Extensive Information on Etheric Implants & All Types of Subtle Energetic Technologies

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"Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ different Common & Negative Implants Described. Their origins & effects in detail. How we get these & who from including during Earth & other World Incarnations & by Joining Groups. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. Different ways Implants are Hidden or Booby Trapped. Average No.s Per Person."

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Because I’m presenting some pages on site here that give details about subtle energetic implants and particularly some that might be considered ‘slightly’ controversial then this set of articles is about making sure that you understand that my depth and range experience and understandings in these areas is extensive.

What are Etheric Implants, how to become aware of these and their Impact on yourself?

I have always wanted and have ‘asked’ for extended understandings of the ‘subtle’ and of reality in a larger and deeper sense which for these paged have been focused on etheric implants.

To say that I’ve been ‘gifted’ with a broad, deep and detailed education of these areas would be an understatement.

What are Subtle Body Integrated Etheric Implants & What do they do?

In this respect this series of pages covers some of my direct experience of different subtle energetic technologies and implant types that I became aware of, scanned and spent time personally investigating in GREAT detail. This includes spiritual hierarchy, spiritual, healing, alien, soul culture and so called ‘star’ being form originated types.

In all way more than 40 implants are described in good detail either within this article series or linked to other pages on this site or one of my other sites with more than 40 pages on this site alone describing implants directly or their effects and influences.

Everything Presented here is from Direct Experience from Comprehensive Investigations of my own and Clients Etheric Implants

Nothing presented here is from my guides or channelled sources, it was ALL from my own observations and investigations . . . which to be honest is the case for just about everything presented on this site. First hand DIRECT experience, driven by a desire to understand things directly FOR MYSELF to resolve some shit debilitating life issues (done now).

Again, like the other scary pages here you’ll read things in this series that will almost certainly contradict what you already hold to as truths. For example there are implants described here that are responsible for some women being ‘prostitutes’ and others having sets of implants making them into Stepford wives (I kid you not). Then there are pages that describe the common use of implants or other subtle energetic means to manage members of spiritual, healing and therapy groups (as well as others) including implants that cause group members severe problems if they dare leave their group.

I’d recommend that you take pages on this site as being part of a book to be read in it’s entirety. There is far too much way beyond the edge info presented here to just dip in and read a page here and there. To, start making connections and to help you think beyond your current boundaries you need to read everything AND to do this a few times. Only then will the coherence start to worryingly sink in . . . in the mean time here are a few pages on implants to get you started . . . haha . . .

Two areas I gained Direct Understandings of Etheric Implants

I also become aware that I’ve Designed and Modified Etheric Implants

A List of Common Etheric Implant Types, Examples of Etheric Implants

Finding and Dealing with Booby Trapped & Negative Implants

Implants Described from different Angles

Acquiring Implants via joining a Group or through Incarnating/Reincarnating

Descriptions of Exceptionally Negative Etheric Implants Installed When Your Incarnated

Other Energetic Crap Beyond Etheric Implants & Devices & How to Detect Etheric Implants Too

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