What Subtle Perceptions, Subtle Abilities & Inner Senses Do ‘WE’ Really Have?

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

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What subtle capabilities, awareness’s and perceptions do we all actually have as a people?

What are these abilities really capable of?

Do you know?

Is anyone even close to engaging with any of their full abilities in these areas?

What Subtle Perceptions, Inner Senses, Sixth Senses & Subtle Abilities do we Really have?

Science has shown us to have amazing sensitive physical senses that allow us for example to pick out different shades of colour that are almost identical.

So, what might our subtle perceptions, our inner or sixth senses actually be capable of and how come we really have no idea of the scope or scale or even the full range of our subtle senses or inner abilities?


Any ideas as to why the Spiritual Hierarchy have specially gifted many people with implants that actually manage and control their abilities to access subtle information sources?

How Subtle Perceptions & PSI Abilities Are Managed & Suppressed

How come virtually all lightworker types are accessing ‘beyond the physical’ information sources via the use of subtle energetic technology that allows others to control the information accessed and particularly the content? (As described HERE)

Did you know that the people channelling using these artificial remotely controlled means are NOT using their own abilities while being completely unaware that this is the case. Do, you realise that this means that its actually incredibly unlikely that they’ll ever even think about developing their own abilities to access directly and openly because they already think they are.

All done to make sure that there is virtually no chance that they’ll ever engage with any subtle information sources beyond the well managed light media sources they are ball and chained to.

The Hidden Disadvantages of Using Psychic Protection

The Spiritual Hierarchy also continually encourages the regular use of protection.

They do this while somehow completely failing to mention that the use of protection actually degrades subtle awareness’s, sensitivities and perceptions by gradually filtering and depressing what our subtle senses can pick up (more detail HERE). They also seem to have forgotten to mention how the use and build up of protective barriers makes it more difficult for the subtle energetic body to absorb the essential energetic frequencies that are necessary for maintaining optimum vitality and health of the energy body (more detail at the bottom of this page HERE). Which is great as far the the Spiritual Hierarchy is concerned because they then encourage these ‘depleted’ people to invoke energetic top ups which sees them being doused with artificial energetic substitutes (while being unaware that this is the case) which also contain ‘additives’ that helpfully help ‘top up’ addicts to align even more to the Spiritual Hierarchy’s so called ‘light’ agenda.

As protection substantially erodes people’s subtle abilities BUT only over many incarnations then no one even notices that this is happening (particularly as their abilities to do so are becoming less and less effective) and so they each accept whatever their subtle abilities are at any particular time as ‘normal’.

The gradual Loss of ESP, PSI, Subtle Senses & Inner Perceptions

This ensures that they won’t ever become aware of how much their abilities have been degraded or in some cases even completely lost and so they won’t even think about trying to recover them never mind of learning how to use them properly.

Are YOU aware of ANY OF THIS?

The Gradual Erosion & Complete Loss of Subtle Senses, ESP & PSI abilities

Most lightworker types (i.e. people likely to use or likely to want to use such abilities) have had subtle abilities eroded in this manner by on average 90%.

With some it’s less than this but for some it’s even more. Some people have completely lost some subtle abilities while inconveniently NOT being particularly aware of this either never mind of how to recover them.

How much have YOUR abilities been ERODED or LOST?

Most have no awareness at all of anything of any of this and particularly that such subtle ability losses are because of a build up of subtle protective barriers around themselves.

Even worse!!!

Virtually NONE I’m sure will be willing to consider that the Spiritual Hierarchy ‘protection’ recommendations were consciously made with the deliberate intention to gradually erode peoples subtle abilities until they end up having none at all.

On the contrary, the real Reality is this;

The only thing that such amazing light protection is actually protecting is the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves from ever being found out about what they are really doing using hidden subtle energetic means.

Subtle Abilities & Subtle Perceptions & Skills are ‘Managed’ & Sabotaged

As if the above is not enough, then just to make sure that any detailed investigations and scans of subtle realities and in particular our energy body DON’T reveal any worrying surprises (like all the lightworker implants jammed in there) then again all lightworker types are gifted with a very impressive implant that manages their ability to get detailed scans (I describe this in more detail HERE).

In this case the scans themselves are ‘doctored’ on the fly to present what is safe for you to find while NOT revealing anything worrying from the Spiritual Hierarchies point of view.

OPEN Development of Personal Subtle Abilities & Inner Perceptions & Senses is Strongly Discouraged

All of the above and more are done so that you gradually lose or never develop your own abilities (while in some cases thinking you already are) while ensuring that you are never at risk of finding any of the subtle energetic crap that the Spiritual Hierarchy (and others) use to manage and control you and everyone else.

Hey, guess what!!! . . . .

The Akashic records are yet another con job of the same ilk as they give us easy access to pretend past histories . . . yea . . . that’s right PRETEND past life histories.

Loss & Direct Management of Personal Subtle Abilities is Common

Easily available records are provided as it makes it less likely we’ll try and access our own past lives and larger history independently never mind that they put in a lot of effort to make sure that we don’t even have the will to even think about getting off our arses to put in the time and effort to actually develop ANY of our own genuine abilities to do ANYTHING of ANY OF THIS OPENLY OURSELVES.

Then you’ve other lightworker implants that manage your thinking which are fantastic for making sure what you’ll think about or accept too.

One of these implants even manages your abilities to discern just in case you start engaging with the ‘wrong’ people that would try and give you the ‘wrong’ information then this can prompt you to high-tail it out of there pronto. All done so you’re always kept safely away from anything actually accurate, deep or even vaguely true (described in detail HERE).

Management of Thinking & Evaluating Abilities is Common too

Another implant feeds you the right ‘light’ beliefs and attitudes, just in case you aren’t sure which ones to have (described more fully HERE).

Then there is a REALLY sneaky one that translates all the contradictory terms used within the spiritual and lightwork domains to make you all believe you are all talking about the same thing (in more detail HERE).

Fantastic eh!! . . .

As this saves you the bother of having to think about contradictions because you’re not even allowed to notice them.

Isn’t it marvellous how much effort the Spiritual Hierarchy and their sidekicks have gone to with regards lightworker types?

Isn’t it amazing how much loving care and divine attention they have devoted to hoodwinking and disabling you all?

Which is so amazingly effective that despite all of the spiritual and light originated disabilities and suppressions you’ve been gifted with you’re all made to feel and to actually consider yourselves to be amazingly aware AND empowered . . .

It’s quite amazing how completely lost people can be made to be while actually thinking they have found themselves . . .


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