Why Energetic & Psychic Protection is a VERY Limited Healing & Spiritual Solution?

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Just over a year after my awakening I had a 6 month phase where I spent every Saturday releasing myself from about 100 entity attachments each time, all organized by my spirit support teams.

Dealing with entities was quite disturbing, frightening and VERY scary at times. At the start of this phase probably like most healers I used STRONG energy protection because . . . . . . well because to be honest I didn’t think about it . . .

How Psychic Protection is used with no Awareness of the Spiritual Consequences

Protection is what most are told and encouraged to use particularly in circumstances dealing with negative entities. Basically

In my own case, as I learnt to PROPERLY deal with more and more entities and became confident in my abilities to handle them, then I gradually decommissioned my energy protection until I NO LONGER USED ANY AT ALL.

I’ve had some clients whom had very bad life circumstances that were getting worse. As part of their effort to address their problems each of them had seen a range of healers and therapists. I eventually find that these particular clients were in the past being massively influenced by obscene numbers of negative energies and entity attachments which in ‘sessions’ had been ‘dealt’ with by some therapist or healer.

Unresolved Entity Attachments are kept LOCKED UP behind Psychic barriers

One client whom had been under constant, debilitating and frightening entity attacks had most recently seen a healer that had ‘dealt’ with this. So, although there were no entities in sight, there was also no sight of his life problems turning around either. So, while investigating these issues it turned out that this ‘resolution’ was achieved by putting up some ‘impressive’ energy protection and all the entities were still there they were just behind a barrier and at a distance from him (out of sight, out of mind and presumably out of awareness or most therapists).

Unfortunately however he was still being VERY strongly influenced by the negative energies that these beings were intent on sending his way . . . . I’ve an audio example of taking this client through dealing with a particular faction of these VERY angry entities HERE. Which if you listen to then you’ll become aware that these entities and the REAL PEOPLE they represent certainly had a SERIOUSLY legitimate reason for their reactions toward this client.

The use of Energetic Containments to trap & imprison entities is NORMAL

It was while I was dealing with clients with these types of issues that I found that many healers and practitioners are relieving or ‘disappearing’ entity disturbances and reducing negative energy attacks (or so they think) by putting up various grades of energy protection to keep what is doing the disturbing either at a distance OR worse incarcerating the ‘entities’ within energetic containment prisons.

Doing this does indeed block out entity attacks and it does reduce certain of their energy influences however what it does NOT do by any stretch of the imagination is actually address WHY this is happening . . . you could say to properly deal with what was happening!

Trapped Entities Prevent Recovery of Energetic Spirit & Soul Fragment Parts . . .

One of my clients is a very competent alternate practitioner, she mentioned working with a doctor to clear a psychiatric hospital of entities which on completion she got excellent feedback on the results.

As in my terms she did not seem to engage with ‘anything’ directly to achieve this then (because I’m interested in EVERYTHING) I decided to check out how this had been done. I connected to the clearing time and to the entities that were dealt with and then to where they are ‘now’ . . . to find them all held behind sealed containment barriers; They were effectively in jail, TRAPPED. On further connecting to ALL so called ‘entity releases’ that this practitioner had ever ‘facilitated’ in this way . . . . I found that there were . . .

. . . over a MILLION . . .

That’s over a million parts of different peoples energy body all now locked away, inaccessible and unavailable for recovery. I asked this therapist directly how they had worked to clear entities and what happened to them . . . to be told after a few days that they had tried numerous times to write about this BUT had found themselves going blank and that it was impossible to write about these areas.

It turned out that her guides were of course dealing with all of these entities and they were doing what they did unknown to herself AND were very much wanting to keep the therapist unaware of their methods . . . makes sense to me!!!

How Psychic Protection results in soul forms and parts being treated with injustice?

WHY were these trapped, incarcerated ‘entities’ actually interfering with others? Do you know? How many of these entities / people had been hurt or badly treated by those they were interfering with and wanted resolution and or justice? Any ideas?

If YOU, reading this found yourself caught and then trapped within an impregnable containment cell when you were REALLY wanting to have your issues with this person properly addressed . . . then . . .


Well, I for one would be VERY pissed off . . . and it turns out that of these million plus trapped behind these containments about half were VERY pissed off and angry toward this practitioner, whom they see as the one responsible for their ‘jail’ treatment.

So, that’s half a million ‘people’ directing bad vibes and negativity toward this therapist . . .

That’s half a million ‘people’ whom if ever released are going to be heading right on over to that therapist for a serious chat . . .

. . . it’s no wonder then is it that many healers and therapist types have to keep putting up more and more protection barriers to ward off ‘negativity, dark forces and entities’ . . .

This therapist is a REALLY nice person, caring and compassionate and doing her level best with the people she works with. It astounds me how little healers and therapists actually know of the DETAILS of how they are achieving what they are doing. It’s not a surprise to me that none so far have managed to accurately describe what they do that turns out to be;


Good results it seems are automatically assumed to mean that how these results are achieved must be ‘right’.

Why Energetic & Psychic Protection is a VERY Limited Healing & Spiritual Solution?

So, that’s a million entity release failures in my book, that’s a million none compassionate, unloving and uncaring acts, that’s a million successes in ‘light’ and ‘spiritual’ deception and yet another nail in the coffin of so called ‘awareness’ never mind ‘discernment’ . . . . it’s also a million+ people with a more depleted energy field . . . .

It’s also a million contained now missing LOST SOUL PARTS achieved by a mere one, that’s 1, that’s ONE practitioner . . . let’s see . . . with as few as 1000 practitioners doing the same that’s a BILLION energy parts being kept trapped and contained . . . I’d imagine that figure is a HUGE under estimate to be honest . . .

If you are a healer or therapist then what are you in your amazing so called ‘awareness’ stupendously UNCONSCIOUS OF that is being done on your behalf, in YOUR name, that you WILL be taken as being responsible for. Any Ideas?

How to properly deal with an Entity Attachment

What do I mean when I say to properly deal with an entity? Well, I mean to find out exactly what the problem is that is responsible for someone to be attacking or be against you or sending negative energies your way AND RESOLVING THIS? As these events OFTEN originate from past lives then it’s a mistake to consider that you’re not involved. It’s also likely that in these other past times your circumstances or life difficulties would have driven you to do some very strange things, like for example TAKING NASTY ACTIONS against others. You might have done things VERY much against your current values . . .

I REALLY would strongly advise that you read the 1000’s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example;  page presented later on because then you might start to appreciate what can have large numbers of REALLY irate entities all studiously intent on kicking your head in acting against you . . . . it then might sink in how much real awareness, expertise and resolving effort is required to deal with these types of attachments properly so that ALL people involved are dealt with compassionately and with understanding.

How Commonly Recommended ‘Healing’ Practices CAUSE Future Replays of Negative Issues

So, to just put up some protection and consider that this issue is now dealt with is to be honest seriously insane. Because what was ACTUALLY responsible for you having entity attachments is not only STILL there NOW but it will still be there in the next lifetime and the next one and so on AND as such you’ll keep living out circumstances that cause MORE entity attachments for the same reasons BECAUSE you’ve STILL no idea at all why this is happening . . . .

For some idea of one of the reasons WHY you’re not aware enough to spot these things then I’d read HERE which explains how MD aware people in particular are having their awareness eroded and reduced lifetime upon lifetime. For a full and in depth explanation of how these so called entity ‘release’ practices cause more and WORSE cascading future problems then read the page HERE.

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