Subtle Management of Beliefs, Thinking & Ideals

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

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. . . On the previous page I describe how it took 6 months to clear the subtle energies absolutely set on making sure that NO ONE would ever be able to read this information . . .

Two sets of Subtle Energies Managing Beliefs, Thinking & Ideals

What I didn’t mention is that there were two sets of these energies, the first set as described were from the Spiritual Hierarchy and other groups, the second set were from automated systems dispensing these to effect our entire population. These same dispensers spume out a wide range of subtle energies to manage our population in various ways, a fair proportion of these energies act to;

When you FULLY appreciate how much ALL of us are being manipulated and managed by well hidden subtle energetic interferences (of MANY different types) and you understand that the MAIN directive of these energies is to set us against ourselves and to make us manipulate each other, while making sure we stay lost IN THESE stances then the rest . . . as in what I have described on these pages follow . . .

We are ALL being cleverly ‘Managed’ by Subtle Energies

So, I no longer blame these people (the Spiritual Hierarchy) for what they put me through as they had no choice as YOU in this moment now reading this page have all sorts of things acting on you to make sure your capacity for TRUE CHOICE in your thinking and actions is as limited as possible.

The insanity of the spiritual hierarchy’s decisions are forced upon them, the insanity to keep pushing us along routes that don’t and never have worked also makes sense in this context, as the insanity of YOU to continue to be part of the same is being forced upon YOU.

We are NOT falling we are being PUSHED

Those leading us are MADE to BELIEVE that it is US somehow falling apart. They like YOU are MADE to NOT consider that ‘something’ NOT OF US could be acting to CAUSE our negativity and so on . . .



And also . . . .

If you’re doing ALL of these things then what happens if some ‘no good pushy very aware types’ have figured out that they are not really resolving issues and are sick of this?

What happens if these people are VERY determined and digging ALL THE TIME to find the real causes of their issues?

The Spiritual Hierarchy has as much choice as the rest of us

What if them REALLY doing this might reveal all those well hidden past burials, mission sabotages and other cover ups? Just what are you going to do? And if you want them to stop are you going to say ANYTHING to them? That’s a difficult one isn’t it

“Eh!! Excuse me!! Sorry but we cannot let you do that because you might find out that WE ARE just covering and burying peoples issues AND we ARE preventing you from finding out about this AND eh yea, ooops we have been kicking people in the head we think MIGHT be at risk of finding this out never mind how bad it will be if they tell others about this too!!!! and so . . . of course YES that means we don’t let you explore the origins of your issues AT ALL – just don’t tell anyone OK?”

. . . . . that’s going to go down like a lead balloon isn’t it?

Particularly if these people hold to the highest in values and integrity and cannot be blackmailed to cover anything up? So, in that respect maybe it would be just better to say NOTHING and do whatever you can to sabotage their efforts or even RETIRE them?

Their Behaviour is Reasonable when Understood in a LARGER Context

Sounds perfectly reasonable in context to me?

Because if you dig strongly enough then you might . . . . . .

Yea, and that’s the problem you see because I’ve not only dug up what I’ve listed above up but LOTS more and ALL of this will be presented here over the next year or so.

So, then . . . are you happy about being forced to live an illusion – a debilitating and sad spiritual fantasy? Are you happy to be slipping slowly into oblivion while colluding to take everyone else with you? Are you happy to let some external manipulators make a joke of those supposedly responsible for us? Are you happy to go along with all of this?

Are you?