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If you’re offering incarnations to worlds offering certain types of cultures where the men are just too busy or too important never mind just too emotionally disengaged or dysfunctional to REALLY and DEEPLY engage with someone PROPERLY then wouldn’t it be very nice to make sure that some nice woman will be there for them beyond running around stapling memo’s together . . .

I was quite shocked to eventually discover collections of integrated subtle energetic making this possible.

Made into a Personal Secretary Assistant . . .

Two of my clients had what we came to call the ‘personal assistant’ subtle energetic implant doing this . . .

This had them both being a very competent personal secretary, a run around supportive person while also being directly emotionally, physically and even sexually involved with their bosses or in some cases both as as a business partner and a wife.

In one of these cases the women was much more competent in many ways than the man she was ‘holding’ up.

Feeling Stuck or Sick of Repeatedly Living the Same

For one client with this personal assistant implant had them sick of running around holding things together and of picking up the pieces in crises caused by their less than competent partner and of also being sick of being stuck locked into this role with seemingly no escape and no change in their circumstances.

Implant is NOT removed after the incarnation on that world is ended

In this and the other examples here each of my clients had left the world that had ‘gifted’ them with these implants to be further gifted by having such implants left IN PLACE when they moved on.

This was done in EVERY CASE with regards my clients . . . three clients even had two of the implants described on these example pages ‘managing’ themselves . . .

Engaging with and Resolving Past Life Sexual Issues Examples

The following links are to my healing examples web site and are examples of resolving clients sexual issues:

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  3. Clearing painful sexual trauma & unexpressed emotions
  4. Releasing trauma of forced oral sex in many past lives?

If you want to get really pissed off at how other implant crap can be influencing some women then read the next page . . .

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