Common Spiritual Group use of Negative Implants

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How, where & whom we get these from including via affiliating to different Ideologies + Spiritual & Therapy Groups & by Incarnating. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Ways Implants are Hidden & Booby Trapped & the numbers found per person."

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Many groups use implants. When I say ‘groups’ on this and the next page then I mean any;

They ALL use implants or OTHER MEANS on their members.

The Negative ‘Managing’ Implant Status Quo

Here is how it is, if one group uses implants to attract, win over or maintain it’s membership never mind to BIND it’s membership to it’s brand of brainwashing while studiously trying to PREVENT them becoming interested in anything else then this leaves ALL other groups at a disadvantage.

So, groups NOT doing this end up with both a shrinking pool of people to join their group while finding that those with other groups are now for the most part GLUED to that group.

Which means for you to COMPETE in the ‘get a bigger membership’ game you are forced to do the same or risk stagnation or extinction.

The bottom line is that the lowest common denominator wins in this game. I’ve dealt with 1000’s of groups breaking affiliations to them with regards past life involvements for myself and my clients and so far we’ve not found one that is NOT doing this.

So, while I’ve been writing these pages and doing web searches which is some instances have brought up pages by people presenting good information on implants for example. In EACH CASE these people are not aware that as much as they might have spotted some implants a quick ‘detection’ check revealed that they actually all have implants as described here keeping them aligned to whatever their groups agenda is. Please NOTE this ‘group’ can be a group they are involved with in this life time OR a group they were involved with in a past lifetime never mind that often the implants of more than one group are often active at once in most people.

BUT your Spiritual Guides would tell you Wouldn’t They?

My GOD!! . . . . you’re not that naïve are you?

Your guides are affiliated to the same group(s) that you are and they too will have that groups implants installed (or be being remotely ‘managed’ by other means) and they will be as WELL ‘informed’ about these areas as you are yourself.

So, here you are reading this AND just maybe, possibly thinking that it might be a good idea to investigate this and get rid of these types of implants? YES? . . . . and . . . if this is the case then just how are you going to do that? Because it’s your groups highest priority for you to NEVER EVER find out about these types of implants AT ALL.

Here you are reading this page written by a guy whom ‘claims’ to have left ALL groups behind. I’m the guy who completely threw in the towel with regards the whole sorry healing, therapy, ideology, spiritual and so on group mess.

Yep, that’s definitely me . . . and guess what?

Well, it’s only since doing this that I’ve actually become aware of just how sorry this whole f**#ed up mess actually is. That’s why you’re reading this depth of information HERE because I gave the finger to every single group and started digging on my own to find out what was really going on about a decade and a half back.

What I’m about to write is a REAL ‘spiritual’ truth . . . are you ready . . .

Whatever group or groups you reading this are affiliated to they CANNOT even hint that what I describe here is common practice BECAUSE, it would become obvious that they must be doing this too . . . and guess what . . .


That’s why most information ‘out there’ on implants is vague or describes things at a distance and makes VERY SURE that you are kept aware that it’s ‘really’ only the DARK forces or Rogue Aliens that are using these . . .

Nope . . . sorry that’s another ‘spiritual’ & ‘light’ fantasy . . . because . . .


How many ‘Groupie’ Group Etheric Implants might you have?

You reading this I can 100% guarantee that ‘just’ your thinking NOW is being managed and influenced by (at a minimum) 100 group originated implants . . . . yes that’s;

A HUNDRED Implants

I had about 250 implants from my involvement with groups in past lives (as well as this one).

SERIOUSLY Involving yourself with different groups causes problems

The other complication is that if you are an ‘investigative’ or open type then you can find yourself choosing to become part of different groups in different incarnations AND by this action find yourself accumulating amazing numbers of different implants (or the remote equivalent) over time.

The accumulation of different implants aligning the implantee to different ideas, beliefs, truth or ideals can have you spending your time being drawn to many different things ALL THE TIME while finding it difficult to stay with anything you get involved with.

Again the lowest common denominator wins out in that REALLY ‘investigative’ or ‘researching’ people whom rather than stay as a ‘useless’ observer actually instead become directly involved eventually end up with an overload of enforced ‘managing’ ideas, beliefs and so on which makes it virtually impossible to ‘think’ yourself through just about anything.

. . . and if you want some specific and more in-depth details of what group implants actually do then read the next page . . .

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