What’s life about? Why are we here?

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It is said that this is a special time and that we are moving into a new phase of peace, cooperation, a deeper love, a deeper compassion, understanding and so on . . . .

On the other hand . . . . we have been expecting the second coming and it’s late, there have been quite a lot of specific predictions covering many different areas, earth changes and so on and none of these have materialised. Lots of lightwork channelled material has been presenting for years that the good times will start “next month” because we have held enough “light” to make this happen. When nothing happens here we are told not to worry as it has happened on an inner level and will take time to materialise. Well, over the last 10 years we have see an increasing degradation of values within all levels of society, more chaos, more violence and so on, and it is getting worse. It seems to me that many are being fed a subtle version of the Kings new clothes and that many are lost to this because it is easier than dealing with what is actually and really happening and it makes people feel that they are not part of the “bad stuff” when their avoidance of a confrontation with reality shows that they are.

So what, if anything is going wrong and what can we do about it?

Contradictions in human spirituality and evolution?

Why are we here?

What is the point of being here? What is the aim of being here? Many insist that all paths lead to the same place and they then go on and interpret this in terms of their beliefs so that all paths magically and conveniently fit the same line. But, does this work? Are there not huge contradictions between most paths. Yes you can focus on the slight correspondences and by blowing them out of all proportion try and make this work – but does it? Some examples.

Seeing the Illusion?

We are told for example that this reality is an illusion. There are some paths that are dedicated to confirming this and they feel that the aim of being here is to see this illusion. Some questions come to mind again. Why would you come to such a difficult place if the sole reason was to only see that it is an illusion – what would be the point? There is also an underlying assumption from the point of view of this paradigm that an illusion has no value. When people have connected to the times between lives for example the emphasis is not on this reality being an illusion but other things. So, what do people mean when they say illusion? In the context of earth, Is this not just another way of saying that it is a designed reality? That it has certain rules, physicality for example and lots of constraints. Would we not choose to come here because it had some very definite value? For those of us who have access to other realities then we would also have to say “So what?” as in our experience many of these other realities are no less “artificial” than the one we have here.

God Consciousness?

Ignore the little self and work to enter the substrate of creation where everything will obviously feel at one, be intimately connected, whole and completely in balance. Bliss. I can see the value in this as I can remember doing it in quite a few past lives. Nice exercise, but pity about the depth. This is said by some to be the ultimate in evolution and what we are here for? But it is this not simply an approach that pushes aside the distractions to allow you to tune into the frequency of creation where all arises. Turning yourself into the equivalent of a receiver. Well you can tune yourself to the consciousness of a plant or animal or yourself as a Sirian or Angel or feel what the solar logos is like. Is this not just a function of consciousness? For us, we consider this path an escape and no more than a type of dedicated and deep remote viewing.

For us now it seems that we are here to understand our individual and personal illusions by firstly living them. We can then actually come to see them for what they are after which we can try and move on from them. These limits include what is considered spiritual paths here, contrary to what many think, they are not freeing but are part of what we have been deeply involved in on many levels and they are part of the entrapment and illusion – limiting our soul potential and possibilities.

Exploring the origins of soul level limits

We now feel that the human experience is to facilitate the complete soul form at soul level to move beyond it’s limitations and restrictions. That these limitations are from the following sources;

Soul qualities, soul skills;

Each soul has inherent qualities or attributes, that you could say give it a distinct soul character. From our experience all souls have a mixture of both positive and negative qualities which provide (for all souls) serious areas of imbalance and restriction. The fact that a soul has particular qualities inherently means that it is limited.

Soul Influences;

Attitudes, ways of being, traditions, ways or relating, accepted limits of expressing and living from the family, community, social, and cultural patterns within a soul’s originating environment become a deep part of a soul’s conditioning.

Soul Traumas;

As a soul grows, lives and starts to explore other environments beyond it’s origins then negative, repetitive, restrictive or traumatic experiences can result in further debilitations to it’s self expression. These are in the form of traumas, soul life pattern conditioning, limiting attitudes, beliefs and so on.

Incarnation challenges;

Further limitations, traumas and restrictions can be accumulated and build up over a period of time within the lower incarnated sphere of existence – these are usually the first that you need to resolve.

An example of a soul limitation

So, for example, you may as a young soul fall very much in love with some other. Two souls very much together planning the equivalent of a marriage. A third appears and through manipulation, control and seduction (yes this is at soul level) draws your lover away. You are heart broken, at a loss as to how this happened, cannot understand the strange behaviour of your loved one who is now besotted with this other and won’t talk to you or give you any explanation. You feel betrayed, insecure about opening up to someone else because of the fear of something similar happening and frustrated at being unable to express your feelings. So, subconsciously you decide to not involve yourself in another relationship. You are sensitive, enjoy the company of others. So, to help fulfil yourself you focus on other areas of life, perhaps help others. Over time you become well respected. However over a very long time (say in human terms a million years) your beginning to feel frustrated, your original trauma is by and large forgotten, but every time you meet someone you like and feel that there is a possibility to be involved you get quite anxious, snappy and withdrawn your feeling more and more as if something is missing, something not being fulfilled. However, no matter what you do a relationship does not seem possible. To get some answers you involve yourself (as a soul at soul level) in some spiritual path. You want to feel at peace with yourself, more whole, more fulfilled. With time your reaction to not being able to get close to another is explained as being a sign from God or the Divine that you should dedicate your life to this path and let go of attachments to others.

So, not resolving the original trauma and clearing it causes subtle influences to direct this beings life along certain routes.

Some soul’s after a time begin to suspect that they are living within areas of limitations and begin to search for ways to help them find out what these are so that they can move beyond them. They might then choose to project a Projected Soul Form into lower more reflective, mirroring levels, that offer greater possibilities of change. This fragment may then experience our earth environment (or another similar) as it is specifically designed to provide maximum facilitation that may be used to help a soul that wants to be freer (this environment helps greatly by strongly presenting you with yourself).

So, a Projected Soul Form as a human from this higher soul example would find itself living the same pattern. It would find someone, fall in love then another would come and take their partner away and there life would follow the same pattern as the soul at soul level. This is what earth is about, particularly at this time. Presenting you with yourself, your soul history, your limitations.

Why would a soul choose earth to help resolve limits?

You might ask why should a soul choose such a limiting environment to help make this movement, or why such a limiting environment would help?

From our experience;

Higher or finer energy environments do not have the attributes which help a soul to see itself, never mind the approaches to help it change. Higher environments are about flowing, and being, they are about experiencing / living in the moment. As the energies of these higher environments inherently and automatically facilitate a deeper flow (a deeper communion) then this inherent flow makes it more difficult for a soul to see it’s own edges (as these are lost in the flow). You could say that in such an environment a soul is so seamlessly flowing with it’s surroundings and others that it very much feels whole and complete all the time making it very difficult to be self aware or self reflective. In these environments there is not the possibility for any reflection or mirroring with those around them (this would break the flow).

You could say that our earth environment has been designed to offer the soul somewhere that provides it with a much greater potential to see itself, to understand itself and change itself.

The final – “putting it all together” incarnation would be very intense. We can definitely attest to this. As this would involve you being presented in a very defined and ordered way, examples of all the areas of limitation that are held in your soul would be experienced. You can then use these pro-actively as portals to search for, find and resolve where they originate to free you, your soul forms and aspects, ALL THAT YOU ARE from them all.

Whatever the limitation that you are changing would be presented to you on this level in this life for you to make the first movement beyond. You would then by example live this new movement here to help embed this change in all the soul forms that have merged and joined with you. In other words – you at this time now have the potential to be the focal point for a complete and total transformation within ALL THAT YOU ARE – YOUR SOUL.

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