Psychic & Energetic Protection & Entities

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 12 page article series on:
"Psychic Protection, Energetic Shielding & Barriers, How, Why & When to use these, How Accumulating Barriers leads to Energy Body Starvation, Reduced Awareness, Serious Hidden Issues & Examples . ."

Table of Contents

This series of in depth articles are primarily focused around psychic and energetic protection that is commonly used to combat spirit and negative entity attacks as well as so called dark forces and negative energy interferences.

We offer more then a dozen pages covering all facets of these important healing areas in great depth and extended detail.

What is Energetic & Psychic Protection?

For an understanding of what these barriers are, why are they used and advice on when to use these as well as how ‘discernment’ is necessary when using protection then go here; What is Energetic & Psychic Protection.

Invoking or Creating Psychic Protection & Cleansing Influences

We describe different means used to invoke or create protection as well as means to clear and cleanse negative accumulations on these pages;

On the negative entity attachment front we take you through the origins of ties and attachments that can lead to negative attachments and entity attacks.

Problems with Regular use & Constantly Maintained Protection

I am also highlighting how the regular use of psychic protection as well as the commoner approaches to address negative entities cause long term and accumulative problems including the gradual erosion of subtle awarenesses, perceptions and sensitivities until in many cases these become completely lost never mind that the same protection methods contribute to our energy fields becoming depleted and unhealthy which is why there is increasing use of charging, recharging and energetic top up techniques to supplement an energy field that is becoming more and more emaciated and lacking over time.

I explain in detail how psychic or energetic barriers particularly those designed to exclude negative ‘things’ actually act as filters that prevent the detection or awareness of negative energies and entities.

A Reduced Awareness Makes Identifying Serious Issues Impossible

I give an in depth and quite horrifying example illustrating how healers and therapists are becoming less and less aware of serious issues that they themselves have never mind missing the same in their clients and how the ‘commoner’ solutions of choice to address negative entity attachments not only in real terms resolve NOTHING but actually guarantee that the same challenges that led to an entity problem will recur lifetime after lifetime while the awareness of therapists to even become aware of such problems are gradually and worryingly reduced to nothing.

Important Resources relating to Energetic Protection & Entity Release

Then we have some pages on undoing or clearing psychic protection and energetic barriers as well as details of how to go about properly dealing with entity attachments so that the issue is fully and completely resolved for both parties.

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