During a phase in October 2013 when I was adding posts / pages to my realitywalker.com web site, doing this had me looking through photo’s relating to my ‘nature spirit’ phase.

When I went to Brazil to live about 16 years ago now. I rented out my house and gave away much of what I had accumulated to friends. On arriving in Brazil to live there I had one of the 3 large boxes I took with me stolen in baggage handling in Sao Paulo airport. You could say that this box held all the personal items I was taking with me. So, basically my ‘past history’ was in some ways wiped out.

Earlier in 2013 the guy who I’d originally rented my house out to at that time got in touch to say that in sorting his photographs out he realized that he had some of my photos mixed in with his. He sent me these. About 5 sets of photos from 15+ years ago.

While in Brazil Cris and I stayed with friends for short periods or rented places. When I think back now we either never had our own place or we were living in a building site putting what would be our place together. Some of the photo’s I got back shocked me at the stark contrast of ‘my place’ which really was ‘my place’ and then of spending 4 years in Brazil in temporary ‘not very good’ places. I still feel that I’m not in ‘my place’.

The picture below is a panoramic (edited / tidied up) composite of my bedroom around the time I was engaging with nature spirits about 18 years ago. Click on the photo to display a huge image of this to see the detail.


I had converted my garage into a woodworking workshop about 2/3 years before this. I made the ‘open’ built in wardrobe that is partially in sight on the left, I made the bed too from reclaimed pitch pine flooring. The headboard is an entire slice through an ‘elm’ tree trunk complete with ‘cats’ claw ‘burr’ grain, the table beyond the bed in the corner I also made as well as the organic’ mirror surround above and to the right and also the creative ‘shelf’ unit on the wall on the right made from yew wood. The chest of draws was reclaimed, stripped and cleaned up.

The ‘tree’ base to the left of the drawer unit is a huge piece of washed up tree stump drift wood with three stripped and sanded drift wood branches attached to the top. This was also during my ‘lightwork / new age’ phase.

I’d actually forgotten what my house was actually like until I saw these photo’s again and then I was shocked at how it had been and what I’d done there.

The picture below is of my dining room (I learnt to plaster by re-plastering the walls of this room) where the water spirit used to appear in front of that corner unit. Notice the lily pond wall hanging and the water pattern on the curtains.


And here is a photo of my individually designed, hand made kitchen units in a pine clad room. It took me 18 months to design and hand make. The door space you see the kitchen through is to the left of the above dining room photo.

The floor of the kitchen is made of carved vinyl tiles to look like a pond or lake which actually has a river exit into the dining room i.e. there is a ‘symbolic’ water flow from the kitchen into the dining room / where the water spirit appeared (when I sold the house and it was ‘surveyed’ some of the kitchen walls were found to be damp).


And this one below is of my lounge at that time.

The fireplace sandstone surround was originally almost black with soot but I managed to find someone to sand blast it to restore it to it’s original state. The big bit of drift wood to the left of the fire place is the one with ‘faces’ in (I describe one drift wood collecting expedition here which had me finding a ‘mermaid’). The clock face was made from some African wood. There is a whale with dolphins sitting on the speaker at the back and there is even a ‘spare’ broom stick for visiting witches . . . haha


It’s not a surprise that I had nature spirits ‘visiting’ the house is it?