Resources to Address Spiritual Mission Sabotages

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If you have read the other pages here; then you’ll appreciate that most if not ALL that is responsible for preventing people being successful in completing their spiritual missions are things deliberately acting on themselves.

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Resources to Address Spiritual Mission Sabotages

These resources will act to clear the energies, technologies and beings acting to sabotage or block either a mission or that are stopping you from doing whatever it is you want or are trying to do.

This will quite often include breaking affiliations to past paths and past missions as these are often contributing either directly (because you left a path) or indirectly because others are still attacking you even though you’ve not been involved with the actual path these attacks relate to for a few or dozens or 100’s of lifetimes.

Spiritual Hierarchy Free Will Problems

There is also the factor that the spiritual hierarchy bureaucrats have not quite got their heads around releasing people from missions whether these are being sabotaged or not for those whom are not a direct client of mine.

In other words there is little chance of you being respected in asking to be released from any type of mission at least until after 2012.

I release ALL of my clients from ALL of their missions as a matter of course now. I do this for two reasons;

Because what acts to ‘Help’ a Mission can later cause many Problems?

There is often a lot done in terms of what you’d call ‘energetic’ support that in most cases are actually done without the permission of the person carrying out the mission to ‘help’ them. Now at first glance or FIRST ‘thoughts’ that might sound good. Except you’re probably just thinking in terms of 1 life, when you start thinking in a wider context then you’ll start to appreciate the ramifications . . .

This energetic mission help acts in various ways, with respect to different circumstances and with different people, BUT I’ll give you some examples . . .
People often have energies and or implant types things acting to keep them aligned to certain;

Energetic support will also be acting for example to;

Then there are often binding vows and pact type things which not unsurprisingly often mean you are energetically bound not only to complete the ‘Mission Statement’ (whatever this is) BUT to many of your groups ‘comrades’ too. Which means that you can end up having ‘rather’ a lot of energetic bonds keeping you tied to VERY distant past circumstances and people . . . whom can end up sabotaging yourself often in quite spectacular ways with respect to current ‘in the moment’ choices . . . like wanting to ‘not’ kill any infidels . . . for example.

It’s about having a TRUE ‘Conscious’ Choice

From my and my clients perspectives, we are clearing ALL past influences whether these are presumed to be good, bad or indifferent so that each is returned or restored to their ‘original’ self MINUS these influences and pulls. It’s ONLY after you FULLY disengage from a few of these that you actually start to become AWARE of how much these past and often assumed ‘unimportant’ events were influencing or in some cases often dictating your thinking, reasoning, choices, attitudes, behaviours, stances and so on never mind preventing you from engaging with some ‘new’ life area (like having a relationship for example) . . . I’d have to say that after dealing with a few of these and clearing all influences and feeling the resulting expansion in choice and thinking options (as well as everything else) . . . then my clients tend to think that doing anything else could be classed as a mild form of insanity . . .

It’s very much about gaining a true conscious choice and to be honest . . . many of you because of what I describe in this article series (never mind others) probably won’t even have the choice now to actually make a choice to increase your choices . . . that’s how bad things are . . .

Because many Missions Support Limited ‘healing’ Solutions.

Some of my clients like myself have trawled through dozens and in some cases MANY more different healing, therapy and spiritual approaches trying to find ‘something’ that would make a dent in some god-awful debilitating shit issue. . .

I’m not sure that many of you will be REALLY taking notice of what I’m writing on these new scary pages BUT the REALITY is that our ‘tools’, ‘spiritual practices’ and ‘resources’ as good or as amazing as some of these are to ‘disappear’ symptoms and effects I have yet to find ANYTHING so far that gets results CORRECTLY such that;

From this perspective neither myself nor my clients see the point of having any type of healing, therapy or ‘helping’ type mission that either uses, supports, presents or stands for anything ‘what so ever’ as tools and resources that actually (in the long term) cause us more and cascading problems rather than less . . .

As I’ve already mentioned else where that to effect ‘correct’ resolutions my clients and myself often have to spend rather a long time undoing and clearing ‘past’ so called solutions because they are either actually in some cases responsible for current ‘effects’ OR are now burying and hiding what IS responsible for the current effects . . . that’s the real ‘reality’.

Further Reading of the Consequences of Current Healing Solutions

To gain an understanding through reading the limited material I’ve presented so far with respect to the debilitating long term consequences of past and current ‘healing’ solutions then you’ll find the following pages useful;

That the regular use of psychic protection or ANY means that creates energetic barriers lifetime after lifetime actually ends up causing many debilitating problems for example . . .

That the regular use of balancing ‘practices’ again lifetime after lifetime is responsible for some severe long term problems such as;