Subtle ‘Management’ of Negative Life Issue Causes

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a Nine page article series on:
"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

If you had some long term difficult debilitating life issues and had worked dedicatedly and for decades with many different therapies and healing systems to explore and address these without success then what would you do?

Looking for the Subtle Causes of Negative Life Issues

Well, what I did was to orientate to DIRECTLY engage with my negative life issues while looking for deeper understandings of these as well as of their original deeper subtle causes.

What happens if you seriously do this? Do you know?

Why (as lightworkers) do we in a general sense for some bizarre reason seem to automatically trust our ‘therapies’ and healing systems?

Why is it that for many ‘light’ therapies it ‘seems’ to be an assumption that some ‘higher spiritual’ ‘light’ or ‘divine’ beings are the ‘supposed’ original source of these AND that therefore they must be infallible never mind that their effectiveness effectiveness should never be questioned?

What happens if as a lightworker you actually decide to try and FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF what is responsible for your debilitating and negative life issues?

These pages describe what I experienced over more than a decade as sabotages and concerted attacks by ‘LIGHT’ beings and groups because I dedicatedly attempted to explore the absolute past origins of my debilitating issues DIRECTLY myself.

The Spiritual Hierarchy Manages Negative Issue Explorations

This is the first series of pages here within which will be presented two angles of concerted sabotages organised, engineered and sanctioned by the Spiritual Hierarchy that target and ‘manage’ anyone doing independent research into the deeper origins and original past causes of negative life issues and debilitations.

More Life Issue Exploration Sabotages

Other series highlighting yet more angles of severe sabotage to focused and sincere investigations attempting to identify the ‘original’ causes and absolute subtle energetic origins of negative life issues will be presented in the future.

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