Responsive & Dynamic Group Management Efforts

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

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The previous page describes the effort expended and some of the ‘fixed’ subtle energetic means used to manage each ‘member’ of a group, particularly to make sure they are glued to the ‘right’ beliefs as well as to make sure members are dissuaded from leaving.

Dynamically Responsive Group Management & Manipulation Efforts

However, using ‘fixed’ means to bind and manage people has two disadvantages;

These disadvantages are overcome by many groups generating what can only be described as mobile subtle energetic mini clouds (what others might mistake for healing or spiritual ‘light’ energy clouds).

These are designed (attuned or programmed) to dynamically respond and intervene to;

About half of all types of groups actively generate responsive or dynamic mobile subtle energies.

Below I’ll give more detailed examples of some of the specific ways that different groups use these mobile energies that we have so far identified and dealt with with respect to myself and clients.

Subtle Responses acting to Protect a Group’s Reputation or Image

For example some groups are paranoid about their image and or reputation. In some instances ‘protective’ mobile energies will be drawn to anyone attacking or despoiling that group’s reputation by either attracting to those people negative or sabotaging events or cause disasters in their life to keep them occupied.

These energies may even act to forcibly try and get them to shut up. This could be done in many ways;

Subtle Actions are used to Encourage Interest and Involvement in a Group

Sometimes these responsive energies will act on specific people outside the group to promote and support what the originating group represents in terms of its beliefs, ideas, ideals, aims and so on.

We actually have large numbers of these types of mobile ‘energies’ representing many groups freely moving within the general population attempting to influence people on the fly.

Such energies will become attracted to people who are;

Subtle Actions to Sabotage Interest or Involvement in Rival Groups

Some of these mobile energies will actually target people whom are getting interested in rival groups to PUT THEM OFF. In some cases people not belonging to any particularly group whom are actively looking for something to become involved with may attract mobile energies from many competing groups that are both trying to recruit them to their group while trying to put them off involving themselves in anything else.

In these cases it’s likely that people will end up very confused by the spiritual healing or ideological or cause or whatever ‘thing’ and be put off from getting involved with anything?

People whom have become disillusioned or disappointed by the actions, policies or mistakes of a group will sometimes have these types of energies acting to remind them of such disappointments in a general sense to help them stay clear of rival groups (by making them feel that these ‘other’ groups are the same).

Subtle Interventions to Prevent Doubt and Loss of Membership

In circumstances where someone is already part of a group but is having doubts or second thoughts about their involvement then this will draw specific types of mobile energies to that person. In these cases such energies will both attempt to negate or suppress the doubt while in some cases will attempt to make other group members suspect and question the ‘doubter’ so that they can be directly supported / corrected by group members themselves.

Over time any groups that used these mobile tactics in all the ways I describe above would probably result in them gaining dominance.

An example describing some specific groups that display engrained biases can be found HERE. For someone’s observations of Healing System and Spiritual Rivalry read this page HERE.

Read the next page to understand how the accumulation of all the means to manage group members directly impacts our ability to be open in a general sense as well as of being able to openly consider new or different possibilities and perspectives, particularly those that contradict what our past group affiliations have already made us bound to . . .

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