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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

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If you leave some group then WHAT HAPPENS?

Have you ever been involved with something and been told something like;

“If you leave then often people that do experience life difficulties or problems and find it difficult without the group . . . “

. . . I have . . .

I Recently had one client that stumbled down the stairs shortly after leaving a previous group to partake of my crazy stuff. On investigation of this we found a subtle energetic energy body implant put there as part of the previous groups ‘memberships’ efforts was actually designed to;



They ever dared to LEAVE . . .

Can you Imagine THAT?

Unfortunately and sadly this turns out to be quite common. For group members to have an implant (or something else) that gifts them with all sorts of problems and life shit . . . designed to encourage anyone leaving that it was a dreadful mistake, that they’ll never manage on their own in the ‘real’ world . . . and so try and force them to skedaddle back ‘pronto like’ to the ‘fold’ . . .

That’s DIABOLICAL . . .


Who is ‘this’ implant positive for? The person WITH the implant or some useless group or group leader?

What do you think?

Apparently it’s much more important to use any desperate never mind WELL HIDDEN measures to attract, hold onto and even attempt to get back anyone that leaves your amazing group rather than actually exhibit anything like;

Integrity . . . or. . . even . . .


or Love

or Compassion

. . . seems a mite odd to me . . . when this is often done by the very groups actually often purporting to actually be caring, loving and compassionate . . .that’s . . . VERY WEIRD . . . don’t you think?

It turns out that not only does every ‘group’ have their own agenda but that they all use implants or the equivalent of these to retain and manage never mind to try and increase membership to their group.


. . . for most . . .

Negative Implants used to Manage Group Members is NORMAL

Different Reiki groups for example have implants that do this. The often used Reiki ‘catch phrase’ along the lines of;

“Reiki energies and healing is just so wonderful”

. . . is the product of the efforts of an implant that has people saying such things which in reality is a membership enforced sales pitch.

Buddhists have similar for example as do the Crimson Circle people (an ex CC person became my client and we had to remove a lot of implants that originated from that group).

Overall; It’s ACTUALLY best to assume that every group does things along these lines because if it’s not implants that they use to ‘manage’ their membership then it’s done in other ways instead. To find out what ‘other’ ways then read this page here; What else beyond Implants might be Acting on ME?.

What is a Negative Implant and What is Positive?

It’s positive for most useless groups to make sure that you follow and accept what they tell you particularly with regards what is positive and what is negative. What is positive to THEM will very likely NOT be positive for yourself as an individual.

Unfortunately many groups use implants that specifically try and make their members believe and accept what comes from the groups ‘beliefs / leaders / guides’ while ALSO have you consider false or lies anything else.

It can therefore take a while getting rid of a lot of implants and other energetic crap before you are free of controlling influences or of even being aware that you were being controlled by such means.

Whose Positive Truth is IT?

As the super global ‘over’ group administering this earth space is the Spiritual Hierarchy and their on the ground physical as well as spirit guide membership are lightworkers then what sort of efforts do you imagine that they will have gone to, to ‘manage’ their groups membership?

Any Ideas?

Well, I’ve actually written an entire series of pages on all 11 ‘special’ implants that you’re gifted with as a lightworker.


I’d not designate even one of these as being even a teensy weensy bit positive. I’ve a whole diabolical and horrifying series describing these lightworker implants in detail. This series is HERE.

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