Attempting to Reverse ALL Past Healing Efforts

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

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So, after sorting what needs to be done to prevent me passing out the next day in the morning I do another focus to address these areas and get 55,000+ . . . . while not either becoming unconscious or even having ANY bad effects at all. In fact it’s become so easy that in the afternoon I do another focus and get 75,000+ forward . . . this is getting pretty ridiculous don’t you think?

Well, so, far I’ve cleared about 350,000 from myself with no drop in the numbers of new ones coming. Also it may be that the limiting factor to clearing these will be related to the effects of what is exposed and revealed that they have been keeping covered up. For example;

Why Clearing LOTS of Past Healing Sessions & Efforts might be Difficult

Dealing with the Return of Jailed past Entity Attachments made Free

Some are keeping difficult entities contained behind barriers of protection. They keep your protection hidden and prevent you from becoming aware of the numbers or ‘people’ that have been jailed on your behalf. BUT as you release them from their contracts they withdraw the protection which means these entities reappear to harass yourself. These are easily dealt with properly and humanely with what I do WSW BUT they may take a few hours to deal with AND in some cases there may be obscene numbers of these that you might get over run by in the mean time . . .

Re-Experiencing Exposed Extreme Feelings & Reactions

Then there are others guarding buried, contained or negated extreme anger or sadness or depression or ‘whatever’ and so these feelings hit you when you release them from their contracts. All minor stuff when dealing with 10,000 cover ups but perhaps not with 100,000+ for example? I just don’t know?

Reliving the Debilitating Effects of Returned Soul Fragments

It’s these beings that bin bag and magically take away all the negative energies that accumulate around yourself that you ‘think’ you ‘properly’ get rid of with cleansings and space clearings and so on (but don’t really) . . . AND as this bin bagged energetic crap ALWAYS contain dispersed bits of your own energy field that HOLD the horrible effects that had you wanting to get rid of them in the first place then having this whole jolly lot returned might also end up being quite debilitating when this happens in large numbers.

Attempting to Undo and Reverse all Past Spiritual Healing & Spirit Help Efforts

I think about this for 24 hours and decide to go for it . . . . . . in that I wander up to the Spiritual Hierarchy and ask to have all my contracts broken that I have with ANY helping beings. That was fun – 2 hours solid of dealing with entity after entity and a dozen or so difficult feeling sets that were held within released and returning soul fragments.

I get through all this and check everything out and realise that other groups (independently of the Spiritual Hierarchy) are doing the same.

So, after a couple of hours rest I do some focuses to connect with these specific groups. As these groups don’t have a direct connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy then they are in my terms quite nice people.

Uncovering and Undoing all Past Therapy & Healing Sessions Spirit Help Efforts

The ones that appear I chat with and explain that I want to resolve what is behind what they are blocking off and so I want to find all beings like them to break all the contracts they have. So, I ask if any whom have mates or colleagues that have worked with me in the past can they go and bring these people here now. So, this is what they do and in about 5 minutes I have double the beings and they are all great as they keep going out and getting more as they remember others and the new arrivals do this too and then eventually we get in touch with the administrations of these 5 groups whom bring out all the records and call all the beings whom have contracts with me to come and free me of them. All very civilised and friendly and they are very honest and correct with me . . . . . a breath of fresh air really.

Spending time with some ‘Nice’ & Helpful Helping Spirit Help Beings

In other words I have a rare moment when I don’t feel as if I have to be continually watching my &**#ing back all the time as I HAVE to with useless Spiritual Hierarchy and so called Ascended Master type beings?

So, I also make arrangements with these groups in terms of my clients and WSW so they will deal with anyone working with me very promptly.

After undoing all spirit help past healing efforts, the total number of useless help ‘helping’ me ended up at about 900,000.

On the other hand I actually seriously don’t ask for help very often. I actually very rarely ask for help in fact.

For an understanding of how much hidden spirit ‘help’ you yourself actually might have and of the different ways that we have found that have us regularly calling for help automatically . . . then read the next page . . .

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