September 7, 2014

How Negativity Cleansing & Healing ‘Clearings’ Cause Serious Damage to your Subtle Body & SOUL

"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

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On the previous page we describe doing a ‘common’ (done by most healers) space clearing type clearing to get rid of a cloud of negative energies hanging around Shirley.

Unfortunately, in a later session we realize that we have very likely got rid of soul fragments belonging to Shirley that were mixed in with the negative energies in the black cloud we cleared away in this earlier healing session.

When Shirley had this particular healing session in 2007 I’d not yet become aware of all of the soul fragments and bits of peoples energy field that are created when healers and therapists ‘unconsciously’ carry out cleansing and clearing of a clients energy field and energy body.

How Energy Healing Can Damage & Debilitate Your Subtle Body

This is yet another standard ‘feature’ of deodorant grade, ‘unconscious’ healing. Healers, healer practitioners and so called spiritual people are actually encouraged to do clearings and cleansing’s when they feel anything ‘negative’ within or around themselves. What they ‘should’ be doing is investigating the causal contributions of this ‘negativity’ and dealing with what is responsible. However a much easier solution is to disperse away (cleanse) peoples negative ‘shit’ directly into the local subtle environment where it builds up, hangs around until they or another unconscious practitioner comes up with the ‘bright’ idea of getting rid of this ‘negative’ atmosphere by carrying out a ‘space’ clearing. In other words the end result of unconsciously using such advanced healing ‘techniques’ can all be summed up as ‘out of sight and out of mind’ (and out of awareness too).

The black cloud that was hanging around Shirley actually contained very small, minute, dispersed soul fragments. In other words this black cloud actually contains bit’s of her own energy body, her own ‘soul’.

Because the soul fragments embedded in the black cloud of negativity are attuned to ‘Shirley’ (they have her ‘frequency or blueprint’) then over time they automatically ‘gravitate’ back to who they belong too unless they are sealed away somewhere and kept contained like toxic waste.

How Negative Energy & Negativity Clearings Can Cause Damage to the Subtle Energy Body?

Shirley is a fan of these ‘clearing’ techniques and regularly uses smudging and joss sticks as part of her arsenal of solutions that all result in tiny bit’s of her energy body that actually contain the ‘negativity’ being ripped and stripped out of her energy body after which they end up floating around in the local subtle environment.

They hang around and over time as people do more cleansing’s and clearings these aerosol sized particles build up and end up doing a fine job of polluting the local subtle environment.

If you use these sticky plaster grade healing techniques regularly or use ‘advanced’ very strong sticky plaster cleansing methods then this results in these energy body bits accumulating and coalescing into ‘negative’ clouds in your local environment. As more and more areas of your energy body are ‘cleansed’ in this way then this results in many, very, very minute, tiny bits of your energy body being removed from your subtle body ‘just’ because the negative resonances that you don’t like are embedded inside of these.

Are Healers Aware that COMMON Healing Practices Cause Serious & Lasting Harm to their Clients?

Amazingly these techniques are exclusively carried out by people that have ‘somehow’ been made to be convinced that they are ‘aware’. Would ‘aware’ people use techniques that WASTE AWAY THEIR OWN or their clients ENERGY BODIES?


Over time these clouds of negative subtle energy body ‘soul’ bits build up so much that they eventually become noticeable in the local environment as ‘negative’ atmospheres.

These ‘local’ environments are usually called your home, therapy room or perhaps even an entire healing sanctuary and so on.

Quite often people that consider themselves ‘spiritual’ because they are more ‘sensitive’ than other folk eventually react to having these negative atmospheres of their own or worse other peoples negative energy body bits hanging around such that they resort to using more ‘deodorant’ grade healing clearings or by carrying out ‘space’ clearings.

How Space Clearings Dispose of Soul Form Bit’s & Contribute to Your ‘Soul’ Body WASTING AWAY Over Time?

When healers perform space clearing and environment cleansing rituals, ‘expert’ space clearing guides turn up to facilitate.

These negative subtle body parts waste disposal experts spend time bin bagging all the little bit’s of your ‘soul body’ that are polluting your environment which they then cart them off to some secure subtle energetic toxic waste disposal facility. Your horribly negative soul bits are then safely and securely sealed away behind very strong military grade barriers of protection.

This is done because your soul bits are actually attracted to yourself (by ‘like’ attracting with ‘like’ resonances) and as such if they are not kept secured they will end up returning to yourself. This resonance attraction of discarded soul bits phenomenon is why some people can have terrible negative atmosphere building up regularly. This is particularly the case when you carry out healing cleansing’s regularly and your waste disposal guides don’t do a good job. Under these conditions you can end up clearing your personal ‘space’ yet again of your own returning negative soul bits.

In Shirley’s case her waste disposal guides were not securing the disposed of soul bits behind secure barriers. This is why the black cloud would quickly return after a clearing.

As she also had a LOT of her own soul bits in this black cloud all trying to return to their soul body ‘source’ then this is why we got the impression that the black cloud was actually following Shirley around.

If you are interested in reading more pages that ‘horrifyingly’ expand on the above then there are links below. They are only recommended for those striving to become ‘aware’ whom are interested in fundamental healing ‘truths’. For others, they will likely cause negative reactions which apparently will often lead to you requiring a healing ‘negativity’ clearing which if done regularly might have you needing to do a space clearing . . . this is how the ‘spiritual’ healing recycle wobbles on . . . and on . . .

To continue reading about Shirley’s sacred quest to gain understanding of EVERYTHING attempting to keep herself in poverty then gallop over to the next page and keep reading because, this is where it all starts getting very interesting . . . all these previous pages have just been a relaxing preamble, a lead up to some ‘horrifying’ revelations of what so called ascended monsters masters have been sneakily doing such that we find ourselves having to shout ‘rather a lot’ and ‘quite loudly’ as this healing session reveals even murkier depths of the spiritually lacking . . .

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