trying to recall you can gradually uncover more and more detail that initially you were not aware of in the slightest!!!

Now, if you did manage to spend a half hour or even more working/playing with the above suggestions which in a basic sense will be facilitating you to gradually become more CONSCIOUSLY/DIRECTLY aware of likely a whole range of things about your own memories, including the range of senses etc contributing to their full composition as well of factors that can aid/boost the recall of specific memories per say that you are likely to have not been aware of before.

It is possible that in working with the exercise above (perhaps for some hours or even for a few hours off and on over a few days) that some of you could end up realising one or more of the following . . .

  1. There is a lot more to your memories than you were personally aware of (before you played with the above exercise) . . .
  2. That there is a lot more to ‘memories’ per say that you’ve perhaps actually read about or had pointed out elsewhere. . . ‘and’ . . .
  3. Particularly in books or articles on the web specifically written about ‘memories’ and or which are written about topics directly involving memories . . .

. . . which might then have you speculating as to why a central as well as vitally important ‘function/aspect’ of ourselves/each person ‘YOU’, seems to have avoided having pretty much anything written about itself at all never mind in any detail and particularly with respect to the full scale of composition of your own as well as EVERYONE ELSE’S memories and particularly in terms of important factors that can help boost the recall of detail of past memories!!!

How much time did you spend getting to know yourself/your internal functioning in more depth and detail by working with the above exercise?

You ‘could’ translate the above question into the following:

“How long did you spend trying to become more ‘familiar’ with your own internal self/your inner states and your ‘entire’ internal landscape?”

I’d hazard a guess and say that the average time spent by most people reading this page on the above exercise will likely be about 10 maybe 15 minutes. Also, despite that you may think that doing this was useful/interesting even helpful such that you decide to come back and do this exercise again ‘sometime’, it’s actually ‘likely’ that you’ll forget.

It’s a FACT that what is going on within yourself is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT with respect to your own functioning as well as of course with respect to your own understanding OF YOUR OWN FUNCTIONING/THE MAKE UP OF YOURSELF.

The Automatic Bias to Orientate Away from/Ignore Internal States/Feelings/Emotions & Awareness’s

It’s also a FACT that most people spend no time in a basic sense getting in touch with ‘themselves/their inner states/inner sensations’. In a very basic sense we are not only completely over orientated to the ‘visual’ EXTERNAL, BUT we also have a massive bias/orientation that keeps most people completely disengaged from their internal states/landscape.

Most people are massively externally as well as ‘visually’ orientated while having virtually no clue as to their internal make up, states and or the normal functioning of these . . . AT ALL!!! This is despite that your internal functioning/signals/messaging systems are MASSIVELY MORE IMPORTANT WITH RESPECT TO YOURSELF & YOUR ENTIRE SELF/FUNCTIONING/WELL BEING/CONDITION/HEALTH ‘STATE’ compared to the external!!!

So, how much time ‘DID’ you spend getting in touch with your internal states by working with the above exercise/suggestions? AND, if you ‘DID’ decide to come back and spend more time on the above exercise then take notice of how easy or hard it is to consistently do this or ‘NOT’ as the case may be?

Where might spending consistent/dedicated time lead you to with respect to gaining deeper understandings of ‘yourself’?


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