Personal Wisdom Self Knowing & Higher Self Paradox

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

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Some common light, spiritual and new age ‘beliefs’ can easily convince you that you yourself can directly connect to your own innate wisdom or higher self or the ‘source (of all knowledge)’. That to do this you just have to want to / or ask / or invite this to happen. That these are inherent abilities that we all have . . .

Engage with your own Innate Personal Wisdom & Larger Knowings Paradox

A lot of spiritual, new age and ‘light’ material can lead people down these lines . . .

Which is unfortunate as it’s an amazingly efficient way of completely debilitating ‘some’ people because this leads them to consider that they;

Past Traumas, Being Mislead by others cause Distrust Issues

Unfortunately these beliefs and assertions are often found attractive by people whom have been repeatedly let down or hurt by others and particularly to anyone whom has felt used or misguided by REAL people in the past. People with these issues then find it difficult to trust others and particularly their motives and so being told that THEY THEMSELVES can access their own wisdom / understandings directly to guide and in particular to heal themselves very much appeals because it frees them from relying on ‘real’ people whomever they are.

I’ve noticed this because I’ve had a few people with these issues contacting me, often giving me a whole list of ‘decidedly’ horrific issues, that they are trying by various means to address or put into ‘balance’.

They often bizarrely have extreme reactions to me pointing things out about their issues particularly insights or understandings from my vast range of experience of dealing with my own and my clients horrific and horrible issue shit. For example as part of these reactions I’ve even been told;

Which is all very odd when it’s them that got in touch with me via comments or one of my contact forms AND freely gave details of themselves.

I’m sure that under these circumstances many others would actually be offended if I DIDN’T give insights or offer advice.

So, it’s often people with very serious and debilitating issues whom are shut down with respect to their feelings and inner sensitivities that are the ones that most hold to these particular ‘spiritual’ beliefs and sayings . . . which in my ‘sad’ experience means that they argue to keep going on their own and wont actually seriously engage with anyone whose level of experience or abilities is beyond their own particularly anyone whom contradicts what they themselves already consider correct because to accept they are wrong means that this person is right and actually confronts them directly with their most serious issue which is of having to at least temporarily rely on and trust someone else at least until these issues are resolved.

A VERY difficult Catch 22, Ring Pass Knot Situation

So, they are stuck in a ring pass knot which has them NOT able to ‘trust’ the knowledge, understandings, experience and guidance of another if they are NOT able to check for themselves what this other is telling them is right. This effectively prevents them from working with those MOST likely to actually be able to help them address what is contributing to them NOT trusting, as well as of all that is blocking their own subtle abilities and ‘sensitivities’ . . . so far such ‘wise’ spiritual beliefs have been 100% successful in preventing people with some of the worst issues I’ve encountered from working with someone that can actually help them properly resolve these.

Some of the same people have also demanded to know EVERY LAST DETAIL of what I’m telling them so that they can verify ‘other reality or past or insightful’ details themselves which is particularly bizarre as in ALL cases they themselves have already stated that they have little or no ability to access or to ‘otherwise’ verify things for themselves with success.

If it FEELS right then it just must be RIGHT

Some insist that they must have enough information or details for them to ‘feel’ for themselves that what I’m saying is right which again is quite bizarre as the very same people have often mentioned how out of touch with their feelings they are never mind that I give details of a very debilitating implant here; Mood & Emotions ‘Control & Adjustment’ Implant whose job it is to FEED PEOPLE FEELINGS in response to what other implants themselves decide is ‘right or wrong’.

In other words ‘feeling’ that something is ‘right or wrong’ PARTICULARLY when you know or suspect that your feelings in general are blocked or dysfunctional is a VERY suspicious indication that you are perhaps being ‘managed’ in terms of what you believe and accept.

Shocking but entirely true.

The ‘I cannot rely on anyone else, I must do it ALL myself’ Syndrome

They can also be adamant about and argue that they must ‘do it all themselves’ with their own direct and ‘conscious awareness’ of ‘everything’ that is done . . . you can find them reinforcing this line with other amazingly debilitating ‘spiritual and light’ catch phrases such as; ‘everyone is their own healer’, I’ve even had; ‘Wherever there is a “Master” there is a “Slave”‘ which again is yet another fantastic ‘denigration’ which absolutely negates experience NO MATTER HOW EXTENSIVE this is.

Wherever there is a Master there is a Slave!

In case you missed that, then I’ll run that assumed ‘wise’ saying past you again so you can ‘THINK’ about it a bit more . . . and then you might just become aware of the conundrum . . .

‘Wherever there is a “Master” there is a “Slave”‘

So, lets see then . . . do you think that it was perhaps a ‘Master’ that actually came up with this ‘wise’ saying in the first place? That some people seem to have become ‘enslaved’ by this particular wise saying doesn’t seem to strike them. It’s easier to pick the sayings that help justify stances and attitudes no matter how debilitating they are, isn’t it?

Would that be the same wise ‘Master’ whom unknown to yourself has fitted you with 11 implants so that you are (amongst other things) forcibly MADE to believe some very dodgy ‘Wise Sayings’ as a means to make sure you remain debilitated AND don’t ever engage with someone that can help you? Particularly by working with someone ‘actually’ competent with actual ‘extensive’ experience . . .

Yes, I’ve got severe head trauma BUT I’m so convinced that I can access my own inner wisdom and the ‘Source of ALL Knowledge’ AND that I have an inherent ability to naturally heal myself (of ANYTHING) that I actually don’t think it odd that I am considering doing DIY brain surgery on myself!!!!

Have any of you managed to figure out the inherent problem with a so called ‘true’ saying along the lines of;

‘You CAN engage with your own Innate Wisdom, Universal Knowledge, Intuition & Higher Self and in so doing you can gain your own direct understandings. accurate insights and rock solid intuitions . . . ‘

Which is that such a saying doesn’t ‘actually’ take into account of people having debilitating issues that DO ‘actually’ prevent them from engaging with virtually anything nor does it take into account that the very people supporting and spreading these so called beliefs and truths (at this time) are doing this NOT because they are true (or not) but because it serves them with regards their agenda. Keeping ‘good’ people lost to make sure they never find out what is REALLY going on in subtle energy terms is actually a CENTRAL part of their agenda. I can only congratulate them on how amazingly successful they are in achieving this.

The Origin of Personal Wisdom & Source of ALL Knowledge

I’d be happy to consider the possibility that if we managed to deal with all the shit messing with us PROPERLY such that we’d all then have direct and unhindered and UNMANAGED access to say a 100 times more of ‘reality’ and our TRUER ‘SELVES’ than we do now AND if we spent time investigating and understanding the deeper perspectives we gained from doing this (probably for a longish time) then this might eventually lead us to good and accurate and deeper understandings of both ourselves and ‘reality’ and our relationship to reality in a much larger sense too.

I’ve no problem with considering that as a VERY likely possibility AT ALL.

What I do have a problem with is us being spoon fed ‘selected’ assumed ‘wisdom bites’ that might possibly have been vaguely true in the VERY distant past in ways that (in the present) are designed to FORCE us to be CONVINCED that they are COMPLETELY true in the current present under circumstances were we are inherently and actually amazingly dysfunctional. So, amazingly dysfunctional that even after actually dumbing down and explaining things AS SIMPLY AS POSSIBLE on this web site here most of you still cannot even actually consider things outside of the very little contained and cramped ‘Understanding’ boxes you’ve been made to be jammed and squished into . . .


Fallen or NOT fallen? Which is it?

We’ve ‘apparently’ fallen remember? What does ‘fallen’ mean. Well it VERY LIKELY means that we are NOW somewhat LESS THAN WE HAVE BEEN.

So, it’s a bit odd isn’t it that while in a ‘fallen’ debilitated, dysfunctional state some are making a great effort to convince us that we are FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

Yes different versions of the ‘Kings New Clothes’ are sold on every light and spiritual street corner particularly to keep the lost and dysfunctional in their DYSFUNCTIONAL STATES and LOST . . . perhaps for ever . . .

Confirmations of Expertise & Competence are AVOIDED at ALL COSTS

I’ve also noticed that when I ask such people if they’d like to talk to a long term client particularly one whom has had similar issues to themselves whom had also quite often tried everything and more to address these to NO AVAIL so they can not only get a second opinion of my depth of knowledge and understandings but also be reassured of my abilities to facilitate people out of shit life issues properly . . . .


Strangely they often don’t even refer to this offer and in every single case so far non have spoken to a client. So, being made to believe in limiting new age, light and spiritual ‘wisdoms’ combined with insights and feelings that are ‘managed’ works amazingly well to keep many isolated and self reliant making it highly unlikely they’ll ever manage to extricate themselves from their well managed spiritual ‘whole’.

How to get in touch with you own Innate Wisdom, Intuition & Higher Self

The ‘fact’ that their own; Innate Wisdom, Intuition & Higher Self obviously isn’t functioning well enough for many to be able to appreciate the stuck and debilitating place that such assumed ‘wise’ sayings have got them into while being continually responsible for keeping them there doesn’t seem to strike many people either . . .

But then with a whole raft of subtle energetic implants competing against each other to keep all spiritual, healing, caring types debilitated and lost it’s not surprising is it?

Perhaps the first thing you need to do as a pre-requisite to getting in touch with YOURSELF more deeply is to disengage yourself from debilitating and issue supporting and maintaining VERY ‘unwise’ sayings which unfortunately means you’d have to get rid of the implants that seed and support these which are the main means of keeping large numbers of good people completely lost and at ZERO risk at all of instigating ANY change whatsoever while bizarrely having them convinced that they are the most empowered in these ways AND the most ‘saved’.

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