December 9, 2015

Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-6: Engaging with any Cultural, Secular, Spiritual, Religious, Experiences, Devotional or Alignment Implant

"Earth as a Simulation Series 4: This Series offers MANY pages of Evidence that many Anomalous Experiences, Plus 'Exceptional' Abilities & Skills can be explained 'IF' we are Simulated copied people being Simulated with Less Advanced Technologies resulting in ourselves having Anomalous Experiences that relate to Hi-Tech Neural Implants & CNS Enhancements that the person we are simulating HAD, but which we are a long way from developing here!!!"

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‘IF’ you have not already, then please read ALL the below before trying or working with any human ‘enhancement’ exercise . . .

The Human Implants Exercises Introduction Common to ALL Simulation ‘Exercise’ Pages . . .

“‘IF’ we are being simulated then is it possible to get direct access to the original experiences of specific enhancements that are encoded in your script?”

Well, as I’ve already done this and have then defined and refined means to do this and the answer to the above is a resounding ‘YES’.

I’ve also had specific people work with these exercises / perceptual, experience ‘focusing’ protocols that have got access to entire (and I do mean ENTIRE) scripted internal VR environments as well as very coherent access to scripted ‘functional’ experiences of various scripted enhancements and implants too.

Accessing VR Networks & High Technology Originated & Facilitated Experiences Directly

Being able to gain access to very coherent scripted experiences is particularly the case when you are simulating someone that as part of either their job or their personal interests (eg VR games playing) had them engaging with a virtual reality network and or making use of various technological enhancements or implants pretty much ALL THE TIME.

In other words specific people here will be simulating someone that spends a substantial chunk of their REGULAR time immersed in high technology originated experiences. In some cases this is in enough detail that they can even recall their passwords enabling them to then access extremely interesting (scripted in great detail) administration VR areas including access to whatever specific VR project the person they are simulating worked on. This has allowed ourselves to directly access scripted VR experiences of specific earth simulation project software departments in fine detail.

The Simulation Software DOESN’T LIKE People Accessing these Experiences . . .

In efforts to avoid having people access these anomalous scripted experiences DIRECTLY, the simulation software relies on keeping people disengaged from everything of themselves that is ‘worrying’ from the simulation projects: objectives, ‘consensus’ reality and the ‘generic humans’ range of experiences point of view. The software basically keeps you locked into a bubble of ‘normal’ human functioning and a managed ‘consensus’ reality view point AND more importantly it relies on stopping you from even become aware of any ‘out of bounds’ possibilities as in ‘extra’ enhancements and or abilities or what these mean. It relies on this ‘awareness and investigation’ disengagement tactic to severely suppresses you from even becoming aware of never mind of THINKING about trying to access never mind of allowing you to actually gain use of any scripted ‘extras’. The more any scripted experiences are anomalous compared to what is considered ‘conceptually’ and in ‘consensus reality’ terms’ ‘normal’ for an ‘alleged’ real human the more effort the simulation will make to keep you disengaged from them.

Unfortunately for the simulation software, if you give this tactic ‘THE BIG FINGER’ and ‘go for it’ then at least for some people they can find themselves gaining access to all sorts of things that were being kept beyond their awareness or of what they considered possible . . . I should point out that in ‘playing’ with these exercises then the software will likely tag you as ‘dangerous’ and you can expect it’ll try and find ways to distract you, make this web site and your experiences gained here fade from your memory while keeping you busy and occupied elsewhere . . . and so on . . . this is just it’s standard operating protocol (SOP) for worrying people. I’m personally still giving it ‘THE BIG FINGER’!!!

To make it very clear . . . despite that the worst anyone has experienced pushing against the simulation in these ways is some temporary ‘weird’ experiences that have faded out after a few minutes or hours . . .

You use/work with the below . .

Entirely at your own risk

‘IF’ you do decide to ‘go for it’ then work with the below when you have some hours to spare, so if anything ‘extra’ weird and or disturbing happens you have some time to recover / wait for it to fade out (before you have to do things like ‘drive’).

So, if you want to explore these areas then work with the ‘statement of intent’ presented below, BUT first you read the following . . . .

COPYRIGHT: The below is all Copyright, all rights reserved Clive S Hetherington 2015 and on. The statements of intent (SOI) STAY on this site and you don’t copy what is below to present on another site, I have made my copyright very clear and I don’t want ENTIRE sections taken from this site and presented somewhere else. I don’t mind a paragraph or two as an ‘opener’ BUT no more than 20% (this is stated and has been stated for years in my Legal page (the link is in the very top menu way above)). This is specifically the case for this page BECAUSE I’m wanting COMMENTS of feedback from people working with this page to help myself and in fact everyone interested in what I’m presenting here to IMPROVE our understandings of WTF is going on!!!!

INSTRUCTIONS: You have ‘statement of intent / focus’ below. As you read the ‘statement of intent’ then you state ‘with intention’ what you read internally with a directed will of ‘I WANT THIS’ while simultaneously keeping your awareness alert and ‘still’ to give yourself the best chance of becoming aware of anything that the focus reveals / gives you direct access too. This does take practice as you are in some ways attempting to do two opposing ‘things’ at once AND of things that we have been kept away from exploring for a very long time.

This ‘does’ take practice, I ‘started’ to spend time trying to become aware of my internal states and inner perceptions three and a half decades ago.

The above ‘essentially’ has you directing your intention to access implants and enhancements that you are already simulated as having, in this respect having a confident and or even ‘better’ having an automatic EXPECTATION of being able to do this AND gaining access to these will automatic and ‘natural’ offer the best chance of this happening.

Focusing Exercise ‘6’ to Engage with Cultural, Secular, Spiritual, Religious, Experiences Group Experiences & Managing Implants

This entire series is about investigating the possibility that we are simulating people with advanced technology implants wired into their head.

I would ADVISE that anyone interested in doing this exercise and or that is is interested in these ‘simulation’ possibilities ALSO READS THE BELOW . . .

Neural Enhancement ‘Group’ Experience & Group Management Focusing Exercise: This focus tries to have you engage with the implants and experiences relating to you having any type of scripted cultural, secular, spiritual, sacred, new age, religious or similar experiences associated with any implant or combinations of implants and particularly any that may be integrated with your feelings, emotions and inner states as well as any that may trigger ‘things’ for group meetings, for important ‘group’ dates or events or initiations including group implants that may instigate group: ‘mind, consciousness and or awareness expanding or altering, healing and or guiding, aligning, instructive and or teaching’ experiences and particularly to ‘magically’ coordinate these between people within any specific group too.

As I mention elsewhere here we are simulating people that are being EXTENSIVELY managed by subtle means. In putting together the music focus AND specifying implants that interconnect between people as part of providing ‘group’ experiences (as part of music and dancing implant possibilities) a few people left descriptions showing they’d connected to not only religious and spiritual implants impacting people as groups but also to cultures. This implies that there are groups / even cultures that are fitting people with PHYSICAL implants to keep them aligned to the ideology, religion and or spiritual perspectives of the group, nation and or culture. In other words some cultures, nations, religious and spiritual groups are in effect forcibly binding people to their ‘beliefs’.

I have of course already pointed out this type of thing being extensively applied by subtle means. For example this page here: How Group Member Loyalty & Devotion is Achieved covers some of these possibilities. However, it is quite shocking that many different groups reinforce this with the blatant use of PHYSICAL body implants too.

CONSIDER THIS: If many / most groups are desperately trying to collect as many people as possible into their own little ‘delusional’ group ‘PILE’ after which they then forcibly hold them to their group by using implants to do this while ALSO very likely trying to actively ‘poach’ people from other groups then it doesn’t take much thinking to imagine that some group, culture, religion or ‘whatever’ would try and come up with a strategy to re-program / brainwash everyone to their own groups delusions. Coincidentally, this is what the simulation we are in is designed to do.

The ‘FIRST’ comment below is a REAL example of the feedback I have already had from ‘Tom’ (edited a bit) who has already worked with the ‘focus exercise’ below. This comment is to be honest quite HORRIFYING as it gives you some idea of the shear ‘SCALE’, effort and dedication put into the COORDINATED management of one specific religious group. ‘IF’ you just do ONE exercise here then do this one and leave a comment with feedback BECAUSE this is about identifying and understanding this type of ‘shit’ enough to DELETE IT.

PLEASE NOTE: like the previous focus this is long and detailed because it’s trying to target collections of implants and distributed connections between many people.

Click on the ‘purple’ 6. ‘Cultural, Secular, Spiritual, Religious, Experiences & Management Implant’ below to open, read and work with this focus / exercise . . .

AND . . . of course if you DO experience ANYTHING while using the above then you give us a comprehensive description as a comment below . . .


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