Which Healing Modality or Healing Energy System Should I Choose to work with?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

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Which healing energy system or healing modality should you work with?

How do you make that choice? Should you just go with what you are comfortable with or should you look for a respected Healing Master?

What should I look out for when training to be a healer?

Perhaps you’d be more discerning and want to work with an energy system that offered high quality sourced healing energies?

How would you know which subtle energies are the best in terms of your own healing preferences and what you’d like to achieve helping either yourself or others?

Why do healers seem to assume that all healing energies are ‘good’ particularly as they have a karmic responsibility with respect to the energies they direct to others?

Does anyone check the quality, purity, effectiveness of healing energies including looking for energies within what is channeled that might be doing things or having effects that you or others wouldn’t want?

Perhaps it’s not obvious that you’d only want to work with subtle energies that had been thoroughly appraised particularly when you will be channeling these energies into your own and others energy body where they will be having an effect perhaps for a very long time?

Why is it important that you choose the right Reiki Healing Master & Healing Modality System?

This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy have put a lot of effort into analyzing and appraising different healing energy sources and select out those they approve of while making efforts to make sure those they don’t approve of are discontinued.

If a healing source is not using Spiritual Hierarchy approved subtle healing energies or is not doing approved of things then actions are taken to eradicate that healing energy source.

Which is why during almost all healing initiations and attunements you will be checked for unapproved of healing energy connections and if you have them you will be disconnected from these.

How do we know that the Spiritual Hierarchy are making such decisions for our ‘highest will and good’ Which subtle energies do they approve of and which do they ban and why?

How can you be make sure that you are working with an approved source that won’t risk you having to pay back karma in some future life?

Which Healing Modality or Therapy is the Best or Most Recommended?

What do the non-approved subtle healing sources actually do that efforts are made to disconnect new age, healer or spiritual types from these during initiations?

What is so bad about them that the Spiritual Hierarchy makes a big effort to ban them?

Well, so far I’ve found that some of these banned healing energies cause the following;

  1. Rather than erode people awareness’ and subtle sensitivities they are likely to improve them in some cases they can make a dramatic difference.
  2. Rather than make people just feel as if they are empowered they attempt to enable people to actually become independently self empowered.
  3. Rather than make people docile, passive and conforming they are much more likely to aid people to actively investigate, be curious and openly confront all sorts of things.
  4. They are also much more likely to improve people’s ability to think more deeply and expansively rather than work to achieve the opposite. . .

How to find the Right Healing Energy Modality for yourself?

Which is probably why they don’t advertise that they regulate the quality of healing energies and disconnect people from healing energy sources that they disapprove of during initiations within any presented channeled information that I’ve read?

Have you seen this presented ANYWHERE?

Can you think about what I’m writing here deeply or not?

If you cannot, then perhaps it’s because there’s a very good chance that your energy body is saturated with the Spiritual Hierarchy regulated and approved of subtle energies?

This is what they are doing?

I suppose you could call it unconscious, unaware self medication with the added bonus that people become even more unconscious as time goes on.

It’s quite cleverly done don’t you think?

I read elsewhere that the most important factor in choosing a healing modality to work with is that it should be one that you feel most comfortable with.

That’s interesting isn’t it?

I haven’t read anywhere else about the weird quality control or hidden harmful effects that most healing energies have on ourselves. I’ve not read anywhere else about how they are all regulated to try and make healers passive, dis-empowered and not able to think very well while also reducing their awareness and subtle senses and abilities.

Perhaps this is why I don’t see anyone writing about how approved subtle healing energies have serious detrimental long terms effects on the subtle energy bodies of healers themselves either?

How to Choose which Healing Modality or Subtle Energy System to work with?

As I’ve yet to read of any other healers that have any real awareness of the origins and quality of what they are working with then what would I recommend?

Well, unfortunately, approved healing energy sources are as easy to avoid as the polluted and toxic water, air and food we now have. So, in all honesty there are none now that I’d recommend as they all come with ‘debilitating’ hidden extras.

Filling your energy body with subtle energies on a regular basis I now see as no different to taking regular ‘physical’ based standard medication.

Which is why when someone starts to work with myself as a client one of the first things we do is spend months cleansing and clearing out huge numbers of the so-called healing energies (no matter from what healing modality they originate) that are already polluting their energy body.

Which Healing Modality would I choose or recommend?

Why do you have negative issues in the first place? Why would anyone imagine that pouring artificial energies into their energy body on a regular basis to suppress unwanted symptoms is a ‘healthy’ option?

What I do is identify what was responsible for any imbalances or negativity or ‘whatever’ and deal with everything that contributed to originate this. 99.9% of the time it’s well hidden energetic ‘crap’ that’s responsible.

Get rid of that and your issue problem is solved with the added bonus that you’ve not added any dodgy suppressive healing energies to your own energy body that in 90%+ cases cause you more problems in the long-term while not ever addressing the real causes of issues in the slightest. I’d recommend that you read this entire series starting on the first page HERE before making any decisions on what you should do to become or to improve as a healer.

15 years ago I chose to work with healers that were directly engaging with subtle reality phenomena including negative entities and whom were at least attempting to explore subtle realities directly and openly.

How do I find an Expert Healing Therapist to work with?

To avoid becoming an unconscious drone healer channel of crappy healing energies then work with someone whom is proactively directly and openly looking for subtle energetic issue causes whom hasn’t already fallen asleep at the wheel because they think they’ve already found them or have been fooled into using means that give the impression that issues are easily magically disappeared.

Unfortunately I’m NOT available to work with, I’m still too busy digging up and undoing everything we’ve done wrongly since the beginning of time. All put there by everyone using what they imagine are fantastically advanced healing systems while somehow bizarrely imagining they are ‘somehow’ more aware than other folk.

Where exactly do these amazing subtle healing energies originate? Do you know? To find out read the next page . . .

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