Stealing the Subtle Bodies ‘Essence’ to make Elixirs & Essences of that ‘Souls’ Attributes

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In some cases people steal energetic material to pass onto others . . .

I’m sure you’ll find this example to be very bizarre . . .

About 5 years after my awakening experience when I was a practising healer and had trained a few people, I had a phase where my awareness abilities were not only not so good BUT I was also not feeling too well either. I also had trouble in this instance of figuring out what had happened.

My Experience of having My Subtle Body, Soul Energetic Material Stolen

It was one of the people that I’d trained that picked up that others had stolen substantial amounts of my energetic material . . . with this as a prompt I became aware of this incident and I could track through all the memories of what had happened to me.

Basically I had been lured by a call of distress to an abandoned disused facility and while checking this place out I was jumped and just before I was made unconscious I became aware that my energies and or some of what I would call my essence was being drained from myself.

My next memories were of being in some medical type place and of receiving donor material to replace what I’d lost from my energetic body.

As bizarre as it sounds some one had taken a substantial amount of my energetic material, enough that I was considered at risk of ‘discontinuing’ as a soul!!!

Stolen Soul Body Material used to make an Elixir ‘Essence’ of Awareness

It turned out that this material was used to make an ‘essence’ that if taken by another ‘being’ would substantially improve their ‘awareness’ . . . which is why I could not become aware enough to figure out what was happening to me when I entered this phase that represented the time it was taken.

So, at the time I originally became aware of these circumstances I did what I could to connect to this stolen material of myself NOW HELD in others and did my best to recover as much as I could and I ‘thought’ I’d got most if not all of this back then. It was not until I started to write this series of articles that I remembered this incident.

Lets just say that since my attempt to recover the stolen material in the past I’ve not only become aware of ALL that I present on these scary pages BUT I (myself and my ‘staff’) have also developed much more effective means to deal with ALL that I’ve found. As such my means to go searching for more of this ‘awareness’ material is about a million times more powerful than when I went looking to find this material the first time.

So, having remembered this incident this prompted me to write a new focusing protocol written to help find and to recover energetic material of yourself held in the energy bodies of others. In using this protocol for myself amazingly there was still quite a lot of awareness material I was able to recover . . . I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all now though.

How to Recover Stolen Soul Body Material & passed on material held by MANY others

I also wrote a protocol to clear other’s energy body material that I had present in my own energy body. I really wanted to make sure I got rid of any donor material I still had as part of myself but again I was quite amazed at the amount of material within myself that was not of me either besides more donor material I thought I’d already returned too . . .

If you read the later page in the other section; Accumulating OTHER’S SF’s in your OWN Energy Body then you’ll find that EVERYONE has for various reasons been building up energy body material from others within themselves WHILE having their own energetic material building up in others energy bodies too. It’s all quite disturbing really. So, although having energetic material stolen from yourself is VERY rare, it does turn out that we each need to address these areas anyway.

Donating or Receiving Subtle Energy Body ‘Soul’ Material from Others

From the above you might figure that it is possible that you have donated some energetic material to others because they are lacking of something essential that they REALLY need to be able function well as a soul.

It’s also possible then of course that you yourself have sometime been the recipient of some energetic material from others as a donor. If you have needed a blood transfusion or maybe drugs based on ‘body’ parts in this life then this may represent you receiving energetic donor material within your subtle energy body from others.

Taking Care with regards Donated Subtle Energetic, ‘Soul’ Material

It’s obvious to me that you should always work to recover any material lost from yourself that is WITHIN others FIRST rather than clearing what you have of others energetic material within yourself FIRST because IF you do have donor material supporting yourself energetically in some important way then you cannot afford to lose this before recovering what requires you to have donor material in the first place.

The protocols I have dealing with others soul fragments within yourself check for donor material and wont get rid of this if you still need it. The protocol I have to recover your material from others wont recover material you’ve (at some time consciously) given to them if it’s essential for their functioning either. Although it’s unlikely that you have any donor material going either way it’s worth checking just in case.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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