What are Dark Forces? From where do they Originate?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

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On the previous page I described how the Lords of Karma’s entity solution of choice isn’t to explore and resolve the reasons and the causes of why a negative entity is messing with someone BUT rather it is to incarcerate large numbers of negative entities in subtle energetic lock ups.

It would seem odd to use such a limited ‘lock them all up’ solution because if you dealt with negative entity causes properly such that negative entities stopped messing with people AND you trained your 2 billion spirit helpers AND your incarnated ‘light’ followers to do the same then particularly as your experience increased you’d end up with less and less negative entities until at some point you’d end up with none at all.

This is true . . .

Hidden Dark Forces Origins & their Negative Agenda & Intention Revealed

I’ve described in detail on a few pages here how I, on my own gained the in-depth experience to deal with entity attachments properly such that now we can handle 10,000’s of negative entities in one go while completely sorting out the ‘attachment’ issues that they each have (As this example HERE illustrates).

In which case, why are the High and Mighty Lords of Karma using solutions that cause negative entities to accumulate while they jail them all? Why, with all of their vast resources would they choose such a limited, unloving solution that makes negative entity problems worse not better?

Why would they do this?

Is it convenient for them to have a large expanding population of locked up and therefore increasingly irate negative entities?

Well, it turns out that it is.

It’s very simple.

Having such a large population of negative entities can under the right conditions come in very handy to magically give your dark forces light agenda a credibility boost.

Who and what are the Dark Forces? What are the origins of Negative ‘Light Hating’ Dark Forces?

Even you yourself might have been divinely gifted with a ‘light’ propaganda statement encounter along the lines of;

“As the frequencies of light get stronger and higher, then more dark forces baddies, negative entities and energies will gather in opposition.”

Which is a bit odd as I’m pretty sure that you’ve all also been told that focusing on the positive, the ‘light’ and away from the negative is meant to magically manifest ‘you everything you ever wanted’. Which strangely appears to be a contradiction to the above as you’re also told that more light and supposed ‘positive’ shifts seemingly manifests more negativity?

It’s even odder that none of you notice these ‘s-light’ discrepancies?

Perhaps there is a simpler more accurate explanation . . . yes there certainly is . . .

Who Controls the Dark Forces? What are the Dark Forces trying to do?

Because if you have the right sacred divine light keys that open the right sacred divine negative entity lockup at the right sacred divine times then it’s dead easy to magic up masses of what appear to be ‘dark’ opposition any time you want.

Particularly opposition that are actually showing shades of ‘dark’ because they are VERY unhappy about the unjust treatment they’ve received from those ‘of the light’.

Then you can easily have all your ‘light’ forces people invoking yet more waste of time crappy ‘light’ protection barriers. You can make sure they don’t have much time to think by keeping them busy and occupied ‘fighting for the ‘light’ as they work to unwittingly return to jail probably the very same negative entities that magically appeared during the last higher vibration ‘light’ shift. That would be the last ‘light’ shift which was also ‘magically’ synchronized to coincide with yet another organized mass breakout of ‘ready made’ dark forces of the light.

The Lords of Karma as divine loving Dark Force Recruiters

Why would it be convenient to have well over 95% of healers trained to use negative entity methods that result in more and more negative entities accumulating in more and more secure energetic incarceration lock ups?

Here I am as one single person whom spent a few months in his spare time (while working as a manager of a laboratory resources unit) gaining the experience needed to deal with negative entities properly.


As in lovingly, with compassion and integrity such that they were resolved completely.

While here you have the Spiritual Hierarchy with its vast resources including 2 billion spirit help beings all trained to deal with negative entities by hunting them down and throwing them into energetic lockups.

Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?

It’s not odd in the slightest when you understand that their main ‘light’ agenda is to keep aware and caring types frightened and busy while making sure they never gain any decent direct healing experience during which every effort is made to eradicate the same good people’s subtle senses, perceptions and abilities specifically so ensure there is little risk of anyone finding out the horrors they are responsible for.

Why Ascended Master types need Seriously GOOD Psychic Protection

In ‘light’ of the numbers of irate entities they are responsible for making irate then what grade of psychic protection would you imagine our esteemed Light leaders use?

What do they use that would combat negative entity attacks particularly from those irate entities that they are responsible for locking up? What would they need to stay snug from entities they’ve kept locked up without due process whom are then used as ‘pretend’ dark forces cannon fodder?

Particularly when these entities on release find themselves being subjected to all sorts of atrocities instigated by dedicated new age completely unaware drone light healers whom wouldn’t know how to deal with an entity honorably or with integrity even if the survival of their own soul depended on it?

How would you feel if some holy arse whole locked you up for ages then released you once you were sick to the back teeth of how you’d been treated just to find you’ve been lovingly press ganged into being a member of the Spiritual Hierarchies latest dark forces terror army and you’re now being energetically shot at by completely unaware ‘terrified’ healers of the light?

Would you be happy with that?

Would YOU?

What sort of psychic protection would the likes of the Lords of Karma need to use that would be good enough to keep them safe from the mass of negative entities that they themselves release while ALSO being able to combat universal bad thoughts directed at themselves? To find out read the next page . . .

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