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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

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As I mentioned on the previous page, even after 5 years of increasing attacks and life manipulations by so called ‘light’ beings (as described in this series HERE) I was being manipulated so well that I could not relate to what was being done to myself as it ACTUALLY REALLY WAS.

That 5 year phase had myself and others personally attacked as well as ourselves and aspects of our lives manipulated. It wasn’t until toward the end of that phase (living in Brazil) that we became aware that they were starting to interfere with this web site to. At that time this web site was my only means of presenting what I was doing, so they made an effort to both kill traffic and stop people from working with me/us at that time.

The early attempts by these so called ‘higher beings’ to influence people coming to our web site were simple and effective although only so in the short term as in all cases we managed to clear or counteract what was done.

Revealing & Exposing Hidden Evil & Spiritual Conspiracies, Lies & Deceit

However over the last few years as I have started to write about what I’ve been finding more openly then the efforts to manage and manipulate this web site and those coming to it have become more and more creative and sophisticated.

On a page within an earlier article series cheekily entitled; How to Gain Spiritual Insights & Intuitive Wisdom I make it clear that I deliberately write ‘provocatively’ on these pages to provoke ‘non physical’ attack events.

I’ve been adapting my writing to present a provocative style because as these attacks are the front end of subtle manipulation then they offer the deepest insights and understandings both with regards the different subtle means used to do this and also the different ‘spiritual’ research factions working within the Spiritual Hierarchy whom design and make these.

In effect in forcing these manipulative bastards to try (yet again) to shut me/us down we learn even more about all the different means used to mess with everyone while also identifying those working within the Spiritual Hierarchy whom design and make subtle manipulating crap.

Writing ‘provocatively’ has definitely helped to provoke such attacks and hence increase my/our understandings to such a degree that once we’ve identified a new ‘subtle’ means to manage the site we look for all occurrences of the same type of crap messing with us all. In getting rid of all the ‘similar’ crap then I/we find ourselves more able to think more effectively than we could before such that I’ve eventually been able to start writing pages here that present quite horrifying details of the Spiritual Hierarchy their cronies and sidekicks that don’t in the slightest match up with their presented image.

Exposing Spiritual Darkness, Lies, Deceit & Evil

The more you expose how corrupt, dishonest and dark the so called ‘Spiritual & Divine’ Hierarchy actually are the more sophisticated and determined you find the ‘light armies’ mobilized response becomes.

As already described in super detail on a page within the article series about group rivalry HERE virtually all groups are in a race to see who reaches the bottom of the ‘lowest common denominator’ shit pile first as they compete to use more effective ‘subtle’ means to manage their members beliefs, truths, attitudes, ideals and so on in hidden ways.

In this respect;


The more you expose what any particular group is doing then the more they too will gift you with attacks and therefore the more you are gifted with deeper ‘subtle’ understandings . . .

Win, WIN, WIN . . . if you ask me . . .

Apart from having to put up with attacks and manipulation attempts in the mean time of course . . .

So, some of the following pages will include examples of the different strategies used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to manage and suppress information presented on my web sites. I’ll particularly cover strategies that make what they are doing difficult to detect and deal with while also giving details of some of the subtle means that they employ to do this.

In other words they are going to have EVEN more lies, deceits, vile evils and dark horrors exposed. Read the next page for the first set of these . . .

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