How to ASK, Let GO and Let the Universe Provide ‘Ascension’ for YOU

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

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ASK, Let GO; Let the Universe Provide, this is an oft used lightworker ”ideology’ phrase. Might there any down side to this do you think?

Why, All you need to do is ask for what you want!

Here is a line to think about.

If you are someone whom wanted to keep people locked into living a physical life that served YOUR AGENDA then how would you identify and pacify say sensitive, aware never mind concerned people whom perhaps feel ‘dis-empowered’ with respect to how their society or culture functions or whom feel frustrated or otherwise with respect to the limitations, injustices and or lack of opportunities that life presents? How would you identify and pacify these people IF you were set on maintaining things the way YOU wanted THEM TO BE . . . AND you were ALREADY using SUBTLE ENERGY MEANS TO ACHIEVE THIS?

What would be a good way of doing this?

A VERY good way would be to ‘sneakily’ encourage such people to openly ask for WHAT THEY WANT particularly with regards WHAT THEIR LIFE IS NOT SUPPLYING or of what they would LIKE CHANGED because by having them do this you are in effect;

  1. Able to IDENTIFY those specific people whom are unhappy with their physical life possibilities and opportunities and whom would like society to change and to function differently.
  2. As a bonus you would ALSO be identifying those whom are interested in ‘beyond the physical’ possibilities, spirit and subtle realities for example which THEN will allow you to manage these people to make sure they NEVER find out how you are actually already managing everyone using subtle energy means.
  3. Giving Permission. Legally (freewill and all that) this gives those that encourage you to ask in this way permission to do any damn thing they want particularly to ensure you never become independently self empowered AND never take notice of anything other than what they want you TO TAKE NOTICE of.

Just ‘Ask’ and you shall receive what you Ask For?

Why would someone just ‘ask’ for help from ‘all that is (or whatever)’ and in particular to openly ‘ask’ beyond their day to day physical life?

Well, it’s almost certainly because;

  1. You believe or ‘hope’ or you ‘KNOW’ through direct experience that there is something beyond mere physical existence.
  2. You are unhappy with some aspect of your life AND in particular it’s likely that you have either failed to ‘get’ what you really want by physical life means OR that you actually DON’T consider that your physical life circumstances can accommodate your desires or have you living the way you want either personally or on a larger scale.
  3. You want things to change but cannot see that direct physical efforts have much chance of succeeding.

So, if someone is encouraging you to ‘ASK’ and to orientate yourself to get help from ‘none physical’ sources then perhaps;

  1. They DON’T want you to think too much about why you cannot live or achieve what you want within your day to day physical life.
  2. Perhaps they DO want to distract you by keeping your attention AWAY FROM the limitations, injustices, inequalities never mind the stresses or uncertainties that YOU yourself are perhaps experiencing OR of this becoming the case in a global sense.
  3. Perhaps they absolutely DON’T want you to TAKE PRO-ACTIVE ACTION to try and change how things are in your physical life directly.

From the angle of you orientating toward, believing in and directly engaging with what is ‘beyond the physical’ as in; subtle realities, subtle energies, energy bodies, being in spirit and so called ascended masters. In having you ask and RELYING on something ‘beyond the physical’ to SORT THINGS OUT FOR YOU then perhaps this is about suggesting and encouraging particular attitudes in yourself. As in;

  1. You DON’T now actually need to ‘really’ think about anything (because ‘someone’ else will be doing the thinking and sorting things out for you).
  2. You DON’T actually need to look for understandings YOURSELF (because these ‘ethereal’ absent others know much more than yourself about EVERYTHING and you can NOW get ALL your ‘true’ understandings from ‘beyond’ directly from these ‘wise’ others).
  3. You DON’T actually need to directly investigate, explore or understand HOW subtle ‘healing’ changes are ‘manifested’ on your behalf (because ‘Divine’ beings would of course ABSOLUTELY KNOW what they are doing anyway, never mind that you’re ALSO encouraged to absolutely TRUST these beings and what they are doing on your behalf too).

The bottom line is that it’s about making sure that;

  1. You DON’T make the mistake of actually starting to think either about the problems of physical life or the possibilities of deeper causes never mind of LOOKING for these.
  2. You DON’T ever even think about taking proactive direct action to effect change never mind of actually doing this because you are now made to think that you are initiating changes by hidden means ELSEWHERE which will manifest ‘sometime’ . . . ‘YES’ really!! (also supported by the ‘light’ recommendations to avoid conflicts and confrontations).

Which is also why this line is often reinforced by the common add on of ‘Let it GO’. So, after you ‘ask’ for something you are TOLD to

LET IT GO; Let God or Let the Universe Provide it for you (next day delivery ‘not’ guaranteed apparently)

What this actually means is that you are actually being advised to NOT think about ‘whatever’ this is about. In other words; Whatever you do ABSOLUTELY DON’T in the slightest THINK ABOUT anything that relates to what you’ve asked for . . .

That’s good isn’t it . . . BUT, what about if people REALLY do this and it just doesn’t work for them . . . what if they suffer from a;

What Happens if after ‘Asking’ there is a Love & Light ‘Good Life’ Manifestation Failure

Would the multitude of mythical ‘ascension’ end points dates count as manifestation failures? How many lightworkers do you think it would take to manifest a light bulb change in consciousness?

I mean . . . GOD FORBID if there was a ‘Good Life Manifestation Failure’ AND even worse if Lightworkers actually took notice of this . . . it could be a complete;


. . . right come on you lazy LOT . . . what can we do to explain away any ‘manifestation’ failures? . . THINK THINK . . . Come ON . . . oh . . . ooops . . . sorry SOORRRRYYY . . . I forget . . . you’re not allowed to THINK . . .

. . . OK . . . OK . . . Yes . . . YES . . . I’ve GOT IT . . . all you need to do is convince them that they manifest their own reality and that the quality of their reality depends on them putting and keeping their attention AWAY from WHAT THEY DON’T WANT . . .


Let’s just hope that none of them are ever EVER able to think enough to figure out that there is a slight logical incongruity to this;

That you cannot tell people to ask for something AND to then ‘LET IT GO’ while ALSO implying or even directly telling them they should be aligning to and KEEPING their attention on what they want or want to achieve AT THE SAME TIME . . .

It’s a good job light workers energy bodies are jam packed with all these implants preventing them from thinking to much about anything . . .


. . . otherwise you might end up REALLY thinking about what I write here.

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