How Others Can Steal a ‘Souls’ Attributes, Qualities or Abilities

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With some clients we found that their attempts to recover some stolen energetic material turned out to be quite difficult.

This was because they’d been deliberately targeted to have taken from them some attribute, ability or quality that some ‘other’ considered would cause themselves to be at risk.

Soul Body, Subtle Body Material can be taken to steal that ‘Souls’ Attributes, Abilities or Qualities

With regards the majority of my clients (although not all), they’d had material stolen to limit them or to take from them certain abilities or attributes because these were seen as a threat or risk that ‘worried’ others enough to take action.

With attributes for example such as;

Soul Attributes are often taken because these pose a threat to ‘another’ or to ‘bolster’ another

Each of the above as well as probably a lot of other attributes could cause others problems and worries under different circumstances. Say you become part of a group and you’ve attributes of ‘inspiring, leadership and confidence’ then their is a good chance that you’ll make the leader of the group feel uncomfortable at the very least.

If there is a lot of deception going on and you ‘are aware when someone lies or deceives’ then these attributes may not be appreciated by others. Same if you are ‘strong, determined and never give up’ while someone wants you to NOT BE BOTHERED particularly for example when some injustice catches your interest.

Being ‘honest, correct and of high integrity’ would not be appreciated under circumstances where under the table deals are how things are done or need to be done . . .

Stolen and Hidden in a Secure Lock up

Recovering this type of energetic material is very difficult. This specific type of stolen material is always kept very well hidden and it is often shielded or cloaked. In many instances we have found that a great deal of effort has usually gone into ensuring that the ‘real’ owner will never find this material never mind recover their lost abilities or attributes. Often those that have done this are often people in ‘high’ position and or of power OR they are acting on behalf of such people. I which case you need to be prepared to deal with people/beings of this calibre and have the means to recover what is yours forcibly if necessary.

Do you have experience of this? What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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