Why are ‘Invisible’ People made to Stay Invisible?

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If those reading my ‘I’m invisible’ page were so concerned about their ‘I’m Invisible’ issue that they searched the internet to read about it AND they found a page that described someone with the same issue, who’d identified what was responsible for it and in dealing with what was responsible actually managed to stop it happening. If you found such a page because you had such an issue and you read of someone resolving it then how easy do you think it would be to then actually elect to work with the person whom did sort it out to have it SORTED OUT yourself?

It turns out that of the 20,000 unique visitors that arrived at that page the number of people that made the choice to actually work through resolving their ‘invisibility, I’m not acknowledged, I’m treated as if I don’t exist’ issue was?

>> ONE <<

Yes, one person out of 20,000 contacts me and has it resolved and in doing this she even writes a comment of her experience of resolving it.

That’s 1 person out of 20,000.

No One Sees Me, I’m Invisible Types are made to Remain Invisible!!

So, 20,000 people arrived at my ‘Invisible’ page because they’d searched for information relating to that issue and only one person actually takes the plunge and decides to sort this issue out.

So, 20,000 people with an issue serious enough that they go looking for information about it AND on finding someone whom had this issue and resolved it plus with comments from someone whom worked to resolve it too ALL elect to keep their debilitating issue.

19,999 out of 20,000 elect to keep a issue that they were concerned about.

Is this the sign of a species intent on engaging with their problems and dealing with them?


That’s a seriously uninspiring statistic isn’t it with respect to us as a species taking proactive approaches to resolving our problems particular as this is from a sample of people whom actively searched for information about this issue because it’s impacting them strongly enough for them to want to find information about it?

Why is it difficult to seriously engage with unacknowledged negative issues?

In case you’re interested I have a series of pages HERE which describes my experiences of seriously wanting and trying to explore and investigate the past origins of my issues particularly to find and understand anything in my past that may be contributing to any issues I’m experiencing in my current present. Within this series I make it clear how difficult it is to actually seriously explore or investigate the past origins of current issues and how much sabotaging, distractions and diversions you experience taking such a pro active engaged approach. So, I’m already aware that it can be seriously difficult to engage with issues and difficult to take action to resolve them.

As I’m aware that there is a huge bias that orientates people to not actually do anything about their issues then I’ve just been mildly irritated by the lack of response to this page.

On the other hand this ‘invisibility’ issue takes this avoidance bias to an extreme.

So, when someone left an annoying comment this had me leaving quite a strong reply. I left this comment at about the same time as the general attack was happening that I wrote about a few pages back. It took a few days to became aware that something else beyond the general attack was also going on which made me aware of how much effort was being expended to keep people disengaged from ‘invisibility’ issues specifically.

Just why are Ignored, ‘Invisible’ People made to Stay Invisible?

To understand why so much effort is put in limiting interest in the ‘invisibility’ issue then read the next page . . .