What Initially happens when Invoking Spirit HELP

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

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So, a question for you?

What actually happens when you ask for ‘help’ to the ‘beyond’, to your guides, or the universe or ‘spirit’ or ‘god’ or source or ALL THAT IS or ‘whatever’?

Calls for Spirit Help are passed through to a Call Response Centre

Whenever you ask for help then in effect your ‘call for help’ is taken by what I call a “Spirit Help Support Centre”. Just like a phone help line that would take your call and give advice, initiate help and so on . . .

When you ask for help your call goes directly or is passed through to the most appropriate organization with respect to your background, beliefs and to a certain extent your current circumstances but MOST OF ALL with regards whichever spiritual, religious, healing or therapy group you have the closest ties too.

Different Spirit Help Organisations respond to different people

It turns out that there are quite a few of these call centres as in more than 3000 ‘servicing’ people in this earth space . . .

It’s not unusual for some people to be serviced by more than one ‘help support centre’ because it’s not unusual for some people to have strong connections to more than one ‘group’ particularly with respect to involvements from previous lives as this is the continuous experience of my clients and myself.

What Initially happens when Asking, Calling for or Invoking Spirit HELP

So, your call for help causes a flashing light to appear on some call centre control board. Then, depending on whom you are and or what they know of your current circumstances then various responses are possible.

For example, say you split up from your partner the previous week and are distraught, sad and feeling lost and you have already called loads of times.

A Spirit Help Team may Assess your Current Circumstances

So, they will probably have already made as assessment in previous calls and know what is happening to you. So, initially they may send a ‘team’ of beings or do a remote energy scan to check you out to see what is going on and what you need. So, if you’re in sadness then they may arrange for energies to be sent that try and reduce, block or negate the sadness or perhaps saturate you with energies to put you into a more positive mood or state.

Often no beings will actually turn up but rather energies suitable to help you with your particular situations will be sent remotely. When beings do turn up they are kept hidden, we are not allowed to see them nor become aware of what they actually do.

Often NO Spirit Helping Beings turn up BUT you are helped Absently

This is why many of us can often feel subtle energetic things going on BUT we are not aware of what is being done that is responsible for what we feel (I describe this in much more detail HERE).

I don’t want to go into these areas of what these beings actually do in great detail here because this is the first series on what I have come to name as ‘Useless Help’. This first series is an introduction and is about what we were doing that prompted us to go find them and then understanding how they are organized and giving a brief idea of what they do. Another long series will cover in fine detail exactly what they do to help people / support healing changes as well as the very long and comprehensive list of how these debilitate us over long periods of time in different ways beyond the effects I mention in this series.

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