Divine Hierarchies Subtle Spiritual Attacks Exposed

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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

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How did this ‘subtle’ attack impact my web site traffic and the number of visitors to my web site on the day of this ‘attack’?

How the Divine Hierarchies Subtle Attacks & Spiritual Suppression’s are Exposed

Below are screen shots of my daily site statistics for a month with the 20th of November marked with a red arrow for two of my public web sites.

For Soul-Healer.com;

For RealityWalker.com;

As you can see from the two graphs above the day of the 20th for both these web sites has the poorest site traffic of the month time period shown even though I dealt with that attack fairly fast it still kept enough people away for that day to be ‘noticeable’.

What and WHO are responsible for these Subtle Attacks?

In becoming aware that an attack was happening I then check for all types of subtle energetic crap that might be responsible and of course which ‘group’ or group faction is responsible.

In this case it was the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves that were responsible.

In fact it was an all out attack effecting all of my public web sites. In this instance they were using large numbers of subtle energetic ‘beaming’ technologies set up at a distance from each site. These particular types of subtle technologies are both difficult to detect as well as taking half a day or so to clear all of the units completely.

The Spiritual Hierarchy are a bit paranoid and fear ridden (as I’ve mentioned elsewhere) which is why even though this page ‘exposing’ them is actually only presented on a private web site read by less than 20 people they fall over themselves to try and make sure that by the time I do present this page publicly they’d be as few people coming to my public web sites as possible.

Are the Divine Hierarchy Gifting you with a Subtle Spiritual Attack NOW?

I have mentioned a few times within my more recent article series, it’s getting increasingly ‘boring’ because the number and severity of ‘interesting and revealing’ attacks have been dropping. So, one of the reasons of publicly presenting this series now which (you might have already guessed) is seriously exposing and provocative! Is to try and ‘encourage or prompt’ even more attacks?

Have they given up? Do they have anything left to attack with?

AND . . . are they impacting YOU?


Exactly in what ways might they be trying to influence you NOW?

What are you ‘specifically’ reacting to on this page?

Are these reactions ‘really’ your reactions or are you being made to react in these ways by useless so called ‘Divine’ beings?

Why might the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy be making efforts to ensure you don’t have the choice to read what I present here?

Find out on the next page and find out what other horrific things they do to decent folk that I’d left out of the original page which are EVEN WORSE than what I’ve already presented . . .

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