For those that ‘occasionally’ make it to this site you’ll have noticed I’m in the process of updating the ‘presentation’ and organisation.

I’ll likely still be thinking about the site and making changes over the next week,

I’ve collected all the ‘exercise’ pages together under ‘EXERCISE’ and I’m thinking of putting an ‘example’ list of pages that give ‘examples’ of something – like ‘soul fragments’ of ‘subtle implants’ and so on. Problem is there are 400+ pages here now and it’s hard even for me to ‘find’ specific pages.

So, if anyone:

  • Reads an ‘example’ page that they they think would be good in an example list
  • Has any suggestions for improvements to the site.
  • Spots or finds anything ‘not right’ that needs changing.

Then leave a comment with a link to the page below.