The ‘Light Healing Tools Failure Denial’ Implant

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

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I’ve had one client in particular whom tried many different ‘light’ and healing therapies to address various issues . . . to have NOTHING make an impact in these . . . a long while and quite a bit of money later nothing continuing to happen eventually had him moderately upset.

Nothing is WORKING, this is NOT working, it’s STILL NOT working . . .

He was a lot more upset however when after complaining to some of those he’d worked with for long phases because they insisted and were adamant that he HAD benefited and that his issues had changed and that he was ‘better’ than he was.

Unfortunately what they stated was not true . . .

I’d have to admit that during my time as a ‘lightworker’ apart from foolishly trying to explore and engage with difficult life issues head on I was also being quite proactive in terms of the range of clients that I told my ‘none incarnate staff’ to direct to me . . .

Amazing ‘Get me Looking Deeper, Expand my Understandings’ Attitude . .

. . . and even more bizarrely I was not demanding that they make sure that I’d only encounter ‘easy’ clients or clients whose issues I COULD RESOLVE blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back and feel REALLY good about . . . nope that sounds a bit too limiting to me . . . what I was asking for was to have about 1 in every 10 clients present me with issues that my present tools and understandings would have me stumped . . .

Lightwork Healing FAILURES!!!

. . . yes it’s true . . .

I did this because I had this ‘crazy’ notion that if I was confronted with NOT being able with my current tools and understandings to help someone then this would give me GREAT incentive to get me off my arse and encourage me to find out;


. . . and that it would inspire me to explore and look even DEEPER in an attempt to try and find out what was actually responsible for their issues!!!

So, I was expecting to be presented with clients with issues that WOULD push the boundaries or my current understandings and tools. When during these earlier times using my full arsenal of ‘light’ healing tools (and more) and working with a client for a few sessions to find that . . .


They had the horrifying audacity to claim that NOTHING HAD worked . . .

. . . £$)”%)$%^(!%!!!!

I found myself having REALLY interesting internal reactions to them stating this; I found myself reacting against what they said, I found myself wanting to argue with them, tell them this couldn’t be right, I even felt like stating that everything I used always worked and I can recall once even wanting this person to just go away . . . .

Fortunately these REMAINED as internal reactions and were not presented to a client. These inner reactions very much disturbed me, I VERY MUCH took notice of them simply BECAUSE they were NOT congruent to what I’d REALLY wanted and asked for.

Lightwork Healers, Healing Tool Failure Reactions

Wouldn’t you consider these reactions in MY CASE to be very weird? That someone whom deliberately asked for and GOT clients whose issues would manifest at least a temporary ‘light’ tool and understandings failure . . . whom had planned and wanted the opportunities such failures would afford . . . would bizarrely find themselves reacting in all sorts of contradictory ways . . .


How many of YOU reading this have had similar reactions and attitudes in similar ‘light tool failure’ circumstances?

Any ideas what is responsible for these?

Well, it turns out that these ‘weird’ contradictory reactions were due to yet another amazing LightWorker Implant . . . . MAKING me have these impulses, reactions and attitudes.

This implant attempts to have lightworkers standing for all their tools, all their therapies and healing systems and so on. It tries to make them convinced that they should always work and to make it difficult for them to listen to never mind accept when someone states that they have not benefited from their sessions. Worse, it even attempts to make lightworkers think that they must be being lied to or that this person is not being right with them, bears a grudge, is trying to avoid paying or similar rather than listen to and to take this person seriously.

Healing & Light Therapies Rarely if ‘EVER’ mention failures

I’ve had a lot of contact with different spiritual, healing and alternate therapists over the years AND discussions with not an insignificant number of these about ‘some’ clients lack of response to what they were doing. Many of my clients have excelled in trying simply loads of different approaches to no avail (same as myself). So, failures are NOT rare and yet try typing in;

lightwork healing failures / or
healing failures

Into Google

You’ll be amazed at the number of pages about ‘healing failures’ that absolutely fail to materialise . . . which is a testament to how amazingly effective this implant actually is.

Lightwork Healing Tools Failure Denial Implant Ramifications

Why would the Spiritual Hierarchy set us up with this implant? What are the consequences of the actions of this implants influences on ourselves?

Bottom line is that you’ve been set up with an implant whose aim is to ensure that your reputation is degraded to a point where you will be ‘regulated’ to death. If you can actually ‘stomach’ reading the other pages here then you wont fail to notice that the actions of about half of these implants will all contribute to a ‘reputation’ erosion over time.

AND just to give you rather a BIG dose of a much larger perspective; on these pages I’m describing the implants put into the energy fields of EVERY new age and lightworker type that attempts and often succeed in dictating their behaviours, reactions, attitudes and orientations. Any ideas why scientist ‘types’ are all equally jammed into an irrelevant little blind alley absolutely as convinced of their ‘way’ and ‘tools’ and ‘orientation’ as lightworkers are? Perhaps they too are as gifted as yourselves?

. . . there is NO ‘perhaps’ about it . . . you think you are the only people being ‘managed’ here in such ways? . . . time to think again . . .

For an entire series describing in horrifying detail what happens if you don’t do what this implant tries to make you do and orientate FULLY toward investigating negative issues and particularly their past origins then read this series starting HERE. For what happens if you completely fail to ignore all the crap diverting excuses you get when you repeatedly experience healing failures and are gifted with continuing with the same issues? What happens when you get REALLY serious and actually sensibly completely orientate to investigate (shock horror) the subtle energetic causes and origins of debilitating, horrible, negative issues then read this series HERE?

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