Sacred Light Key Activation Code Failure Cover Ups?

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

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Do you deplore injustice? Are you competent, honest, caring? Do you have good subtle perceptions and awareness’s? Or even WORSE are you doing anything that might have you at risk of becoming aware of or of exposing ANYTHING that the Spiritual Hierarchy wants kept hidden? ARE YOU? To find out what might happen if you are . . . then read this page . . BUT!!! . . . please NOTE . . . WARNING lightworkers are recommended . . . I REPEAT recommended to NOT read this page without activating the right set of;

‘Divine Sacred Light Key Codes of Ultimate Protection’

As you yourself should know, you should always use these amazing sacred keys to protect yourself from ANYTHING that is actually honest and accurate. Honest and accurate accounts can induce a potentially ‘fatal’ >> FATAL << ‘light wisdim’ melt down. Any lightworkers attempting to read this page are thus warned that there are extreme levels of honest and accurate information . . . BEWARE!!!!

Do you reading this have any of the ‘good’ attributes I describe below?

If you have more than two of the above attributes and you either uncover or are considered to be at risk of uncovering, exposing or revealing anything unethical that the Spiritual Hierarchy is keeping hidden then you have a good chance of being gifted with the following experiences . . .

Sacred ‘retirements’ of the aware, competent, ethical, honest people Covered Up?

Such people can find themselves being approached by official representatives of either the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Elhoim and persuaded to take on what they are told are VERY important soul missions that are STRATEGICALLY vital for the spiritual process to succeed. Every effort is made to get these people to take these missions on while on the other hand if they do take them on then other ‘official’ beings are specifically contracted with the task of covertly SABOTAGING THESE MISSIONS.

Each client whom has experienced such a mission lived through extreme suffering and often ended up shutting themselves or their abilities down as a result.

How this was found out with detailed examples can be read about HERE.

Sacred Light Key Activation Codes & Protection Attunements not Enough?

In some cases those whom have been given one of these fantasy missions have actually found out that they have been set up in this way. To say that every means is used to discredit and ruin the reputation of those that find this out is an understatement. They are actually demonized through actions taken by the Spiritual Hierarchy and Elohim.

This is why you are kept terrified of and actually told to take actions against so called Demons and Dark forces.

Everything is done to make sure you never find out who these beings actually are while also have you helping the spiritual hierarchy to keep these people beaten down.

This is described in detail with a real life example on this page HERE.

Light Body Activations & Attunements Didn’t Save These People

As about 80% of so called demons have been ‘created’ courtesy of actions initiated and sanctioned by beings whom CALL THEMSELVES ‘Divine’, ‘Masters’ or supremely ‘Spiritual’ then it’s definitely a good idea that they ALSO make every effort to stop you chatting to those they’ve done this too . . . don’t you think . . . else . . . well, you just might become ‘slightly’ enlightened!!

This is also why the spiritual hierarchy spumes out lots of mobile subtle energy clouds that attempt to induce fear and terror into any whom get into a direct confrontation with any demons or dark forces types in a desperate attempt to make sure that no one ever relaxes enough and spends time finding out why such beings are treated so badly AND why they don’t have much respect for the so called ‘light’ or ‘light’ crowd . . .

Sadly, even with the right and correct sacred light key activation codes that would endow a triple AAA super light and spiritual protection working in all dimensions and all levels haven’t been enough to stop good people being demonized by actions of the spiritual hierarchy or Elohim. Such amazing protection has also never been shown to prevent anyone from swallowing the made up ‘spiritual and light’ lies and divine drivel that the spiritual hierarchy exclusive media channels continually broadcast.

Loving, Compassionate, Open, Honest, Impeccable, Ethical, Responsible

These are all words that don’t ever apply to MANY of those of the Spiritual Hierarchy the Ascended Masters or the Elohim, nor the leaders of many of the separate groups either.

On the other hand if these words DO APPLY TO YOU and you try and take a proactive stance to stand for and live these then you can expect actions as described above to be taken against you by those whom are lying to and deceiving ourselves . . . these are the same beings whom tell you, that you must trust them and accept and do whatever they tell you . . .

To find out what the Spiritual Hierarchy policy is if you are actually a group leader AND suffer from the dreadful handicap of your entire group being competent while also trying to be ‘properly’ aware AND even worse are actually orientated toward and trying to engage directly with negative issue origins then read the next few pages . . .

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